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IR13 (Ferns, Dolemite and Theme Parks)

Posted on October 24, 2010 at 1:28 PM

How the Future Will Be Ruled by BS

You have no idea how much #4 on this list aggravates me to no end. The way businesses do that "Limited number" or purposely hold back things just to get people to buy and create a fervor is one of those BS practices that I'm surprised the government doesn't regulate it more to protect consumers. That's what they're supposed to do, right? So when Apple hypes up their next overpriced thing and we start seeing "sold out" everywhere, just think of this.


Five Things You Won’t Believe Aren’t in the Bible


More in how we assume things appear than actually “not in” the Bible, it’s interesting to see how interpretations evolve over history, and also shows how nothing is every “definitive” or “known” even to those that claim to know it. So while I think the title is a misnomer, the article itself is pretty interesting to read about how us poor humans in our ever-desired ability to grasp at our own existence really don’t know a damn thing at all.


That’s why I’m agnostic. In the end - we really don't know shit and make it up as we go.

First Person Sports

Not quite an accurate title, it’s really a long video showcasing a new HD cam. Pretty damn cool in the very close look of it all. Really, only the surfing one and the skydiver/sky glider at the end is all you need to watch. The bikes and so on aren’t anything special, though it is a very nice clear and smooth picture on all of them.


Theme Park


I frakin (that’s for all you Galactica fans) love Theme Park. Like this reviewer, Theme Park was one of the first PC games I owned. Also, like him, I played it EXACTLY the same way and, like him, I never realized until recently that there’s a lot of depth to it and complexity that was over my head as a kid (and still is).

Radio Free Albemuth

A little write up for an upcoming film that sounds like science fiction fans could really get behind. Actually, it's not upcoming, it is done and out in festivals and such. But if you like K Dick, this could be up your alley and just wanted to bring it to your attention as IO9 did for me.


Six Books Everyone Got Wrong

I post a lot of articles out of Cracked, but let’s face it: for every one I do post that’s good, there’s about a dozen that are just trashy junk I ignore of flat-out stop reading. Same goes for places like Huffington Post, The Onion or various other comedy websites.


Once in a while, though, there is a great one. It’s also odd to note that for a comedic website, it’s actually not that funny but incredibly interesting and thought provoking. This is one of those articles. An obvious number one, but I’m not complaining...there really is no other right number one to be had.

In retrospect, though, the reason why I like this article is because I also came across such revelations. You see, in college I studied journalism (and film...and history....but I minored in those) and there was this course about interpretive books and articles with The Jungle and On the Road being case examples. It's amazing how, like the Bible article above, assumed interpretations become the right one, and the real meaning and purpose behind things can be altered entirely. Jungle was meant to be about the factor worker conditions, it turned into a story of tainted meat (Sinclair probably should have left the death of a worker and his body falling into the grinder out of the book, yet he couldn't because it was a case example of what he meant...which turned into a case example of what everyone else meant).

On the Road was a big one for me, though. On the Road was required reading in some class I can't recall and I read cheated the read the Cliff's Notes because, honestly, it's a boring ass book. Still, though, I was intrigued by the discussions in class and eventually actually read the damn thing. The hilarity of the 180 the book's lovers got, and thus missed the entire point of the book, is something I'm just intrigued in.

It's like how you see the Confederate Flag. It brings up notions of racism and slavery, yet that's not what it was meant to be about seeing as how the south's succession from the Union had more to with state powers and constitutional interpretation with slavery a minor element that really didn't make an impact until the Emancipation Proclamation (The north had slaves too...but the EP, as all the kids call it, was like the final nail as Lincoln said "Fine, go ahead...but here's this little going away present for being assholes"). But rednecks and actual racists wave it proudly...because they're fucking stupid.

Wait...when did this turn into a history lesson? Onward!


Between Two Ferns: Bruce Willis

Kind of says it all, doesn't it? It's Zach being Zach, and Willis being Willis...and then Zach is on fire." target="_blank">Cinema Snob: Dolemite


Obviously, Dolemite has been done to death in the realm of internet bloggers and reviewers, but it hasn't been done by Brad Jones yet, and he handles it as well as any cinema snob should. One of the best movies to use in a class to show how not to make a movie...and as a result a beloved one at that.

Creature Combat

Just some fun sketch animation.

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