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Trailing Trailers #145

Posted on September 28, 2012 at 2:15 AM

The Hole



If you don't know who Joe Dante is, shame on you. This looks like classic Dante.We're talking Gremlins/Explorers/Innerspace/The Burbs Dante. You know…the 80s when movies like this didn't treat their child charters like shallow junk and felt like real kids. It's the same reason why I liked Super 8 from a few years back, it "got" why those old Amblin flicks worked.


This isn't the best trailers, but I can see what it's going for and I like what it's going for.

Promised Land


Gus Van Sant is always an interesting filmmaker, he also gets really good actors to do really good things too. I mean, he made Ben Affleck look awesome and got Robin Williams an Oscar in Good WIll Hunting. Plus, Damon wrote this (along with Krasinski with the idea/story coming from Dave Eggers.)

This looks solid. Not amazing, but solid and with a great cast. Lots of good people involved, seems to have a good story with a good love plot at the same time ala Good Will Hunting too.



You had me at Park Chan-wook (or Chan-wook Park…I never know). I mean, Thirst, the Vengenance films, Oldboy. He hasn't done a feature in years, so this is big. This looks so much like him it's scary. Just unsettling, dark, vengeful. Probably a  serious twist in there somewhere as he's known for. Just a great looking thriller, man I got goosebumps just watching it.

The Comedy


I have no idea what to make of this. Sometimes it's funny and interesting, sometimes it's incredibly obnoxious and I want to turn it off. Well…I guess that's kind of the way it goes when Tim and Eric are involved, isn't it? At least it seems Tim is trying something new.

Identity Thief


You know, when a trailer says "From a producer of..." there's something up. The fact it's from the director of Horrible Bosses is bad enough, though the directing was far from that film's shortcoming, but "From a producer of Ted" What producer? You know...a producer. Just not "the" producer.

Still, though, "a" producer is actually Scott Stuber, who's pretty hit and miss on projects but, truth is, it doesn't matter. Producer credits in trailers rarely mean things, they're just trying to throw in something familiar that you liked to get you think this has something to do with it.

On a movie like this, it's all about the writers and actors. The acctors here are fine. Bateman and McCarthy are funny people. The writers...well did you like Scary Movie 3 and 4 and The Hangover 2? How about Superhero Movie? Did you like that?

You can tell a lot from an upcoming comedy based on the writers. If you like their comedic sensibilties of past films, you'll like their future ones. Vice-versa if you utterly loathe them like I did. Sure, you can give a mulligan to a movie here and there (Ted Griffin might have written Killers and Tower Heist, two awful mvoies and scripts, but he also wrote Oceans Eleven, Best Laid Plans, Matchstick Men and Ravenous...just as example...but one more and he's out).

I'm just saying until someone proves themselves otherwise, then I'm not on the boat.

Fat Kid Rules the World


You know, this doesn't look half bad. Sure, it's a plot of a Family Guy episode, but who cares about that? I like the idea: outcast that you probably knew in high school (or probably were in high school) finding a calling with awesome punk music. That's the point of punk music! Sweet.

It's also directed by Matthew

Dust Up


I suppose this is this week's "writer/director who's really young and hasn't done much" entry. So, with that in mind, I tend to go easy on them. Trailer-wise, at least. Even though Dust Up feels like it's trying to hard to be too "cool" in the same way Smokin' Aces did, if you see it on VOD or DVD somewhere, maybe give it a shot. I might...ok probably not...but I don't despise this movie either. Just trying to be kind even though, deep down, this looks like the type of movie I'd avoid even if it wasn't a first-time feature director.

Trapped in Abyss


I've said this a million times, I'll say it again: a "so and so" film produced by "such and such" and "that other guy you also don't know" is bullshit. I don't know these people. You have to have a general knowledge of who someone is before you can put them in a trailer and tout them in any form. This writer/directoor/editor/producer/script girl had done nothing before (unless you count this trailer, because his name is all over it) so why should I care? Hell, nothing happens for the first 20 or so seconds of the trailer except putting his name out there like I know who he is. Do you know who he is?

Does google?

Let's google him. If something interesting doesn't come up, then this trailer and movie and guy are shit.

Oh, nice, he has a myspace and a facebook. Guess what he doesn't have? Credits. Enough credits to say a "Srinath Ramalingam film" AND "executive producers Sringath Ramalingwald and Shabeer Sinnalebbe" then, at the end, flash up all the other credits and, again, end with "director Shindig Amagiganah."

Hey, the movie could be good, I don't know. And I know I sound like a complete jerk for shitting all over this guy's flick (and making fun of his name, sorry), but I utterly hate it when trailers do this. It's already a red flag to me and aggrivates me because you have to earn the right to put your name all over a trailer like that.

This reminds me, what was that movie with the killer in the supermarket? 1980s..Bruce Campbell...I can picture the poster...wait I still have google open.

Ah, Intruder. That's a pretty awesome and underrated slasher flick. Go watch that. Leave Shamalyn Rudolpho's thing be.

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