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Trailing Trailers #279

Posted on September 4, 2015 at 6:10 AM

The Lobster


I love it when a movie that I don’t see coming and I’m in love with right away.

Yes, this is weird, and is so damn strange, but it’s so unique and funny looking. And what a cast. Damn. I love Farrell a lot, actually. Some don’t like him, but after True Detective, In Bruges, Fright Night, Horrible Bosses, The Way Back, Crazy Heart and Seven Psychopaths, I see how much range the guy really has.

I feel like watching Fright Night again now…I love that remake. Like I always say, there’s usually better remakes than bad ones out there, in horror at least. Not that the remake of Fright Night is better than the original. No no no. The original is one of my five favorite horror films. But it’s still a good horror movie.

Got off base there, sorry. This is from Yorgos Lanthimos who is a very odd filmmaker. Dogtooth, for example, was one weird trip of a movie. But he’s interesting. His movies are unique. This one looks off-beat and more comedic than what he’s done in the past, so I’m interested in seeing that.



I always like Will Smith. I don’t know if Will Smith is the right choice for this, though. It’s very much an Insider-esque story and I’m all for that. They smartly got Peter Landesman to write and direct, though. He’s making a name for himself on doing real-life based dramas, with Parkland and Kill the Messenger (the latter of which I enjoyed quite a bit). We’ll have to see, but Smith is one of those actors that is hard to not simply see as Will Smith in roles.

Welcome Back


The first 30 seconds of this trailer are just long title cards.

I don’t understand a lot of these types of movies, it’s a cultural thing, but what I do understand is this…was it recorded inside a tin can? Seriously, what’s with the audio in some of these scenes? I don’t want to sit through any movie that sounds like someone is inside an air duct.

Not to mention the pretty medicore look of it all. I will say this: it’s certainly a Bollywood movie. Big time. Just “meh” directing and visual, lots of music, colorful lights, dancing and kinda-ugly older men somehow lavished with gorgeous women.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


You know what was surprisingly not medicore, though? The first Maze Runner movie. It actually was pretty enjoyable.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned about sequels to the YA books, they really never hold up. The first book is always going to be surrounded by a mystery or a sense of unknown, but it usually plays all its cards and leaves little to do except action. Look at the Hunger Games sequels, for example, it’s just retreading the same tropes but without the sense of uncertainty and mystery to it. JK Rowling got it kinda right - have each book be it’s own thing.

This doesn’t seem like it’s too much of rehashing, though. There’s enough interesting looking things happening here, far removed from the first film, to probably be its own thing. You have the same director back as well as the same writer, and I like seeing that as well. Makes you feel a little more assured about the whole thing.

The Danish Girl


I’m actually not the biggest Tom Hooper fan. I know, Longford, The Damned United and The King’s Speech are all fine movies, but there’s something about them that tells me I should be finding these stories and plots important rather than seem passionate about it. Then again, I’ve seen what passionate Tom Hooper does and it gives us Les Miserables, so whatever. He’s a fine director, but I’ve always felt his films (maybe except Longford because that’s damn exceptional) would have been even better with a filmmaker that had a distinct voice and approach.

He’s reuniting with Danny Cohen, though, and that’s good. One thing I can say for Hooper’s movies is they’re all shot beautifully and Cohen has a lot to do with that.

This trailer itself, though? Eh…it kind of just hits the beats and moves along…oh, kind of like a Hooper movie I guess. It does look like a fantastic story, though. Strong performances abound, I just wish the damn trailer didn’t already tell us everything.

Miss You Already


Of course, if you want to see a bad trailer, here you go. Doesn’t mean the film is bad, it just tells me that it’s not an easy sell to an audience in a trailer. The movie itself might be pretty decent, I like both these actresses, but I also know this is going to be less a comedy (which it’s trying to enforce) and more a drama. Some movies do that, but you can read between the lines here, I think.

Daddy’s Home


This actually looks pretty damn funny. I was initially given a lot of pause because the writer/director also gave us Mr. Popper’s Penguins and Dumb and Dumber To, but in fairness She’s Out of My League and Hot Tub Time Machine were both solid.

He did direct That’s My Boy, though…

…and there are six writers on the thing… (3 credited, 3 uncredited)...

Anyways, the trailer is at least funny, right? Right?

Of course, after Get Hard, I don’t know if Will Ferrel has as much cache in my comedy banks as he used to. Get Hard was offensively bad. Probably one of the worst movies I’ve seen this year and will certainly make my Worst List at the end of it.


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