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A Sex Tape Star and Washed Up Basketball Player Got Married

Posted on October 11, 2011 at 8:55 PM

And 10.5 million people watched? Seriously? This is what's wrong with the world? A woman who offers absolutely nothing to the world and is only famous for having sex on film marries a basketball player that hasn't done anything in the few years he managed to play in the NBA. Like everything "reality" this farce of an event was marketed and packaged and 10.5 million people watched it. It means nothing yet the masses make it mean something which makes people like the Kardashians feels more important and needed than they really are. Hell, tabloid headlines call it a "Fairytale" wedding. You know what it's not? A Fairy Tale wedding. What it is, though, is a marketed and manufactured for consumers wedding. It has about as much importance in society as the dog walker who doesn't pick up the mess their dog makes on my lawn.

I know there's always a fascination for tabloid celebrity scandal and crap like this, but recently it's been the most undeserving "celebrities" that seem to get the most attention. What I find fascinating myself, though, is how in five years...nobody will care. The whole cycle of pop-culture "fame" is a very "here and now" thing, much like pop music. Remember the obsession people had over The Hills and Laguna Beach? How about Paris and Nicole's "Simple Life?" Remember how big those were...and do you realize those were only about three or four years ago and now nobody talks about them? Now it's Kardashian this and Jersey Shore that and Desperate Lonely Bitches (Housewives) over there.

It's weird to me. I see it as exactly what it is, and how in a few years nobody will care and move on to something else, therefore I don't waste my time on it now.  I like things that sustain because if we waste time on junk, all that time, those hours of sitting and watching this horrible people, will add up and then you'll be 62 and the only thing you can think of is how you spent all those hours and how much regret you have it now that you've only got about 15 good years left in you.

I also think it stems from my regrets of listening to bad music. I'm not talking "it's so bad it's good" music like a lot of "guilty pleasures" achieve, but seriously bad music. I'm know...Creed or something. Hell, remember Nsync? That music was nobody cares. The difference, though, is at least Nsync had talent. At least they did something.

And that's how I look at today's undeserved celebrities and Jersey whores. The lowest rung in pop culture. You might think this extends to the likes of other little annoyances like Justin Bieber or that hack of a comedian Chelsea Handler...but it doesn't because at least those serve a purpose to the zeitgeist of pop culture. At least they're trying to do something whether you like what they're doing or not. At least there's some sort of creativity going on and there's something being offered beyond sticking a camera in some random person's face and saying "do something." What is Snooki doing exactly? Getting VD, that's what. And we give these people millions of dollars, massive ratings and call their weddings "fairytale?"

I need to get into a better mood. Ah...No Strings Attached. There you are...

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