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IR167: Busters, Rap & Thrills

Posted on June 8, 2014 at 7:45 PM

Foiles: Top 5 Detective Games

I don’t really post a lot of Lisa Foiles stuff on these little roundups. No reason, i guess. She’s pretty popular and doesn’t need some shlub. But this is a vid of hers I really liked. It has cats. It has detective-mystery stuff and noir feels. She’s cute. You know the drill….

Final Bosman: E3 Dos and Don'ts

He done says all the things we all thinkin’!

Seriously, it takes a level voice to be able to make this point, and Bosman is just a breath of fresh air. In a world where everyone is yelling into their cameras, Kyle is just saying it how it is and being more funny as a result.

As for E3, I've been debating if I even want to go this year. I have a badge, I have the time, I just don't know if I have the interest.

Screenrant: The Top Movie Taglines

Some darn good tag lines here. Best? Nah. Too many. “Everyone wants to be found.” or “If Nancy doesn’t wake up screaming, she won’t wake up at all.” Or simply “Work sucks."

Rap Battles: Poe v King

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Trailers from Hell: The Sand Pebbles

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Sand Pebbles is way overlooked. Haven’t seen it in years. And yeah, it’s not his most iconic role but it is his best acting.

LGR Oddware: Sexy mouse

I know it’s funny and stuff, but holy crap he’s playing Slave Zero. I haven’t played that game in over a decade.

Short: Troops

Though the second “call” goes on a bit too long (they could have done three here) it’s a fun little short.

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T-Shirts of the Week

Gorgeous Fantasia

Table Flipping in Movies

Lots of tables get flipped in movies, can't say I've seen anyone do it in real life. For the cinema, it's a nice cliche.

6 Facts about NO Holds Barred on its 25th Anniversary

I remember going to the theater and seeing this piece of shit movie. It was a weird time. You had Hogan not playing Hogan, then you had Zeus in the movie but then have him on the WWF where he battled Hogan (all this could have been resolved if they just had Hogan play himself). So much confusion.

As a kid, you tend to like just about anything. I mean anything. Jesus, one of my favorite cartoons at the time was about a skateboarding dinosaur. But even this movie I remember saying “That was bad.”

The Brutal Fatalism of Menace II Society

A fantastic piece about a movie that, at the time, I and others referred to as “the one that isn’t Boyz n the Hood.” In a way, Menace is a superior film. It’s not quite as poetic, but is certainly more blunt and, as this article goes into, more explicit in not just violence but it’s overall brutal honesty.

A Tribute to Prisoners

I’ve made my love of Prisoners abundantly clear on this site. I love the film. I love the craftsmanship across the board, from the gorgeous Deakins cinematography to a director who has a masterful command of the script. The actors. The dialogue. The powerful moments throughout and the willingness to take a ton of risks (particularly regarding who we think is our hero). A good suspense and mystery movie you can find, but a well-crafted one that I will watch and watch again? Not too many of those.

I think, over time, it will be a movie that people will come back to and see that quality again and again. Some movies don’t have that realization until later: such as American Pyscho, Fight Club, The Shining, The Night of the Hunter, Groundhog Day and even The Third Man and Citizen Kane (all movies that weren’t nearly as loved as they are now).

Plus you have Radiohead here. A great song, but it would be nice to see a few scenes of the actors put in as well.

PS Spoilers

And speaking of underrated movies:

21 Things Learned From the Cheap Thrills Commentary

Oh man do I love me some Cheap Thrills. Just a solid film from start to finish. Pat Healy should be getting casting calls left and right if you ask me, and Koechner has never been this damn good. He should go darker a little more.

Vanity Fair: The Making of Ghostbusters

There’s a lot of anniversaries out this year (Alien is another that comes to mind) but none mean as much to me as Ghostbusters. This is a lengthy article on the making of the movie.

31 Things from the Star Wars commentary

Fascinating stuff all around. I have never listened to a single Star Wars movie commentary to be honest, and reading some of the stuff here you can see how brilliant Lucas can be if given the right people around him. He wanted a natural/organic feel for the world - making realistic sound effects and so on, and didn’t want exposition about how the world works (the best thing about the original trilogy is it doesn’t try to explain every little thing, it just simply is and you’re right in that world).

A Definitive Ranking of Tom Cruise Running in Films

Can’t really argue, though I feel MI-III’s running is a little low. Those were tight quarters. In fairness, he’s ranking mainly by speed here.

Damn Collateral was a god movie. I think I need to watch that again.

Zach Galligan Interview

On Gremlins, Spielberg and the very underrated Gremlins 2.


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