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IR106: Sess, Nerds and Harvest Moon

Posted on March 10, 2013 at 5:55 AM

Above: pretty awesome pic that I'd love on a T-shirt.

Below...random stuff, so enjoy this week's roundup. As usual, click on the titles for the links.


Sex in Videogames

No, it's a comedy bit not some video essay. Thank God.


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Man at Arms: Raphael's Sais

A new show I heard about on the radio. A blacksmith goes out to make pop-culture items, here being the Sais of one Ninja Turtle that, I think if it came right down to it, I'd say is my favorite (I've always kinda liked Donatello too, but mainly because he was always the best to play as in video games)


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Videogame Takout: Batman for Gameboy

I didn't want to post a ton of Retroware vids, but I had to post this. I owned this game...but this video reminded me that I owned it. Man, I completely forgot it even existed. Watching this, all those memories came flooding back. I'd go to Kansas City for Thanksgiving when I was a kid for my dad's side of the family at the grandparent's house and I'd lay back in ugly, giant green chair from the 50s and play my new Gameboy. This game (and Ninja Turtles) I'd just get lost in. Those were good times. So this, while not an amazing video, is just kind of a personal pick.

Cracked: The 5 Most Embarrasing Past Lives of Famous Mucisians

Jesus Trent...first New Wave...then this:

Mashup: Nine Inch Nails and Carley Rae Jepsen I know there's a lot of these mash up things, but I hope you know that I wouldn't post it unless it was worth your time.

Run Play Think

This is a new show? I think so, but it's damn good. "Shows" like this are a dime a dozen on the internet, but I like the rather thoughtfulness and contemplative nature of this very focused review. Five minutes.

Funny or Die: Postal Service Auditions

I really like this band, and I like the fact that they can make fun of themselves. Lots of guest stars, but I think Moby steals the show.

Bleep Bloop: Power Rangers

One of the best episodes of Bleep Bloop in a long time. Just hilarious.

David Bowie Video

66 and he looks like he's in his late 40s, 50 max. Son of a….

He's got a new album out, it's awesome just like everything else he does.

Video is a bit weird. So she's…young Bowie? It's kind of what I'd expect a 2013 David Bowie album to look like, I guess.

Oh, and the album is spectacular. In case you were wondering.

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Bad Lip Reading: The Amazing Spider-Man

Eat that waffle bug...


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Pics: On the left, Star Wars Adventure Time and the right, a really cool concept painting of Wreck-it Ralph


Speaking of Wreck it Ralph:

Wreck it Ralph: Where Potential Lives

From the director of the great movie, we get this King of Kong inspired fake-documentary. It's awesome, though it kind of shoves the whole "love" angle in a little too much and certainly too late. It really causes it to slow down in the final third. In other words, even though I think it should be 20 minutes instead of 30, I still like it.


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Short Film: Still Falls the Rain

Prententious title aside, holy crap is great short. Visually, it's amazing and that's integral to any short, plus it's a nice short story also. Film Schoolers...this is how you get noticed. Make a film, put it out there, get in to festivals, get people to appreciate you because right now, I want to sign this guy.


Best Movie Ever: Breathless

Of course, that's not literal. That's the name of a series over at Film School Rejects that covers great cinema, this time it's Breathless. It's a fun series of two film geeks talking about a movie…but this really would be even better if it were a video series. Those guys should really consider it.


Sessler's Something: Game Length

I wasn't aware Adam was back doing these little videos. But it's nice, he lays out things in video games really well and, here, he does so regarding game length which I 100% agree on: it's not about "money's worth" but more a sense of completion. I particularly liked his point on open-world games. I too look at it as tasks to "clean up" and I can't ignore. I think that's how completionists see things sometimes, but if you give me a list of things to do…I'm gonna do 'em…and sometimes that can work against the game even if it's giving you your "money's worth."

This makes me think back to my favorite game of all time, Chrono Trigger. Chrono Trigger is a short game. Not only short as a game, which you could beat on a weekend if you really tried (and I have), but especially short in terms of RPGs, Japanese RPGs or otherwise. Some use that as a criticism against the game…I just don't see it. For those 15 hours or so, it's a damn taught, focused, wonderfully paced experience without a lot of busywork and BS. How is that a bad thing…because you feel "cheated" and want to play a game for 30 hours instead of 15? How is that even a legit critique?


Oh, another...

Sessler's Something: Gaming Journalism

I've gone in to detail about the issues of gaming "journalism" ad nauseum at this point, but this is a good example of why I have. I don't thnk they're unethical, per se, but certainly unprofessional and not moving the medium forward. Maybe that's why the Sess skates around the issue, all while not realizing that the "skating around" issues, leaning heavily on hyperbole, rumor and speculation, is kind of why people have such caution about gaming "journalists" ethics in the first place.


Moar Arts! Left, a Scott Pilgrim inspired Kill Bill Tshirt, and right...well....

A one-two Punch of Nerds

HVGN: Doom 64

Now here's a guy we haven't seen in a while. I don't think I played Doom 64, but watching this makes me wish I had because I never knew it was such a unique title away from the other Doom games (which were seriously over-exposed back then which is probably why I never bothered with Doom 64)

AVGN: Ikari Warriors

Holy shit…another. James brings us a video about a game I 100% agree on being a bad game (don't confuse it with the arcade version, which is pretty awesome, the NES game blows). Full of a lot of inside jokes and James's usual polish, this is a great Angry Nerd vid.

TV Show Floor Plans

Ever wonder how the Simpsons house was laid out? Or the Friends apartments? Someone had way too much time on their hands...then again so did I to go through and really look at each one.


Harvest Moon: The Movie

I only played Harvest Moon on the Nintendo 64. I think it was the 64...well point is a lot of the jokes are little lost on me, but it's a welld one (albeit a tad long) fake trailer about Harvest Moon.

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Another pic: President Clinton's latest portrait.

Djesus Unchained

Ok, if you read that and are already offended DO NOT WATCH. I, of course, don't care and found it hilarious. It's a mash up of a lot of Tarantino movies only with Jesus...played by Christoph Waltz.

I don't watch SNL anymore (who does?) so I rely on blogs and places like Rolling Stone to tell me if there's something worth seeing.

Every Infomercial summed up in 11 gifs

And because it's been such a grand week of random shit on the internet, I'll leave you with this article...

...with this gif...


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