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Trailing Trailers #207

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 4:45 AM


Odd Thomas


Ok, this actually looks kinda neat. Yes, it’s a B-movie…but B-movies can be good, folks. As long as they know they’re B-movies and this one certainly does. I mean, look at, say From Dusk til Dawn. Absolute B-Movie and it knows it, it runs with it and we end up with an awesome movie as a result.

Then look at something like Dylan Dog, or I Frankenstein - movies that are way too earnest and take themselves way too seriously.

This looks like the former. It looks like…well it’s from the Mummy filmmaker, and he knows a thing or two about a thing or two about making fun and cheesy B-movies. I like Sommers. I like him a lot, actually.  The Mummy movies are fun. I personally think Van Helsing is rather overlooked and he actually made the first GI Joe movie watchable and visually fun. None are great movies, but all do what they set out to do and are overall fun.

Plus I like Anton Yelchin a lot. I just think that kid is insanely likeable and talented.



Boy are they marketing this right. I have no idea if the movie might be good, as I’ve always said I have reservations on the director, but in terms of mood and style and appearance and the slow build-up of hype…yeah, this is doing a damn good job so far.

The Protector 2


Yep, that's a sequel to a martial arts movie that I slightly remember from a few years back. I do remember the first film not having nearly as much CG and special effects. This one looks louder, that's for sure. I might see it. I didn't see Ong Bak 2, and I certainly liked Ong Bak more than The Protector. If it's well shot (which I can't tell if it is) and if the fighting is good (ditto) I'm sure I'll hear about it and pick it up somewhere.

The Art of the Steal


There was a documentary a few years back that shared the title. It was really good. All about art and lots and lots of money.

This is not related to that. This…well I have no idea what to say on it right now.  I mean, I’ll watch Kurt Russel pooping because I’m such a fan of his, but man…this one might be a chore. I like Jay Baruchel a lot too. But it appears this movie was made and just shuffled out on to digital distribution, so it’s hard to know what to expect. I’ve seen some great movies that went straight to iTunes…and boy have I seen some awful ones.

By the way, the trailer says “This fall…” That tells me something didn’t happen late last year and they’re just putting this out there.

Anyways, I will say I like the tone of it all, I do like the cast, but I  have no idea if this is going to end up good or not going by the trailer. It could end up great, it could end up utterly awful. The trailer is all over the place and hard to get a read on.

Boys of Abu Ghraib


Well now, this is going to cause a stir.


It looks surprisingly good, and a solid trailer on top of that. There’s a very good chance it’s all a vanity project (writer/director/lead actor/producer), but I think it’s a well-intended one.

Under the Skin


Hot sexy alien arrives to mess with your head. Only this is less Species and more Art Project. As you can see. And it certainly has me intrigued. Jonathan Glazer is a fantastic director. An “Auteur” if you will. I would consider Sexy Beast, his first feature. An absolute modern classic.

Birth not so much. I mean…it was alright visually, and I actually thought Kidman was good, but it was just…I don’t know. I need to watch it again…I just kinda don’t want to.

But this…this looks unique. This looks interesting. This looks like Sexy Scarlett messing with my mind. That’s fine. She can do whatever she wants.

Brick Mansions


Brick Mansions is a remake they had been trying to do for years of District B-13, a French flick that got a cult following from many years ago. The best thing it has going for it is that the writers are the same and it certainly has kept the original look and style. The worst thing…it looks like the same movie. For people who never saw the original, it’ll seem new and fresh. But watching this trailer, I can say I’;ve already seen this movie. Not this “take” or “version” but this exact movie, right down to the look of the bomb and the District itself and the fact it stars the EXACT SAME GUY.

Well, in fairness, his name is Lino here, in the original film it was Leito…only with a couple of dots above the “i” because I can’t figure out how to make my keyboard do that. You hit…CTRL? Let me try.  

Nope. Alt?


No….what is that? What is that I just typed?

Command makes it italic….

Moving on...

Rio 2


You know what I like about a lot of animated sequels? They don’t push an additional title below it. You know - it’s just 2, 3, 4 and so on. No "Rio 2: Lost in Amazon" or "Kung Fu Panda 2: The Secret of the Lizard Style" or something like that. Not all of them, of course. I mean, Ice Age and Madagasscar have to do it, but a good chunk of them, I would say better movies more confident with their premise, don’t really need to.

And Rio was a good animated film. It flew under the radar (pardon the pun) but it was surprisingly good and enjoyable. So I’m looking forward to Rio 2. This one looks like a sequel: better animated, you can see it’s been a few years of improvements and probably a bigger budget. I mean, this looks gorgeous. Also Bruno Mars’s voice and character looks fantastic.

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