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IR195: 90s, Bits & First Blood

Posted on January 26, 2015 at 5:40 PM

10 Signs You’re Watching a 90s Movie

Yep…the 90s kind of just had a formula.

CinemaSnob: Hell of the Living Dead

There’s so many horror movies. So many zombie movies. This is one of them, and it looks bad. Brad does a good job tearing it apart.

Conan: Visiting Taco Bell

I kinda want to try some of those food inventions, to be honest. Then again, a Guinness sounds really good right now too.

AV Club: 9 Great Songs from Not Great Games

I love chip tune and synth pop music, so anything that’s a collection of tracks I’ve never heard is good in my book.

Indiewire: The 20 Most Anticipated Foreign Films of 2015

I always find these lists interesting, because by the end of the year a whole different list will be on “the best foreign movies of the year.” Trying to anticipate things is kind of dull, but if anything it’s a good way to gather information about what is going to come out - anticipated or otherwise.

Screenrant: Good Movies, Worst Sequels

Sometimes, movies don’t need sequels. In fact, I’d say most times, but these are some of the worst probably, though Jaws 2 wasn’t horrendous and Die Hard with a Vengeance I think is way underrated.

8-Bit Guardians of the Galaxy

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7 Things You Probably Didn’t know About Lebwoski

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Short: Story of R32

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I like but also don’t like this. Seriously she just walks away?

Rambo: What’s the Difference?

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Patrick Stewart Plays Out the Worst Airline Passengers

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T-Shirts of the Week

The 10 Best Performances in Michael Mann Films

Mann’s movies are pretty iconic, always male-driven but in that “introspective” kind of way. You know, making something that’s a thriller or action flick but remembering to make the characters believable. Personal favorites on this list is James Caan in Thief, Russell Crowe in The Insider and Tom Cruise in Collateral. Overlooked big time is William Peterson in Manhunter.

Cracked: 20 Bizarre Scenes that Were Almost Filmed

I always like the “almost was” and “what if” stories of movie making. This is a nice collection of them, and a Green talking bagel for Jor-el, huh? The 70s were a weird decade.

Doc: Great Directors

Got an hour and a half to kill? Want to learn about movie stuffs? Well here you go.

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