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IR176: Afterlife, Panels & Bille Jean

Posted on August 11, 2014 at 2:35 AM

1000 Movie Snapshots

Caution: may cause seizures.

Above LA

I can see my house from here…kind of. It’s in there somewhere.

Things Learned from The Legend of Billie Jean Commentary

The Legend of Billie Jean is a pretty goofy and odd little piece of the 1980s. It’s weird, but it’s also such a product of its decade.

19 San Diego Comic Con Panels

A collection of some podcasts/recordings of some panels from Comic Con. The big Hall H stuff is just one Hall there at the convention, a lot of other stuff are in smaller rooms that you can attend throughout the day. Hall H stuff is for the fanboys who want nerdgasms and have nothing better to do.

Cracked: 36 Worst Action Figures from Iconic Toy Lines.

Yes! Drago’s wife! Let’s all play with her!

BTW, some of these are intentionally parodies, so…you know…calm down, Cracked.

Guardians Milano Tour

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Done in the obnoxious style of MTV Cribs.

Trailers from Hell: Basic Instinct

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Trailers from Hell: Eyes Wide Shut

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Yeah, two trailers from Hell from the same guy, but I agree so wholeheartedly on both. Eyes Wide Shut was a movie that just got better and better on repeat viewings, and Basic Instinct is, I think, the best thriller of its decade (though Misery in 1990 is a very close second).

Harry Potter (Scott Pilgrim Style)

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LGR: Afterlife

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I remember seeing the old box of this back in the day and thought it looked really cool. I was kind of into those old Sim games, with Sim City 2000 taking up much of my time. However, looking at this, I’m glad I didn’t. I think it would have been too much to try to take in.

T-Shirts of the Week

AV Club: On Star Trek Enterprise

Enterprise may not reach the lofty heights of some of its predecessors, but it was a solid show that started rough, much like the early seasons of Next Generation and Deep Space Nine (which many seem to forget) but also just got better and better as those shows did (though Voyager arguably got worse and worse as it overstayed its welcome).

It’s a show with problems, but there’s no doubt by Season 3 it was absolutely on the right track and now we’re just with a “what might have been” when it comes to it. I really wanted more of this show, but this article does a great job noting why it struggled (better shows were on TV that were similar) and why people should give it a chance and not listen to detractors (solid cast, the show’s season 4 is up there with some of Star Treks’ best).

FoD: Modern Office

Funny, but also with a message as Joan from Mad Men tries to learn the workings of today’s offices.

Dorkly: Teenage Teenage Teenage Turtles

I love Dorkly’s series like these. If they were really teenagers, they’d probably act more like this.

Lucas Action Figure

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