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Trailing Trailers #226

Posted on July 4, 2014 at 6:05 AM

The Interview


Oh...well alright.

Truth is, I wasn't a huge fan of Neighbors, and even Pineapple Express I didn't outright love. I did like This is The End well enough, but really I don't care about any of those at this point.

Because anything that even remotely looks like a new take on Spies Like Us...well that's just all good in my book. There's not a whole lot of movies that really go with that angle any more. I don't know why. I mean, what silly goofy spy comedy has there been in the past decade? Mr. Bean (or Johnny English, rather)? Get Smart? thanks. Though Mr. Bean I can give a little leeway to just because it's Mr. Bean and I love Atkinson.

Maybe Red, the first one. That was pretty good. And maybe Mr. and Mrs. Smith though it's not technically a comedy, it has some funny moments. Not "ha ha" funny but "oh that's cute" funny.

Give me some Spies Like Us, or Top Secret! or even 1967 Casino Royale (which I'm not a huge fan of, but it has Peter Sellers so I can't outright hate it).


-no poster yet-

(but does it really matter?

Horrible Bosses 2


Well. You wanted it America. I guess. Here you go. That movie you forgot came out three or so years ago is here. Hell, I forgot to even review it (spoiler: "" sums it up fine)

I can’t blame them, really. The original only cost 35 million to make (pretty low for a comedy with this many people) and made over 100 million at the box office. Naturally the studio wants to get more out of it.

The sequel doesn’t have any of the original writers or director involved. So…is that a good thing? Or a bad thing? I mean, it could be good because you’re saying “Hey, that forgettable comedy might actually be done right” or you could say “Oh, that one movie is going to be worse, plus it’s a sequel and those are usually bad.”

Yeah, but truth be told: the amount of apathy I have towards the thing is immeasurable. I simply don’t care, nor did I ask for it. Nobody asked for it.

When Marnie Was There


The latest from Studio Ghibli, and it looks pretty depressing. They’re the only animation house out there, maybe outside of a few European ones, that approach animation with a more dramatic angle, and by all accounts this one is going to be darn dramatic. Slower paced, probably emotional and not for kids. Mainly because kids today want Kung Fu Pandas and singing parrots.

There’s little to go by, but let’s face it. If you love Studio Ghibli, you’ll see it. If you have no idea who or what they are, you’ll probably forget all about it and might see it on DVD at Best Buy one day.

Until Ghibli goes to the sweeping fantasy genre that’s more broad, there’s a good chance their placement in the world of animation outside of Japan, contending with the Pixars and Dreamworks of the world, is going to be limited to just those fans of the studio and of their style of animation. Like me. And hopefully you.

The Skeleton Twins


Well this just came out of nowhere. I mean, it looks good. Like really good. Probably a bit emotional too considering it’s dealing with depression and the like. But Hader looks fantastic here. I haven’t really seen him in a whole lot of drama roles, in fact a lot of this cast is known for comedy (and I’m sure it will be a funny movie) but he’s done a 180 after SNL, Adventureland or Drunk History.

The writer/director is new, but a co-writer is Mark Heyman who wrote Black Swan, his only previous writing credit. I’m really looking forward to this.

Radio Free Albemuth


Jesus. What an awful trailer. I’m not calling the movie awful, truth is I can’t get a feel for it one way or the other from this, but what I do know is that this is one of the worst trailers I’ve seen in a while. It’s awkwardly cut, the music is completely out of place, the volume of the audio seems to shift for no reason whatsoever (loud in once scene where you barely hear the music, then a big musical crash that drowns out the dialogue in the next because it’s too low…it’s weird. Then the acting seems solid one minute, utterly awful the next.

So, going by early reviews, it’s a bit all over the place. The consensus seems to be a solid idea that is just done poorly due to the low-budget constraints.

Dracula Untold


I’ve always wanted to see a movie about the real Dracula. The historical figure, not the vampire.

Well, I don’t think we’re getting that here.

So we got this movie, right. It’s a multi million dollar fantasy flick by Universal with a first time director and handling a major property of theirs.

The last time they did that, we got 47 Ronin.

Now, to this movie’s defense, it’s only 60 million, not nearly 200 million, in budget (seriously, 200 million on 47 Ronin…where the hell did all that money go?) and there’s less producers in the pot stirring shit up. But this movie…I mean. I don’t know, man. Luke Evans isn’t going to open a movie, and even though I love Dominic Cooper it doesn’t seem he has a ton to do here.

By the way, how many drum-beats alongside a cut to black do we fucking need in one trailer? They cut trailers like that because they think it builds suspense, but this one never establishes a beginning to really build suspense from and we already know the damn outcome of it because it’s Dracula.


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