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IR219: Days, Nights and Kombats

Posted on August 31, 2015 at 2:35 AM

AV Club: Day For Night

An article about Truffaut's love letter to making movies. It's required viewing if you want to get into film.

5 Stages of Facebook Rage

Some of the best blogging out there right now can be found at Cracked, of all places. They sometimes get lost in the dumb videos and photoshop contests, ok almost always do, because nobody reads anymore, but there’s been some good stuff there lately and this is the best. Something bothering you? Do something about it. Go to a rally. Donate. Get involved. Don’t just #outrage and call it a day, then get upset when someone says you aren’t doing anything about it. You aren’t, dude.

Not the game, the movie. It's the anniversary or something, and I guess some people are fond of it. Whether you like it or not as a movie, the story of it being made is interesting. Probably better than the actual film itself.

A big hub-bub this past wee about The Fat Jew is broken down nicely here as well. It really comes down to just giving credit. Nobody cares if you collect jokes and put them out there, but don’t pass it off as your own. The guy is making bank with little to no original content, and that’s not right. Signing with CAA is what really set it off. It was always brewing under the lid regarding The Fat Jew’s ethics, but the fact he is signed with a talent agency, one of the biggest, and is going to be making deals is what set so many off.

I recently rewatched a handful of Nightmare movies, but I always skip this one.Maybe I shouldn't because this seems to hold up probably a little better than some of them.

There’s a reason why people love this guy. Candid and on-point with no reservations about just saying what’s in his head. Sometimes that doesn’t always work, but Tarantino is pretty self-aware and understands better than anyone how to put this out there.

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This is brilliant.

Nerdwriter: A Serious Man

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T-Shirts of the Week

The Visual Effects of Daredevil

Now I have to watch the thing again...wait, that's a good thing.

io9: 16 Things About Short Circuit

Just some factoids on one of the essential movies of the 1980s.

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