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More Ways to Waste My Time Away

Posted on May 21, 2010 at 1:56 PM

Well that's just great.

Today it was announced, folks.

It's the second coming and, for yours truly, another thing to suck my time away,

Robot Unicorn Attack is coming to the Iphone.

It's true.

This is very, very dangerous for us all. If you haven't played it, then you're one of the few. It's the simplest and quite prossilby the gayest game you'll ever play...and it's also the most addictive and thoroughly enjoyable game ever.

I mentioend this game before in the blog, It seems to universally transcend age, race, genger and unicorn fetishes to, somehow, appeal to every single person that plays it. It has two functions, jump and dash, and endless levels set to the goddamnest catchiest song on the planet. The layout for the iphone is exactly as I figure it would be, two buttons on each side and a volume control. That's all it needs...and it's all I need. this could possibly be the greatest iphone app in the history of mankind's history of technology in the past 100 years of the world or possilby universe.

Get ready....hold the night...I will be up for hours playing it.

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