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IR85: Garfield, Dubstep & Eve

Posted on July 7, 2012 at 4:05 AM

Game of Thrones RPG Season 2

Not quite as funny as the first, but still damn good. Then again, Season 2 wasn't quite as good as the first either due to a serious lack of Sean Bean.

Superman Cartoon

A Disney animator got bored one day and put this together I guess. It seems pretty cool, no?

Happy Videogame Nerd: Parasite Eve Trilogy

Parasite Eve is arguably a masterpiece. The second I don't remember at all and the third I never played but it sounds like I'm not missing much. Well, at least I still have my copy of the first, sitting nicely in my Japanese RPG collection.

Conversation with my 12 Year Old Self

Usually when I see a video that's constnatly posted on facebook from a number of friends or websites, it rarely hits the mark with me. Usually I find them, well, stupid and dumb. This one though is sweet. Bittersweet, actually. It's not just a gimmick, but about childhood dreams...and that's something I can relate to a great deal.

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Prometheus Animated

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Cleaning Your Retro Games

A nice how-to here with some classic tricks. I used to work in a store where we refurb a lot of games and consoles. Pretty much all these techniques are the same I used 15 years ago, not much has changed. Goo Gone is a life saver on everything.

There are more industrial quality heaters to remove stickers and tapes. They get a lot hotter than a hairdryer and can deal with those more sticky stickers easier. They aren't that expensive either, usually used for shrink-wrapping things.

Dubstep Arguments

Robots talk in dubstep, so when they argue they make music. I all makes sense now.

6 Pieces of Fan Art Better than the Actual Thing

I remember all those old Cloverfielf concept arts that weren't real. That movie would have been awesome if they just made it Cthulhu. Seriously, just imagine that. Even have those little smaller things be some weird Elder God demigod thing…oh….It would have been amazing.

Also, if this is your first exposure to Garfield minus Garfield, shame on you. It's something I check out weekly, always fantastic. I know I've posted the actual site in this IR series myself, but who cares? Here it is again. 

Cracked: Famous Songs Everyone Thinks Are By the Wrong Artist

I don't want to sound like an elitist douche, but....really? Are there people actually thinking this?

When I see an article like this, I kind of wonder if it's just the assumption of the author and in his region where people might think this, not that it's widely rampant. I mean, some of those songs sound "kind of" similar to the artist people assume, but it's stretching it in most places.

Horse with No Name sounds nothing like Neil Young singing (maingly because there's more than one person singing on that track which never happens on Neil Young songs).

Cum on Feel the noise I can kind of see someone mistaking for Twisted Sister, even though it sounds nothing like Twisted Sister. Both the song and Twisted Sister are just out of the realm of major popularity for people to make that mistake, even if I've never heard of anyone one making that mistake.

Maybe I could see someone mistaking Dusty Springfield for Janis Joplin. Most people haven't really sat and heard both so I give this one a pass.

There's no way "Melt with You" sounds even remotely like The Cure. It might be popular to mix up your 80s bands, especially with all those one hit wonders, but they sound nothing alike.

This is probably the only one I can actually agree with, mainly because Cat Stevens kind of came and went and there were a lot of people mixing up singer-songwriters from that era. Many of whom are forgotten. Even though I've never heard of anyone really making this mistake, it's one that I can easily, easily see someone screwing up.

Anyways, I like the idea of this article, but there's only a couple that I could actually buy people screwing up. I feel it was kind of just tossed together last minute, and the name of the writer is strangely missing.

NYT: The Umbrella Man

This is why all those conspiracy theorists are just idiots. Usually, it's the simplist of things. People really try to find stuff out there to feel a part of something bigger, though.

Great Movie Scenes Made My Wreckless Endangerment

Hurting actors is fun!!

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