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IR83: Mario, Boobs and Tropes

Posted on June 22, 2012 at 2:45 PM

Awesome mock up of a Tin Tin comic.

Cinemassacre: Dungeons and Dragons

Why have I not played this awesome looking arcade game yet? I need to get on this, because this looks amazine.

TR: 10 Legobrick Films Inspired by Videogames

Some of these Legobrick flicks are wearing out their welcome on my computer, just getting a little old, but here's a good list of them.

Music Video: Eytan and the Embassy "Everything Changes"

A fun song, but a damn awesome video. Creative, tests your music knowledge a bit. Awesome stuff.

Cracked: 14 Worst Boobs in Videogames

Somebody woke up one day and decided to write this article. Think about that.

Then again, somebody woke up one day and put this out there:

Moviebob: Tropes

Seeing this makes me wish Bob would do his Game Overthinker series in a way. It's focused, tight, makes a great point and doesn't stretch it out. A great video and kind of odd I put it in an update that also discusses videogame boobs.

Star Trek Animated Intro

Sweet. I love this piece of animation, so simple and effetive as an animated version of the Star Trek opening.

Kimmel: Oldman Against Athlete Actors

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

There are 50 idiots that disliked this video as of me writing this now. How dare they.

Dorkly: The Truth about Mario 64

Silly plumber, you don't jump into paintings...

Lupa: Tremors

I haven't posted a Lupa link in a while, but this was a vid that really grabbed me (get it...grabbed....grabbers....). I share the same nostalgic experience that Lupa did, Tremors being one of those movies that seemed to always be on TV in the 90s.

Dorkly: TMNT and Elevators

Did anybody like the elevator stages in beat-em-ups? I don't think so, but imagine some asshole hitting all the buttons.

Engadget: Fitter/Happier

Engadget isn't really known for their in-depth, journalistic pieces. Like a lot of sites, it's just a series of information, nothing with a ton of layers. Here is an exception to all that. This is a great article, originally from Distro but is written by an Engadget editor, that follows his use of technology to loose weight.

FSR: Point Break vs. Hurt Locker

Point Break isn't a good movie, but it's a damn entertaining one. Hurt Locker is a great movie, but it's not overly entertaining. Weird how things work out like that, isn't it?

RIP: Andrew Sarris (Film Critic)

This is what a contentious critic should be. Smart. Thoughtful. Respectful. Sure, they go against the norm, but they don't' do it to get a rise out of people like some critics.


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