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IR56 (Manliness and Monsters)

Posted on October 2, 2011 at 4:35 PM

This week had a good variety, let's take a look.

Six Laws You've Broken Without Realizing It

Hard to believe, but you, technically, can't sing Happy Birthday. That's why a of restaurants, like the one I used to work at in college, have their own "birthday song." Christ, I hated that shit. Clapping hands and putting on some smile a few times a day. If it's a kid, I could like it. That's tailored for them. But some forty-something that probably couldn't care less in the first place? Nah...

Clooney's Top 100

Mr. George Clooney gives us a list of the 100 must-see movies from 1964 to 1976, the era that most belive filmmaking was at its most daring and ambitious. He plays it safe for the most part, most of those are great films you can't miss no matter what, but a few surprises on his list (to me) include: The Bad News Bears, Sleeper, The Longest Yard and The Party. All great films, sure, but they seem oddly out of place in a list that includes Alphaville and Kubrick. He's probably going for a well-rounded variety, I'm sure.

COTGW: Super Adventure Island II

I don’t know if this is a new episode or not. It’s hard to keep track of these things, but it seems new from the quality standpoint. But it’s Roo doing what Roo does best.

Criterion: Edgar Wright's Top Ten

 Not to be outdone by Mr. Clooney, Edgar Wright gives us his ten favorite Criterion films. Nine of those are also some of my favorites, Le Samourai and Blow Out especially, the only one not being the only one I haven't seen: Head.

SNL: Top Gun 25th Anniversary

What? An SNL skit? And it's actually funny. The Harvey Firestein is the best.

National Geo: Nature Photography

Pretty damn beautiful photographs, if that's your think.

Lupa: The Fly 2

I've always kind of liked The Fly 2, but it's not without it's easiness to mock and it's nowhere as good as the original. A good video looking back at it.

Cracked: Manliest Videogame Covers

Manliest videogame covers? Sure! Great stuff, and a hell of a lot of memories going through this article off of Cracked.

Cinemassacre: Monster Madness

Just to bring attention to James Rolfe's daily video series for October. Like horror like me? These are fun videos to watch, and there's one every day. Pretty damn good deal.

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