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Trailing Trailers #143

Posted on September 14, 2012 at 4:45 AM



Alright, creepy kids. Nothing more creepy, maybe except clowns. Or kids dressed as clowns. Or kids dressed as clowns staring at "things" that aren't there.

One thing you'll notice right off: man this is a good looking movie. I mean really sharp looking and wonderfully creepy. This trailer does a great job expressing that, especially that "quick shot" of, what I have to guess is "mama."  Yeah…Mama isn't human, and that's awesome.



Damn, Spielberg. You good. You too, Day-Lewis, you genius you. What's not to like about this entire film? I can't think of anything, and this trailer kind of confirms that. It looks great, as all Spielberg films tend to, has some great lines, great moments. It seems like a classic-stype biopic in a way, similar to very old-school approach Spielberg took with War Horse. Then again I might just be saying that because the music and period-style is very similar.

Jack Reacher


Not sure if want. Sure it's from the director of The Way of the Gun (who also wrote...the Tourist...ungh...) but I can't fully buy Cruise in this role. This is a "hard nose cop" and works outside the law. Basically the Punisher in a way, and Cruise just doesn't fit in that mold at all.

But, in fairness, this is just a teaser and maybe a longer trailer that can go more in to the story can get me more on its side. Until

Universal Soldier Reckoning



Let me tell you why.

One of the biggest surprises to just about everyone was just how good Universal Soldier Regeneration was. "Good" in a relative sense, of course. It was still a rough, direct to DVD movie, but it was pretty well done and, specifically, handled action better than a lot of movies with ten-times the budget. This new one reunites everyone, but specifically brings back the director John Hyams. Hyams is just a guy who has a good handle on directing action. It's cheesy, just like the last one (and with an even smaller budget I might add), but the action in the previous film was so well done that I Just have to give this a chance.

Texas Chainsaw 3D


Are they still milking this? How much more can they keep doing with this franchise? Hasn't it pretty much played itself out by now? It's just so bland and uninspired looking and this franchise has never been interested in trying to be "fun" so the 3D seems really out of place.

A Late Quartet


I read this script quite a long time ago. I want to say over a year ago at least, maybe two even. It's a great script, and with a great script we have a great ensemble of actors too. I can't say I ever imagined Christophe Walken's voice in the thing, to be honest, but the story itself is pretty good. Three damn good actors together, that's more than enough to get me to see it.

A Lonely Place for Dying


Why do I have a strange feeling James Cromwell did his entire role in a phone booth?

Overall this feels pretty low-rent of an action thriller.  I can't say I'm really sold on any of it, and I watched all three videos here including the first 8 minutes.

By the way, do you ever see those period movies that try to look period but just come across as a high-school play's depiction of looking period? Yeah…this has that. "Oh…Nixon is on the wall and he has a mustache…must be the 70s"

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