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IR148: Bill Murray, Keith David & Totoro

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 6:00 AM

CinemaSnob: Sgt. Pepper

Sgt. Pepper’s is a great album, it’s also an unmatchable movie starring the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton. I mean, it is, it’s one of the worst movies I couldn’t sit through. Thanks, Brad, for doing it for me.


Oscar Winner Generator

Here's some of my favorites that I got:

"In the Bronx, an autistic World War II veteran faces surrealism, betrayal and wrath"

"Police brutalityA Clockwork Orange, violence and sadness mix in the 1950s for a gay beggar and a widower"

"A dysfunctional familyFargo and genocide echo in a small town for a prostitute"

AV Club: Keith David Interview

AV Club has a great series of interviews where they talk about specific past roles with actors, and they always go for the roles or movies that nobody else seems to ask the actor about. Here up: Keith David. The role that made me read the whole thing: Goliath from Gargoyles.

Damn that was a good cartoon.

Bill Murray Reddit AMA

As the title suggests, Bill was on Reddit and taking questions. I'm not much of a Reddit person, I'm probably not even spelling it right, but when there's an AMA (ask me anything) I take notice.

Man At Arms: Sephiroth’s Sword

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10 Most Insane Directing Decisions by Kubrick

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A nice video, but I wouldn't call "Paths of Glory" overlooked. The Killing would take that honor.

Scorsese's Student Film

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T-Shirts of the Week



CH: Things that Still Bother Me About 90s Commercials

On the 90s, you were so Xtreme.


Video Essay on Taxi Driver

Such a great movie, and a solid video essay on it too.



FSR: 14 Sundance Movies for 2014

A lot of good comes out of Sundance. Young Ones is one to keep an eye out for, anything Michael Shannon does is pretty interesting and post-apoclyptic western just sounds awesome.


Variety: Why 47 Ronin Bombed

Now I just want to see it to know how good or bad it is. I feel it was written off before anyone actually gave it a good look. I say that because The Secret Life of Walter Mitty also just came and went, got average reviews at best, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.



In Defense of Walt Disney

Meryl Streep drunkingly called out Walt Disney on stage for some reason, The Disney Family museum wrote up a retort of sorts. Of course, the truth of it all lies somewhere in the middle, though a drunk Street didn’t help her case any.


The Final Bosman: Demos Souls

Ah, demos. They are non-existent these days, but back in the PSone through PS2 era, they were all the rage. Couldn't agree more with MGS2, that's probably up there for everyone, but another for me was Warhawk on the PSone. It came with the console and I played that one level dozens of times.

I remember the Final Fantasy VII demo quite fondly as well.


Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2014

A nice list here, I've seen Big Bad Wolves so I guess it technically doesn't come out until next year. It was an honorable mention on my 2013 list.


The Journeys of Martin Scorsese

He's arguably the greatest living director, and here's a video showing the various elements of his works.

And seeing as how we began with Totoro...

Here's some Totoro Pop Tarts Because Internets

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