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Trailing Trailers #221

Posted on May 30, 2014 at 5:25 AM

The Book of Life


This could be the next holiday classic - about a holiday I actually care about. The trailer is awful - strangely disjointed and paced - but the art design and my love of Grim Fandango supersede that. It looks incredibly imaginative and kind of sweet. Del Toro has done a lot in terms of animation as a producer, and I still think Rise of the Guardians is sadly under-appreciated.

This might not play all that well in the grand scene of Pixar/Dreamworks stove shoved out there, but it’s got more uniqueness happening than I’ve seen from either of those studios for a while.

Kill the Messenger


I love tempo editing when it’s done right. Tempo editing is editing cuts to a beat, here with a song, and it just flows wonderfully. Scorsese uses the technique in his films a lot, usually staying on a shot for a while then cutting when there’s a transition in the music. To know when to not cut is just as important to know when to cut. The style, the tone and the music itself are integral, and this trailer nails it and is one of the best trailers from a technical standpoint I’ve seen in a while. Shows a lot, doesn’t show everything, doesn’t “tell the story” like a lot of trailers tend to do. It’s awesome.

Boy this looks good. It comes from long-time TV director Michael Cuesta and writer Peter Landesman. Cuesta is a great fit, directing shows like Homeland and whatnot. Landesman still is a bit unproven to me. He’s only written Parkland which I really was not a fan of. At all. In the slightest. It felt callous and cold and just a simple documentation of events rather than having any emotion or drama happening. I don’t get that from this, though. Maybe that’s because Cuesta is a better director than Landesman and can get more from his actors. This movie looks great, either way.

A Walk Amongst the Tombstones


It’s Liam Neesons doing Liam Neesons stuffs. That’s enough for me. That and a pretty pretty cover of Black Hole Sun that really sets the tone.

But there’s some interesting tidbits behind the camera too. It’s directed by Scott Frank, who I’m a pretty big fan of. Frank has only directed one film, the fantastic The Lookout, but has written some of my favorite scripts including Out of Sight, Minority Report, Get Shorty and, most recently, The Wolverine. He also wrote Marley and Me…and let me tell you if you feel like drowning in your tears I dare you to watch that flick.

Anyways, this looks absolutely fantastic. I love the atmosphere - a neo-noir for 2014. You don’t get those too often. Gone Baby Gone and We Own the Night are two others I loved, but I’m getting sidetracked here. I love these type of movies. PIs. Criminals. Probably corrupt cops. Mystery…this is my type of stuff.

Life Itself


If you don’t like Roger Ebert then I don’t want anything to do with you.

He did a lot of film. For film criticism. For showing new movies to new people. Hell, a lot of movies I would have never have even seen if I didn’t read that Ebert wrote an essay on it. Though I don’t think this movie will tell or show me anything I don’t already know about the man or about Gene, it’s still one I can’t wait to see just because he’s an important figure that needs his own movie at this point.

Nothing Bad Can Happen


Man, what is happening!? There’s, like, a lot of damn good looking movies I’m seeing here. Sometimes you just get those weeks where everything is landing and looking interesting.

Why am I excited about this? Forget about the amazing reviews of the movie. Forget about a new voice in Katrin Gebbe unleashed on the scene. The troubling nature of the trailer is, from what I hear, just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a serious, dark psychological drama and tense piece of moviemaking. This is her first film too. Just look at this. It doesn’t feel like a first movie from anyone. I’m fascinated by new voices.

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn


Director Phil Alden Robinson doesn’t have a huge and vast resume, but he’s been around and he’s probably done some movies you liked at some point. For me, that some point is the one-two punch of Field of Dreams followed up by the underrated Snekers way back when. Has he done a ton since? Not really, just a bad Jack Ryan flick with Batfleck.

It’s easy to be a little apprehensive, I suppose. I mean, the screenwriter is certainly not going to wow anyone. He wrote Breakin’ All the Rules starring Jaime Foxx back before people knew he could actually act (still was no Booty Call, though). But then I look at the actors and say “They probably wouldn’t do junk.”

Now there’s a damn good chance this movie has just been sitting around for a while and couldn’t get distribution. A lot of movies are “shelved” that way and I can see this movie going bad just as easy as it could be good. Ok, it probably is leaning more towards the bad edge of things…

But the director directed Sneakers, guys. And he wrote it. I…I can’t shit on this movie because of that.

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