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Trailing Trailers #213

Posted on April 4, 2014 at 5:05 PM



It’s essentially the action version of Limitless…and I’m ok with that.

Anything that gives Scarjo more action leading roles, I’m all for. She’s perfect for that, and this I hope is a good one. More importantly, though, this is written and directed by Luc Besson, one of the best action filmmakers of his generation. Some are down on him for whatever reason, but they’re wrong. He makes solid films.

Of course, I say that, and he hasn’t directed a good film since…I don’t know, maybe those Arthur movies he spent forever making? He made three of them, and none are particularly memorable. Then again, I know the Arthur stuff is bigger in France than here. Still doesn’t excuse The Family, though, but maybe this is him getting back to his roots.

Begin Again


Love it. Really do. Great cast, it’s a great trailer too. And it’s from the writer and director of Once, which I absolutely adore and if this movie is anything like that, and it appears to be, then I’m already on board. Love, life, relationships, music…that’s kinda by bag. This looks particularly tailored to Ruffalo too. He plays these types of roles so incredibly well.

And yes, that is Adam Levine with a massive beard.



Seeing as I spent an entire installment on this series on Ninja Turtles last week, probably a good idea to put up the other trailer that has people a bit divided. Look, it may be Brett Ratner, but it’s The Rock. I will watch The Rock in anything. Plus this is based on the comic book, which is kinda cool.

Kinda cool…

Alien Abduction


Ruh-roh. Things aren’t looking good for…wait have I seen this…yes I have. Sorry. I’ve posted this one before. But it’s a slow friggin week and has been for a few weeks now in terms of trailers. But I kinda dig this a bit. Still can’t tell if it’s found footage or both, but if done right, it could be super-effective for this type of genre movie.

The Drop


Hardy. Rapace. Gandolfini. Ok, You have me already.

What’s that? You also have the screenwriter for Mystic River? Ok. That was a great script. (based on his novel, and he also wrote the novels for Shutter Island and Gone Baby Gone).

And the director of Bullhead? A criminally overlooked movie from a few years back also? Ok, this is shaping up nicely.

Well guess which movie just kind of jumped into my “must see” list. Better than that, though, is how good this trailer is. The atmosphere is just spot-on, and you feel the intensity of this awesome looking crime drama. And that last shot…fantastic.

And damn, Hardy is shaping up to be one of the best actors working. His range is utterly amazing. Comedy. Drama. Character acting…the man can do it all.

Sex Tape


Love Segal…I can tolerate Diaz in the right role.  Love director Jake Kasdan at times (Freaks and Geeks, Orange County, Bad Teacher which explains the Diaz attachment) and not sure on screenwriter Kate Angelo (a lot of TV, but I did like me some Becker). So everything is kind of “meh” in terms of the principles here, but the trailer…

Well first off, it’s another one of those three minute (let’s show ever story beat) trailers. Cold opening, Act I, Act 2, hint at Act 3 but we can probably guess it. I don’t like those already, but worst of all is how much of it feels so telegraphed. Like they’re really, really trying to make stuff happen to get some yucks here. I love Segal, but this just feels so forced. It didn’t really have me laughing, but I like some of the people here so I don’t want to write it off entirely either.

And lastly

Night Moves


At first I thought this was a remake of the Gene Hackman classic, thankfully it’s not. That movie was so 1970s I can’t imagine remaking it. Thankfully this is from Kelly Reichardt, who made the fantastic film Meek’s Cutoff and Wendy and Lucy.

Reichardt’s style is absolute slow-burn, and this thriller looks so perfectly tailored to that methodology. Her style isn’t for everyone, mind you. Her films often take place in Oregon, they’re focused on an extreme naturalistic style (not a lot of makeup, lots of quiet moments to take in the world) and plot is usually very simple and, rather, she focuses on the moments at hand. Night Moves appears to be a little more about its plot than what she often goes for, which will be interesting.



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