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IR86: Billy Ocean and Mattes

Posted on July 14, 2012 at 6:25 PM

io9: Billy Ocean's Greatest Video

My's full of stars.

Sunsetgun: On Deliverace and Interviews

Kim Morgan interviews the entire cast of the legendary movie. Great stuff here.

Unsucky Video Games of Movies

Some of these are insanely clever

And this one...why does it not actually exist?

Hangover Fixes

Good job!

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Zero Punctuation: Spec Ops the Line

This is one of Yahtzee's best in a while. I mean, he's always pretty damn good, but not always bringing up something poignant. Here he's looking at videogame stories, and by him going through and explaining his feelings for this game, I feel I've come to understand the snarky bastard even better.

50 Greatest Matte Paintings of All Time

This was the best thing on the internet last week. Movie history, great photos. Comprehensive. Someone spent time on this, and it needs to be appreciated. Here's a few images:

FSR: What we Learned From the Big Trouble in Little China Commentary

One of the best series Film School Rejects has going on over at their site: here's a taste-

-Carpenter’s favorite Kurt Russell performance is Captain Ron, but Big Trouble in Little China is a close second.

-Russell asks Carpenter if he thinks Big Trouble in Little China has over the years recouped its money. “I have no idea,” says Carpenter. “Where are my checks?”

-“Sorry we haven’t talked more about the movie,” says Carpenter near the end of the film. Russell notes the beer has been good and the cigarettes aren’t stale. We get to hear these two hang out and reminisce about the movie industry, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Justice: New Lands

Future Sports are Weird. I just love the craziness here, not to mention the anime-inspired scenes and nods to 1980s computer graphics.


A pretty funny video (there are two versions, but this one's fine).

Damn you Gotye!

This is sadly true. In every way, shape and form on this world and bizaaro world.

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Five Thins About John Carpenter's The Thing

It's only my favorite horror movie ever, so of course I must post something about it if I come across it.

TV Shows that Should Have Been Cancelled Years Ago

Can't argue with any of these, especially the last one.

Facts About Goonies

These are all well and good…but something's odd about #3 on the list. The writer knows Donner directed The Goonies, right? The way it's worded makes it sound as though he was shocked to see him in it and that he's only famous for directing the Superman movies (which is really only half right, he wasn't credited for Superman II until later when people began to know the history of how the first two movies were made. Technically, he's still not credited, except for the "Richard Donner Cut" of the movie which got rid the Lester footage).

A good list, but the way #3 is worded makes me curious if the writer knows who directed the film.


A pretty impressive little animated short from students.

And by "pretty impressive" I mean "why isn't this a movie already?"

BAMF Girls Club

Bella is an awful character, but also an awful role model. I never understood why girls love her (other than wish fulfillment). Here she shares a house with a handful of great female characters.

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