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IR149: Furries and Mummys

Posted on January 27, 2014 at 11:40 AM

Movie Bob: Blech Dull Test

Bob’s final few lines are spot on. You can’t already know the conclusion then just show the symptoms that we already know, you need to get to the root of the disease. Drawing conclusions already and just putting up the symptoms to support said conclusions is just perching to the choir.

That is also the one major critique I have to the Videogame Tropes versus Women series. While I like it for educational purposes, for anyone with a hint of intelligence, much of what is brought up is already known. The roots is what should be explored.

LGR: PC Expansion Packs

Ungh, the Sims. You know, when those games came out, they were awesome. But damn did all those expansion packs completely turn me off of it.

Art of the Title: True Detective

If you aren't watching True Detective, then shame on you. Go steal an HBOGo password or something, because its seriously the best thing on television right now. One of its best points? The opening credits sequence.

Supercut: Get Down!

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Joe Dante on Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy

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I love Abbott and Costello, though I agree this one is a weaker one. Still entertaining, though.

Videogame Locations

It's kind of hard, but also kind of fun, to figure out what's what because of the art style. I got a good chunk of them, though.

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8-bit Lebowski

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You REALLY need to have seen the movie to get anything out of this, but it’s kind of cute.

The Nolan Effect: Shrinking Oscar Contenders

Though I hate the first line, because you really should start any article with a rhetorical question especailly one so lost, the overall piece is a nice look at how the Oscars pretty much has no idea what its doing.

CH: Furry Force

Careful: slightly disturbing.

On Love

A terrifc write up on Badass Digest about love in film. It's arguably the most popular subject out there to explore and write about, and here's one of the best articles I've read at Badass Digest in a while.

AV Clulb: Turnization of Games

A great write up, analogy and discussion about "remaking" video games. "Turnization" is a perfect analogy, the early days of cable colorizing old movies is the same as going in to a videogame like Final Fantasy VI and remaking every pixel and sprite.

And we'll end it with:

T-Shirt of the Week:

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