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Trailing Trailers #138

Posted on August 3, 2012 at 9:00 AM

The Big Wedding


Stopped caring the minute I saw Katherine Heigl.


Why is Robin Williams playing a priest again? In nearly the exact same type of role as License to Wed.


Christ, I hate Katherine Heigl. Couldn't' they cast the other pretty blonde actress that everybody actually likes and doesn't look like a bitch on screen? (Elizabeth Banks, if you don't know.)

The Babymakers


Speaking of untalented bitches, do you know who's absolutely not funny?


Do I need to say anything other than that?

Ok: blank look, poor timing and delivery, smiling all the time with that "eh…I just farted" expression, got by because nerds that watched Attack of the Show made her famous but didn't have to do anything. Yeah. Is it any surprise this trailer avoids her for the most part? She's usually just off screen or having that fake-smile that she has when she reacts to everything when acting.


But hey…maybe you really liked Beerfest and Broken Lizard movies. It's directed by that guy and written by the geniuses that gave us Black Knight with Martin Lawrence. So, enjoy. I won't stop you.

The Paperboy



Lee Daniels yes…nearly everything else I don't know what to think of.

You know who can't do a southern accent? Hi Nicole Kidman. You still can't quite get it.


Matthew McConaughey is natural with it, obviously, and you can tell who is acting their accent and who is just doing it naturally. Cusack isn't bad with it either.

So…what to think of this. It's a little out there, certainly dark and a bit heavy. It has Efron which I'm OK with, but damn does this look bizarre and a bit demented.

Also, apparently Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Effron. Enjoy!

Paranormal Activity 4


Well, what can I say? It's a great example of a franchise being milked, wearing out its welcome and showcasing diminished returns with every installment. The first was good. Solid. A great little piece of low-budget horror filmmaking. The second and third I barely remember, but I know the third one I loathed the entire time. I can't remember the specifics of the movie (go and look at my review if you want specifics) but I remember the sensation of my despair.

Now its time for a fourth. Unlike other milked horror franchises, like Friday the 13th or Saw, the Paranormal Activity franchise is just a one-trick pony. It has nothing else it could possibly do. Even with a new writer now on board to think up new situations and new scares, it's not like it really matters. At this point, it comes down to the concept and my complete lack of belief in that someone is filming something all the time every day.

Seriously, think outside of what you're seeing on the film for a moment and how it would look in a real situation (real being the entire point of these movies) - nobody does that. Nobody talks like that. Nobody has that good of camera work. Nobody has everything look that convenient to get a scare out of you. This is just awful. Like Saw, this is just a cheap cash in off a promising low-budget first film. It's why the horror genre is best found elsewhere and not in your movie theater.

Killing Them Softly


I'm always down for a good mafia/mob/gangster flick. This is the follow up feature by Andrew Dominick whose 2007 The Assassination of Jesse James was a mighty fine little flick. It's interesting, at the time, I thought it was alright, yet here it is 2012 and I still remember it pretty well. I think I've grown more fond of it over time.


Now he's taking a shot at a different subject that is probably going to get things pretty right as well.



Well, at least we have something happening here, even though I hate the way this trailer is cut. Ever notice those codas at the end where someone does something strange, then it cuts to somebody chuckling and laughing that is so obviously not in the same scene.

Besides that, this looks weirdly fun and weirdly entertainment.

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