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IR87: Taglines and Batman

Posted on July 21, 2012 at 5:45 PM

Short: Dirty Laundry

I don't think anyone is going to complain about this short. Jane did it as a fan of the character, and it's pretty sweet

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Deja View: Turkish Batman

After a slight hiatus, Ed takes us back to his awesome series this time covering a very interesting take on the classic character.

Mini Spain

You know how much of a sucker I am for Tilt Shift videos. This one is particularly good and feels polished.

135 Shots That Will Restore Your Faith in Cinema

I don't know about restoring faith, I never lost it, but there's some damn beautiful shots. Not surprising it's Malick heavy.

Lego: The Wire

Can you imagine a Lego game of The Wire? Well, it would probably look like this and be awesome too.

FSR: 26 Thins We Learned from the Batman Commentary

Batman, as in "Adam West" Batman and it's just awesome to read West and Ward wax nostalgic on it all. I have this movie, so I might watch it with the commentary now. I forgot it even had it.

Scary Smash w/Joss Whedon

I'm very surprised this movie didn't go viral this week. It's silly, and has Joss, you think it would be in the millions of hits by now. It's incredibly well done and goofy, yet as of this writing has less than 200k hits. Come on people, tweet/facebook this.

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Colin Mochrie recrates His Favorite Star Wars Scenes

I just love seeing a video of Colin out there.


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Amazon Yesterday Shipping

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Top Ten Movie Confession Scenes

I love lists. Sure, people complain about them and those trying to make something "definitive" are fooling themselves, but I just love being reminded of great movies and couldn't care less about the order of things.

TR: Arcade Games Nobody Played

Must point out that Undercover Cops, Ninja Baseball Batman and Battle Circuit all all amazing beat-em-ups, probably better than the ones you're more familiar with. Battle Circuit in particular impressed the hell out of me. Great animation, moves, fun and utterly stupid cheesy story.

These are available on MAME, of course.

Scorsese's Ten Best Films with Light/Shadow

Oh man, In the Mood For Love is one gorgeous looking film. Really all these, so enjoy.

Bull Durham Facts

You know, nobody seems to bring up Bull Durham when discussing great sports movies. It's strange, usually everyone gravitates towards Hoosiers or Friday Night Lights or Caddyshack or Rocky or Slap Shot or Air Bud. But Bull Durham is pretty damn awesome too.

10 Iconic Dr. Who Moments

Certainly written by a Doctor Who fan who knows his stuff, best of all we have clips. I'm also reminded how awesome Tom Baker was.

Criterion: Great Parting Shots

Here's a list of great parting shots from film. Surprised there's no Third Man, it is Criterion after all, or Seven Samurai for that matter, but overall an aweome list.

13 Worst Movie Taglines

"His Trigger Has All the Answers" is pretty bad…but I'll be damned if it doesn't fit that movie perfectly. Hell, I would be dissapointed if that wasn't the tagline.

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