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Trailing Trailers #219

Posted on May 16, 2014 at 2:35 AM


This week the network upfronts are happening, so say goodbye or hello to your favorite old and new TV shows. So, as a result, there’s not a ton of movie trailers. But here’s a quick rundown on some shows that might be interesting.

Madam Secretary: I love VEEP, this is naturally going to be compared to VEEP, but it’s not going to reach the cleverness that VEEP has. Sorry, I only have one slot for this type of show and Madam Secretary looks gimped.

The Flash: Looks incredibly exciting a lot of fun. Where Arrow is all “SRS BSNS GUYS,” this looks like it’s going to have a good time. We’ll see how long the budget goes, though. The pilot will naturally look good, but how about episode 15? I’m sure they’ll keep it simple, but I hope it doesn’t come at the cost of looking cheap (some of the shots here kind of already do).

Selfie: I love Karen Gillan and John Cho, but the trailer is a major turn off. It’s entirely Gillan’s voice, and it’s ear-bleedingly offensive. I don’t want to watch a show with that character. I want to watch a show with Karen Gillan, sure. She’s cute and talented and I loved her on Doctor Who. But here? Oy…

Galavant: I cannot believe this went to series. A weekly Fairy Tale musical? I think, maybe, a series about a knight and kingdoms and it all being a bit lighter than Game of Thrones would be kind of fun. And maybe it will be, but how long can it sustain itself?

Gotham: Still holding my breath. I like the look, the trailer is solid, I still love this cast. I think if this were being done by the Arrow/Flash producers I might have a little more faith, but I don’t know yet. I don’t hate it, I’m not one of those douchy people that write it off and say “Unngh…Penguin’s nose isn’t hooky enough” or some BS, but I just hope it doesn’t turn into “Kid Batman” which it very well could. If it’s all about Gordon, then I’m on board, but if it’s checking in with young Bruce Wayne every episode and having nods and cameos every week, then I really couldn’t care less. A flat-out crime drama with Gordon and Bullock is all I want.

The Last Man on Earth: Ok, this looks pretty funny. Problem is, though, that it’s Fox. I’m not going to put any faith into anything Fox does (including the above Gotham) because they tend to cut everything after just one season. I don’t know how it can be a weekly series, but we’ll see.

Constantine: This was better than I expected. Let’s see where they go. Visually, they’re there. Casting. They’re there. It looks really solid, and that’s a world ripe to be made in to a series. I’m really hoping this one nails it. In fact, out of all these shows, this is the one I’m most interested in. Not most excited for, that would be the Flash, but I’m super intrigued by what this show will do and where it will go.

The Transporter: It looks good, it looks exciting, it looks just like the movies. Ok, let’s see what happens. This is all-out action so I’m curious on how long that sustains itself.

There’s some other shows that might be interesting as well, just no trailers to write about. Here are a handful of movie trailers, though...



I just wanted to post this to say…what the hell? Why bother? I mean, a teaser is just to get you a little excited, but we already know that a glass slipper will likely appear in the this just seems like nonsense. It's not like a glass slipper then a small drop of blood hits it, or a glass slipper that SHATTERS and has some logline like "everything you know will be shattered" or something. It's a shot of a glass slipper we're expecting, done.

See that poster? That’s the teaser. A slow circle-shot and zooming out of a CG shoe.


After Snow White and the Huntsman, Alice in Wonderland and the early mixed-buzz on Malificent, I’m surprised people are still trying.

I will say this, though. Going by the summary, it’s not trying to do a “re-imagining” that all those movies above did for Snow White, Alice and Sleeping Beauty. It’s straight-up the classic Fairy Tale by way of Kenneth Branagh. So I’m still hoping it’s not abysmal.

On to the real trailers, please…

Good People


This trailer goes on a bit long, but it appears to be a pretty solid thriller if you ask me. Which you kind of are by reading this, aren’t you?

Simple premises are all about execution and with screenwriter Kelly Masterson adapting (Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, Snowpiercer) I have a lot of faith in it. There’s some shots here, though, where Franco seems to be sleepwalking a bit. Sometimes he’s really good, sometimes I don’t know what he’s doing and is maybe miscast. Great in 127 Hours and Spring Breakers, not so much in Oz and Lovelace. I respect the hell out of the guy, he does big movies a ton of small ones you probably never heard of (or I have heard of) but this isn’t doing a lot for me on the Franco front. My intrigue is solely based on the writer this time.



Brendan Gleeson? Sold.

John Michael McDonagh? Double sold.

That’s all I need to know…and now I’ll watch the trailer…

Boy, that looks dark. I haven’t a clue what the tone of this movie would be. I mean, I like it, but man, not sure what to make of it. But I like the filmmaker and lead, and that’s more than enough. After these two did The Guard, an absolute underrated gem of a movie, I’m down for anything they pull out.

Deliver us From Evil



Well, it looks alright. I guess. It kind of hits the same type of beats you expect from a supernatural horror movie. I like the director though. He does a solid job and often with average material to work with . I also like Eric Bana, so let’s hope this works out for everyone especially me since I love horror flicks.





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