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IR153: Robos and Gifs

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 12:10 AM

Retroware: Robocop the Arcade Game

I've never played this game in the arcade, I don't even remember seeing it. Then again a lot of the arcades in my area (as in the who two of them) didn't have tons to choose from.


Facts About Bill and Ted

As one of my favorite movies growing up, much of this was known. Plus I did a whole article way back when (you can read under Liquid Nostalgia). But that doesn't mean I don't love being reminded of nifty facks.


22 Inspiring Acts of Kindness

Though some I would put a bit higher, considering the importance, I kind of wanted to put up something positive for once. Especially something positive off of Cracked.

Car Commercial

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A Day in the Life

I think Arrow is one of the best things DC/WB has done, well probably ever. It started shaky, but boy did it find some firm footing with Season 2. Well acted, well shot, solid action and basically saying “Screw it, let’s go nuts.” That’s exactly what comic book fans want and need (which is why I’m looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy).

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Brian Williams raps Rappers Delight

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T-Shirts of the Week

LGR: Thief

Thief...the game I played a lot of yet never really got far in. I still have my old jewel case of it somewhere. I had no idea it took such a drastic turn at a point.


The 19 Best Movies You Didn't See in 2013

I’m still catching up on some of these (most are docs) but saw most of the big ones. Blue Caprice is still the one I haven’t seen and most want to. By the way, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints…you’re not missing much.


Classic Movies Turned 8-Bit Gifs

Gifs. Fun Gifs. Enjoy. Here's a picture.




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