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IR29 (TV shows, Rob and Sheen)

Posted on March 5, 2011 at 2:29 PM

Robocop on Robocop

Not funny laugh out loud, more funny “cool, Peter Weller is endorsing this.” 


If Every Kids Game was Turned into a Movie


Holy shit this is awesome. Favorites: Hippos, Hokey Pokey and Floor is Lava. 



WTF Japan?

Out of context video is out of context...but seriously what?

Speaking of


Japan’s Disturbingly Hot Ghostbuster Figurine

I......I think I’m in Love.



HVGN: Turbographix 16

I’ll always support HVGN. Why? Because he’s not a cynical bastard. That and he does a great bit of coverage on Splatterhouse Arcade here which doesn't get covered that much.

Six Classic Series You Didn't Know Were Made Up on the Fly I’ve said, just because something catches my eye doesn’t mean it’s always good.

This is an article obviously written by someone who has no idea how the film and television world works. No film and TV series has a “master plan” to their agenda. Every episode isn’t written out in detail at the beginning, only a loose direction on where to go and what to do. There are “points” to draw out and to make, but getting there is never something that’s clearly defined in a writer’s room.

EVERYTHING is made up on the fly. Even the shows that try their damnest to have everything lined out have to have “outs” and compromises and changes on the way. Who the hell is this guy kidding? If you have a single ounce of understanding how television works, this one of the biggest “no shit” articles I’ve ever read.

How does it work?

Ok, here’s a basic set up.

You have a show. The show has producers, but one in particular is important. He is called the “show runner.” Sometimes it’s the creator, sometimes it’s someone collaborating with the creator. This guy or girl then works with a team of writers to pitch out ideas on what to do with the show. The creator might have a “grand plan” but he’s not always writing the scripts or knows how to get there.

The showrunner lays out what needs to be accomplished then assigns writers to write various episodes. Then readthroughs, then changes and notes, then more readthroughs, then a final shooting script that may or may not work well with another group of writers handling a different episodes. Then you have an actor angry they aren’t getting lines or maybe they need to leave because they’re pregnant. Change time. You have to write out that character. If your showrunner is good, they have lined out optional “outs” for just such an occasion so you go into the big book and see what those ideas were. She gets killed. There. Boom. Resurrect her later. Better hurry your shooting date starts in four days.

Now you have a script. It’s shooting and you have three others in the pipe. Maybe they’ll work together, maybe not. That’s what the showrunner is all about, then he gets a good idea....

*Sigh. Point being, writing is never a straight line, especially in television. Ideas and plots and stories are thrown out, exchanged, altered and tossed every single day. For this article to mean anything means the writer believes everything is pre-written beforehand. But they aren’t. People know that. So what’s the point in writing such an article?


Second point being, if you’re going to write something make sure you know what you’re talking about. You don’t see me writing about skydiving.


George Mason Marching Band: Rage against the Machine

Now if this was played on a field, I know I would go crazy. RATM’s songs are perfect in getting “pumped up” and for a band like this to take on. 


Ads for Movie Products That Don't Exist

Yep. Another photoshop article. I'm a sucker for these.


The Tron Lebowski

Self-explanatory, but one of the CH’s best vids in a while. 


Ninja Sex Party: Objects of Desire

Another new video from the comedy duo Ninja Sex Party. Their songs are just so damn catchy. Also met Danny last week. Awesome guy (he’s the one that’s not a ninja and has a boner)



AVGN 100: Rob the Robot

Maybe a bit too long, but a satisfying 100 episode. I never played the ROB games, never will, so seeing ROB in action and with a really weird story going on makes it pretty fun.


The Charlie Sheen Guide to Winning

Hilarious stuff. 

Oh, and by the way, aren’t winning shit. You aren’t the only famous person or rich guy with money, you know. You’re just an attention whore. Try growing up past the metal age of a teenager.


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Reply toosmartforbond2
8:18 PM on March 6, 2011 
TRON 2.0 was basically that trailer. It was the only thing that made it watchable.
Reply J. Conrady
11:46 AM on March 7, 2011 
I think I might have loved Tron 2 a little more if it were that trailer ^_^ It was...fine...but it would have been awesome with some Lebowski humor.