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IR173: Apes & Garden States

Posted on July 21, 2014 at 3:20 AM

A Message from Richard Linklater

They should play this before every movie. Well, at least in places like Drafthouse or Arclight - more of a “moviegoing” crowd. I wouldn’t play it at AMC where kids are running around. Ungh…I hate regular theaters. Moving to LA has made me a theater snob.

Underseen Movies of 2014

Wanting some good movies to see that you might overlook? I certainly can confirm a good chunk of these. Obvious Child, The Double, Noah, Joe to name a few.

Dom Hemmingway is one I’ve been debating to view, reactions have been mixed, so maybe that’s why. It’s on my list, as is The Rover though that’s not been out as long. Plus it’s nice to get some I’m not as familiar with, for example Cold in July sounds really interesting.

In Defense of Garden State

Wasn’t aware that hating Garden State was a thing. I knew hating Braff was, especially after he kicked the shit out of some 12 year old on Punk’d, but I thought everyone at least liked his movie.

In Memory of Paul Mazursky

If you want a good place to start, Down and Out in Beverly Hills is a safe bet. After that, Enemies a Love Story, then An Unmarried Woman and then Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice if you want to go really old school. I’m not an expert, but he has some good films I remember.

Plus he wrote a Peter Sellers movie I never saw. It looks very 1960s. BTW, a little history lesson, Mazursky created The Monkees alongside Larry Tucker.

Cracked: 6 Ways Movies Get Space Wrong

Despite having an absolute dumb and wrong Cracked headline, because it’s Cracked after all and why this is written for the website I don’t know (gotta get them clicks) we have a great article about space life. It’s pretty awesome.

50 Most Underrated Films of All Time

These are always weird. I suppose, to the casual moviegoer, some of these are movies they’ve never heard of. For someone like me (and probably you), I’m willing to be you’ve seen or at least heard of a good chunks of these Grave of the Fireflies, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, Ace in Hole. Perhaps some you haven’t, for example the first movie on this list The Gigolos is one I’m not familiar with.

To the average moviegoer, good chance they don’t know a single one of these.

Then again, is something that was well received "underrated" to begin with? Maybe "overlooked" is the better term.

Man at Arms: Batman and Wolverine Gauntlet

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Tour Adam Savage’s Cave

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Thug Notes: Dune

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LGR: Daggerfall

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T-Shirts of the Week

That Scanners Head Explosion

Though I'm unable to embed this video, I highly suggest you check it out. Warning: gore. You should know that already. It does say "head explosion" in the title. But it's a classic scene.

11 Famous Musicians in 11 Forgotten Movies

Forgotten Indeed. I don’t think I’ve seen any of these movies. I remember seeing the VHS box for Gridlock’d at a rental store way back when, but that’s about it. As the old saying goes: musicians want to be actors and actors want to be musicians.

Best Motion Capture Peformances.

Predictable, sure, but I like movies and this has Dobby.

Stuff like this is pretty much validation for people, isn’t it? I mean, you’re not really reading anything new or compelling and it’s not shining light on anything. It’s just “yep” and move on.

The Blade Runner Sketchbook.

You’re welcome.

7 Crazy Planet of the Apes Moments

The Apes was a massive franchise, some people really forget that. Back in the 70s, it was all over the place in pop culture. It burned fast and bright, though. And I’d say Star Wars made people really shift gears and not care about it anymore (and, to an extent, the Star Trek movies starting to be good). Still, pound for pound, the Apes movies and TV show are solid entertainment up there with the best of them.

8 Essential Walter Hill Movies

Oh man, here you go. Now here’s a director that was at the top of the world in the late 70s and early 80s. I haven’t had a chance to see all of his dealings, out of this list only half, but I know Southern Comfort has been on my “to watch” list for a few years now.

The Cinematography of Robert Yeoman

Who? Maybe you’re asking that now. But watch the video. I’m willing to be you’re a fan of the guy and you didn’t even realize it.

Warning: this is a little long for what it’s trying to do.

Cracked: 16 Famous Characters that are Ripoffs

Pssst…hey buddy. You wanna rip apart another Cracked article where the editors don’t have a clue what they’re doing? Huh? Do ya? Well, I’m not really going to, because nobody at Cracked seems to know what “secretly” means, because many of these openly took ideas, and they also don’t know what “ripoff” means because something being similar (and they’re stretching a lot of these) doesn’t make a ripoff. If you paint with broad strokes, then everything is a ripoff, huh? Seriously, that Cars/Doc Hollywood one? Come on…

The only legitimate one here is #8 because that was a famous lawsuit and Leone, despite being inspired, still did a lot of nearly shot-for-shot and scene-for-scene reimaginings. Now that is a ripoff.

PS, being a “ripoff” doesn’t mean something is automatically bad. I hate that term. It’s an observation, not a critique. If you use that as a criticism, you need to make the argument how something being similar to something else is detrimental to the thing you’re critiquing. Otherwise you’re just a lot of hot air with no legit point.

CH: 8 Minor Movie Characters I Still Feel Bad For

Though it goes down a road I don’t agree with, there’s some here I still recall very vividly. The only one missing is the guy from Jaws that had his leg bitten off. He kind of just shows up, he’s nice and friendly to the kids, then WHOMP gets eaten.

And I also would add in the comment about the random business guy in Robocop that gets shot to shit by ED209.

Ah memories...

Speaking of Gory 80s Stuff: The only Total Recall Poster that matters

And One More Thing that is AWESOME

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