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IR89: Yelp, Conan and Wiz

Posted on August 4, 2012 at 12:55 AM

Linkara: One More Day

I really haven't put up any of Linkara's comic reviews before. I think I linked to some of his Power Rangers retrospectives all those many Internet Roundups ago, but he's mainly known as a comic book reviewer. Usually bad comic books. And by bad I mean usually awful. That's not always the case, some are at least interesting or he might note when they have some good qualities, such as art or at least a concept it's trying to work with, but Linkara is pretty much where comic nerds go to see someone talk bad about a bad comic and do a pretty good job of it too.

Now you probably know I grew tired of people trashing something we already know is pretty trashy, and in relation to that I kind of got burned out on Linkara's videos a long time ago. I don't dislike him, of course, I just got tired of it all in the same way eating cheese sandwiches when I was a kind made me sick of them today. Linkara isn't a cheese sandwich, though, and even if I got burned out on his videos, I certainly didn't because I dislike them and I'm not one of those morons who's going to sit there and trash someone simply because I got tired of them. There's plenty of fans of his and I'll still watch a video on occasion if it's a comic that sounds interesting (or, God forbid, one I used to actually own and read).

Linkara has always been Linkara. He's been awesome for now 200 episodes, and that's why I'm linking to his video here celebrating that and a comic he's probably been wanting to do for a while.

Note: If you haven't watched any of his videos, you probably aren't going to be used to his schtick or even know who any of his characters and cameos are, just a fair warning. Also note: I don't know who or what half of them are either.

Dorkly: The 8 Best and Worst Gimmicks in Videogames

I agree with everything except one. And it's the very first one, but not for the reason you think.

You see, it's fine to consider that a gimmick. I do. It's pretty gimmicky no matter how you look at it (what scares the character probably isn't scaring feels like just an excuse). But, and this is a big but, it's not Eternal Darkness that's really the culprit here in implementing it. The idea of a "sanity meter" had been around for a while and in a number of games, Eternal Darkness was just the first to popularize it. Some rename it a panic meter, but it's essentially the same thing. The difference is that in Eternal Darkness, it manipulates what you see and hear rather than just make your character "shake" or "fall over" more, but it grows old quick.

Of course, that's videogames...the sanity meter itself goes back to tabletop horror role playing games and for decades.

Is it still a bit of a gimmich even on those? Yeah, still is. It's the entire idea of numbering and some how gauging "sanity" that is so weird.

Seriously Read Yelp Reviews

Oh Yelp reviewers. I loathe them sometimes. They're often so sincere, almost desperate for attention. Their life revolves around putting up their opinions on their restaurants and most of the time it has nothing to do with the food, as this wonderful video showcases.


This is my favorite new series. It's one of those things that you watch and you swear you've seen it before.  But no…this is the first time anyone actually did it. Thank you.


There's a second one too which involves peeing out of the butt. Enjoy.

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Movie Bob: On Violence

A very grounded, non-extremist look at the argument from both sides from Bob. Bob can do this really well sometimes, and this is a great example of it.

Nostalgia Critic: The Wiz

Don't watch this.

Well, do, because it's The Wiz, but let me say something first.

I find it amazing that I put up a video last week as one of The Nostalgia Critic's best (Temple of Doom) and this week is arguably one of his worst. usually these crossover videos are, but in particular the writing and comedy here is just awful. How many times are we going to go to the Schumacher well? Way too many. How many times are we going to force at comedy at the cost of showing we're not entirely certain what we're talking about (such as citing  Schumacher as the reason Dorothy is older and not on a farm, or thinking has anything to do with the art design). Do you have any idea what a screenwriter does? He writes the script. That's it. He has nothing to do with casting, he does what's told of him by the producer, who apparently gets a complete slide. Did nobody do research on this? Do you have any idea how much comedy you could get out of making fun of the producer who also gave us XXX, The Running Man and Dragonheart? Oh, well, he's not a "name" so I guess not.


This video just feels cheap and half-assed and shows a certain degree of ignorance on part of those making it.



10 Ways B-Movie Master Roger Corman Changed Filmmaking

Wow, this reminds me I haven't seen the documentary.


The Humans Are Coming: Super Metroid

Whoa whoa whoa….why have I never seen this before?

Oh, whew..good…it's only the second episode. If they had been doing this for a year or so, I'd be pissed.


Bob Ross Remix

Who else misses Mr. Ross as much as I do?

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Conan Plays Skyrim

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Fistful of Rupees

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Also this:

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