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IR175: Clubs, Quests & Slither

Posted on August 4, 2014 at 2:55 AM


Coco: DIY with Matt Walsh

I never knew. I’ll have to totally try this. Help save some money.

PS: Matt Walsh is hilarious." target="_blank">Fight Club Comic Con Q and A

Pretty much an hour of David Fincher and Chuck Palahniuk detailing the creation of a modern masterpiece.

An Oral History of Galaxy Quest

Still, to this day, an overlooked gem of a movie. It is as witty and clever as you would want a parody of Star Trek to be. But it’s not just a parody, it’s smarter than just “gags.” It has heart and purpose.

Ti West on Teen Wolf

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Yeah, that’s an awful trailer. With you there, Ti.

5 Genesis/Mega Drive Shooters

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Yeah, just 5. But 5 you may not know.

Sam Jackson Mutha Fucker

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T Shirts of the Week

Cats in Movies

Not only a montage of adorable cats in movies, but also a nice song from The Cure. Some are meaner than others. Also some are aliens…or zombie cats…or awful CGI cats.

The Essential Jaque Demy

Criterion is releasing a big box set of Demy movies. Truth is, I’ve never seen a Demy movie. Hey, you can’t see everything, you know. I have a feeling Indiewire writer Erik McClanahan figured that as well, so he takes us with a look at those films and to get into understanding who Demy was and what his films were like.

Cracked: 21 Shockingly Lazy Special Effects

Yeah…these are bad. Though, to be fair, some of these aren’t “big budget movies.” Also, some of these aren’t “effects.” Again, Cracked doesn’t know how to title their own articles, apparently. But these are all still a little cheap and lazy even if some can be forgiven. 50 Million and they couldn’t make a convincing surfing scene in Escape from LA? The rest of that movie is super cheap already, that was their set piece. That one still bothers me to this day.

Also the Transformers one. Look, that movie had a lot of problems from production and the writers strike and so on, so while I can forgive that, it’s still super lazy. #12 is also one of my favorite comic book movies, but that scene still makes me cringe in how cheap it looks. Reused stuff, including the other Bay stuff and animation stuff on this list, is undeniably lazy and only looking to help budget-wise.

#8 I don’t get, though. CG wasn’t really a big thing then so how else were you gonna do it? Stay Puft was a guy in a suit as well.

#5? Yeah, it’s cheap, but it’s also a gag. #3? That’s an amazing shot, nobody should complain on that. Plus you can’t tell most are dummies and it’s far from cheap to get that shot.

FX Guide: Hercules

Hercules, sadly, didn't do all that well. It's actually a fun little B-movie despite some detractors saying "eh...we were lied to in the trailers" as they nerdrage themselves into insignificance. Anyways, this is a fun article.

This Must Be the Place

A great little short doc about one of the few silent movie theaters still in existence and still showing movie. There’s a place in LA here that’s the sam thing, but this one looks like it’s barely been touched.

Short: Lucky Lou

Just a fun, beautifully animated short about poor Lou and his bad luck. Until he gets lucky.

David Lynch on Twin Peaks

With the new release of Twin Peaks on Blu Ray, Lynch gives USA Today a chat about Twin Peaks. Its development and so on. Interesting stuff.

The Weirest Things about Slither

There’s a theme this week, it seems. A lot of “oral histories” on awesome movies and shows. Fight Club, Twin Peaks, Galaxy Quest, and here we have Slither. With James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy coming out, io9 writer Ryan Plummer takes a big, wonderfully detailed look back at on of the best horror movies ever made.

James Gunn just gets it, man. He has a certain take and vision and knows how to nail it without seeming to try too hard in doing so. If you haven’t seen Slither, or Super, or even the Troma stuff he used to write, do so. At least Slither and Super, as those are easily findable (Super is on Netflix streaming I believe).

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