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IR137: Hell No & Funtime

Posted on October 21, 2013 at 2:15 AM

The 50 Best Last Shots in History

Lasting impressions of cinema are great, and these are some great shots.

MovieBob: Dead Heat

It's Schlocktober and boy, is this movie...AWESOME! I absolutely want to see it now! It's on Netflix so I have no excuse now.

Simpsons FCC Complaints

People will find anything to complain about. "I don't like this, therefore nobody else can like it either" is a common practice, it appears.  Nobody is forcing anyone to watch anything. Nobody can read your mind, folks, find something that appeals to you. Don't go off and watch something, or have your family watch something, you don't agree with then complain about it.

Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film

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King Kong vs. Dr. Who

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Thug Notes: The Odyssey

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Rambo: But Gay

It's basically Rambo as a musical.

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Medieval Land FunTime World

If you were on the internet for even a minute last week, you've seen this. If not. Well this is why the internet exists.

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Batman Vs. Superman

This is fantastic. This Batman has been on the net for a while, and he does a great freaking job.

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8-Bit The Shining

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Movie Monsters Mashed with Fine Art

You this. Awesome. Click the link for so much more.

Olver Stone on Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert's blog has been transformed in to a celebration of the man, spearheaded by his wife Chaz and New York Magaine's Matt Zoller. It has all the old stuff, but all the new stuff are interviews and stories about the man. Here is an interview with Oliver Stone and two notable Ebert reviews they discuss.

Colbert Breaking Character

Stephen Colbert is brilliant, but some of his best moments are when he just can't stay in character. Munchma Quichi will have you rolling because it has him rolling.

 Interview with Bill Watterson

Watterson is the creator of Calvin and Hobbs. He's a recluse but that doesn't mean he's not a down to earth pretty straightforward kind of guy.

William Friedkin on Citizen Kane

If you've studied film, you won't find a whole lot "new" here, but it's just cool to read William Friedkin's thoughts on it. I remember my university professor noting the No Trespassing motif: that maybe we aren't supposed to know the hearts and minds of some people and should just let them be. In the end, what did the people in the film learn? Nothing. We as an audience learned a ton, but those interviews and reporters? Not a thing.

T-Shirt of the Week

And, of course, this pic.

Just look at that. Tennent just slides right back in to place like he hasn't missed a day. Also, have you seen Broadchurch? Do yourself a favor and watch Broadchurch, he's fantastic in it.

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