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Trailing Trailers #17

Posted on December 18, 2009 at 12:34 PM

Now this is a damn good week for trailers


Robin Hood


Ridley Scott doing a period piece with men’s-men, grunting and Russel Crowe? Sign me up. I’m not a fan of the music in this trailer, and the stories of production/script problems are notorious on the project, but I’m really hoping for the best and a solid period action movie. There’s not much else to note about it. It’s Robin Hood, it’s Ridley Scott and I think it’s going to be great (or at least entertaining).


Iron Man 2


The surprise hit of two years ago and one of the best damn superhero/action movies of all time finally has a legit trailer for its sequel. It looks pretty damn cool, if you ask me, although not as amazing as the original film’s trailer (I think because it was so new and fresh). Rourke is going to be a good looking villain here and the addition of Cheadle was a good move despite now causing continuity problems. It looks every bit as exciting and polished as the first one. Favreau is the man and Downey is one of the best actors out there today. What’s not to like?


Alice in Wonderland


A far, far better trailer than the teaser was. This looks pretty solid. There’s a strong American McGee’s Alice (a videogame, for those who aren’t aware) influence, the darker tone, the pseudo-sequel etc..., and I think that’s actually a good thing. Give that concept to Tim Burton, and I’m willing to bet you’ll in for a treat. I have a feeling the movie will be Depp-centric, and I can’t blame the filmmakers/producers for that, so I’m thinking little Alice may not be as central to the story as we would believe. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Burton and Depp are usually great together, the material a good fit (especially visually)...I’m just worried the story may be lacking.


Hot Tub Time Machine


Want a crazy broad comedy? Bam! Hot Tub Time Machine. I completely forgot this movie was in the works and I absolutely can’t wait for it. It’s supposedly incredibly raunchy and vulgar on top of all the 1980s nostalgic mockery and great cast put together. Also, I love Cusack already in this role. He just looks like a completely dick and Craig Robinson is always funny. Hell, this is the comedy to look out for in 2010. (now watch it be utterly horrible after I said that).


Shrek Forever After


I don’t know about this. I mean, I chuckled, espeically the Puss part, but Shrek is pretty played out, on top of that, none of the past movies have aged particularly well either. The franchise is on its last legs thanks to Dreamworks pushing way too much way too quickly. This is the fourth movie, it’s time to hang it up.


Un Prophete


For some reason, I got goosebumps watching this trailer. It just looks really, really good and another gem of Jacques “when the hell will people know who I am?” Audiard. Then again, maybe he likes being France’s best kept secret. His previous film, The Beat that My Heart Skipped, was fucking incredible and I have a feeling this will be on equal footing.

Did you Hear About the Morgans?


So Hugh Grant loses his horse Jessica and has to find her in time for the big race. Unfortunately she gets injured and has to be put down. The end.


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