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IR151: Trailers & Doctors

Posted on February 10, 2014 at 4:35 AM

Font in 2001: A Space Odyssey

Typing the future, it's interesting to see its development


All Best Visual Effects Oscar Winners

Now that’s some beautiful music and some damn good movies.



A Journey to the Creationist Museum

This. I just. I...

Look, I try and be as respectful to others as I can, but this...this is bad, folks. Really bad.

There's believing in God and then there's denying facts, if not outright lying to people to conform to your own view of what is and isn't. You can believe in God, but you can also not take literal approaches to a book as well to such a rigid degree to completely dwell in ignorance. I want to laugh, and I first I was, but the further down it went, the more sad I felt. The thought of some family taking their children here and having all this come across as factual is a sad thing.

Oh, and apparently Dragons were real too. Why? Because some ancient cultures wrote it about them, that's why. Like I said, this isn't just Biblical stuff that this museum is trying to handle to shoehorn things in, it's taking everything literally and as fact. Except facts, ironically enough.

Now not every creationist believes this, because not every Christian or religious person takes the Bible or Torah or whathaveyou literally, but considering the young-earth arguement in this case, it's the only way it can make sense in that particular approach (that the Earth is only a few thousand years old). This is obviously a reactionary piece (and Buzzfeed mind you) from the Bill Nye/Ham debate which, of course, amounted to nothing in the end because Nye did a poor job relaying facts and Ham did a poor job of arguing anything outside "just because." I won't comment any further than that.

Screenrant: 10 Essential Philip Seymour Hoffman Performances

The lack of Synechoche, NY is notable. That's arguably his finest film performance (maybe next to Capote...and Boogie Nights...and Happiness...and...). Here's a nice piece on that film.

Trailers from Hell: Eraserhead

This one is narrated by Karyn Kusama, an interesting director in that I know, just know, there’s a great film still to come from her. She hasn’t been able to follow up Girlfight (2000) yet, but it’ll happen. It better happen. She’s too talented to not have it happen. And don’t say “Jennifer’s Body” because that was a mess of a script despite working with some great ideas. But I like her. Always have, and here she is talking about one of my favorite films.

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Trailers from Hell: Critters 2

From a classic film to another, yes two (2) Trailers From Hell this week that I loved but for completely different reasons. Whereas Eraserhead is an unsettling odd surreal piece of cinema, Critters 2 is Critters 2. This one, though, is done by the director.

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The Lost Art of Front Screen Projection

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Trailerss from Hell: The Dunwich Horror

The Dunwich Horror is exactly what you would think an HP Lovecraft story made in the 1970s should be. As Bousman says, it’s certainly a product of its time, but it also fits with Lovecraft surprisingly well. It’s just weird because Lovecraft was weird…and so were the 70s.

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T-Shirt of the Week

I wish I knew where, sorry. I think it's

TV and Movie Gimmicks

Oh Gimmicks. If the material isn’t strong, thats’ what you resort to. Some, I think, legitimately want to expand on the film, I’d be lying if I didn’t say something like Gravity or Avatar in really well-done 3-D in a theater doesn’t contribute to the quality of those pictures, but most of the time it’s to “make up” for the movie lacking elsewhere.

I am surprised “musical” episodes of TV shows didn’t come up. Some I can deal with, like that “Live” episode of ER, because it was creatively interesting because they shot it like a documentary, but musicals? Even the Buffy musical was stupid. I know fans like that one, but it never felt right to me. When a show is nearing the end of its run, and it knows it, stuff like that happens. And yes, I know there’s a story-reason…but come on…they’re singing. That’s just dumb.




CinemaSnob: The Conqueror

Never saw it, never intended to. It’s a film with a reputation that precedes it. Thanks to Brad, I don’t have to. He’s doing the Lord’s work.


Cracked: 29 Movie Adaptations that Left Out the Best Parts

I like this, mostly, except for the loose and vague ones based on comic books when comic books themselves aren’t exactly setting things in stone (notably the Batman entry…that’s seriously desperate to try and just have a go at the movie). Also…sometimes comic books are stupid and make no sense, such as the entry about The Punisher.

Video: Evolution of the Dolly Zoom

You know the effect when you see it, and some of the greatest films have made it memorable.

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