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So That's That...

Posted on September 14, 2015 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (199)

So That's That...

Well, this is it. The last entry on this website. Sort of. Kind of….let me explain...

You see, I wrote a great piece last week. It was a new entry in the Videogame series where I go into my memories and history of them when I was a kid and teenager in the 1980s and 1990s. It was actually going to be the last in that series because I was struggling to think of more games I had a childhood fondness for - which is the point of all those articles: to remember and relive those memories. It's like a memoir only throgh pop-culture. Actually this whole website is kinda that, isn't it?

Sometimes when I’m writing, it just hits me and I write without even thinking. It’s a great experience and for pages I wrote about the Atari 2600, from the moment we got it in our household and figured out what an RF switch was, to the moment of turning on Pac-Man and it SO not being Pac-Man, to the ushering of the NES and putting that little Atari in a garage sale. Not just all that about the Atari itself, though, but also memories of childhood and the 1980s and growing up and how that all influences who I became. It was a journey. The whole point of it being the last was to make it all full-circle and end with stories of how it all began.

And my computer didn’t save it. Not one crossed "T" or dotted "I.” Not one MB or KB. I came back to my computer after a weekend, and it’s as though it didn’t even exist.

All that work was gone. I can’t just pull that back from the dead either. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “just write it again” but I can’t. Once it’s out of my head and typed onto a computer through my fingertips, my brain tosses all those thoughts out with it. The whole point of me writing it all out was so it wasn’t cluttering up my head and it’s a great relief to finally get it on paper. Whether it’s a movie review or blog or a screenplay or short story. They all bounce around in there until that spark happens and then I write my ass off for hours.

I feel a sense of loss, like when you hear a spoiler from a movie you hadn't had a chance to see yet - that experience is just gone now. The whole point of me writing on this blog and all the stuff on it was just to have an exercise. That’s all it’s ever been. That’s why I’ve never monetized it or advertised it or tried to make it bigger. It’s just a way to write something different once in a while so I don’t overthink all the other things I write as a profession or at my full-time job. It’s a hobby, nothing more.

However, it’s a hobby I wanted to share. I wanted to put out there and maybe others will read and enjoy it. Maybe not. I don’t care either way, but the whole point of writing is to have others read it. Just like making music to have others listen or a movie to have others see. It’s an expression to be shared, not insulated in your head - hence my sense of sadness to know that one article is now unable to be shared.

The risk isn’t high, of course. This isn’t my profession. I can’t imagine if I was working for some newspaper and I go into my editor and have to say “My computer didn’t save it.” That’s a livelihood. Truth is, it’s not the computer’s fault. I should have backed it up and made sure it saved it before I shut down my computer for the weekend. This wasn’t the first time it’s happened, but the other stuff I wrote I don’t think meant as much to me. This was a like a full-circle piece I put down, and now it’s gone. Forever. Even writing this now I’m having difficulty remembering exactly what it was about, but I know now I would spend more time trying to recapture that feeling rather than organically having it and expressing it. It would just come across as a falsehood and trying too hard.

So that’s that. I don’t know, I think six years of blogging and reviewing movies and whatnot is a good run for a hobby. Right? I’ll still do movie reviews, probably. Those are easy and quick and I see more than enough movies to do a few a week, but the big articles? The ones that are long-as-shit or over-analyize stuff or review them, I think those are done. I was already struggling to get those out and now, the one that I was so proud of now gone? Yeah, that’s a sign.

I had some big ones planned. The Not That Bad series was kind of popular, I liked doing those even though they were exhausting. Here’s a quick rundown of some future entries that I won’t ever get to now: Zardoz wasn’t bad. Alien 3 was bad. The Dark Knight Rises was bad. Ishtar wasn’t bad. License to Kill wasn’t bad. Batman Returns was bad. Speed Racer wasn’t bad (in fact it’s incredible…I was going to end the series with this one at some point). Matrix sequels are both bad and good. The Lone Ranger wasn’t bad. Daredevil was bad. I think that's it as far as what I was planning.

Also at some point the three Star Wars prequels were going to be in that mix, which was also going to be a discussion about the original trilogy as well. Well, at least I don’t have to sit through Clone Wars again, I guess. Those were the ones planned, and I would love to go into detail about all of them but I guess we’ll end it with the A-Team entry and call it a day.

I was going to do a Wes Craven thing this Halloween - the Halloween Tribute blogs my favorites to write. It was going to be another three-parter like the Romero one as Craven had a super-long career, but that’s not happening. And I was planning a Cassavetes retrospective for December as I am currently watching all of his films and was going to share some stories working as Gena Rowland’s publicist/manager/friend.

Oh, and I am currently going through every single X-Files episode. I don't know if anything would ever come from that, I also did it for all the Star Treks and never wrote on it as I planned, but still...

Maybe it's because The Dissolve ended I'm also kind of disheartened on film writing. I mean, why write a great though-provoking piece when you can click on Youtube and see "everything wrong with" something, right? Or some hack trying to criticize something and all he does is nitpick and feign hyperbolic anger? Or a site more concerned about being trendy and cool when all they really do is be a PR mouthpiece for videogame publishers or film studios?

Ungh...I don't need to go into that now. Not again. Stop now, man...there's some good sites and people out there...think of the good ones....think of the good ones...

I just need to push all that out of my life. I know I get hits. I know I get traffic. That's cool and all,  but it’s a lot of work piled on top of the actual work I have to do in my life. Losing a great article that I was proud of seemed to just be that moment of realization - I put so much work into it and have nothing to show just ruined any sense of fun or enjoyment I had writing on the side as I do now. That was all I had - the enjoyment of it - but that just killed it for me.

But I did some good stuff here and there. Stories working in the TV and film industry, numerous blogs about internet culture, a lot of reviews and such and I hope I approached it all with a level head. I hate nonsense and I despise people trying too hard to scream their loudest at something.

So if you’ve come here a lot over the past few years or maybe you’re new and just came across it months after I’ve called it quits, I just want to say thanks. You’re awesome. Enjoy this, and life and have fun with it all.


PS: I’ll still put up some movie reviews on occasion, at least twice a week. That’s it, though. Adios!

IR220: Rewards, Art & Oaths

Posted on September 14, 2015 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (6)

Future of Storytelling: Step Into the Page

A look at how virtual reality has pretty much created a new way to do art - draw/scultpting.

Interview with the Straight Outta Compton Writer

A look into the process of writing a biopic nobody thought could get written - some good things, some bad things, a lot maneuvering and frustration involved.

NYT: Stephen Colbert Profile

He's back, and this is a great article covering the guy. He's the best comedian out there right now. Clever. Witty. Always on.

Tropes v Women in Video Games: Women As Reward

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I haven’t heard the usual outcry this time around. Maybe it’s still early? Usually, the moment a new installment of anything Feminist Frequency puts out there, the trolls and stories of death threats and such start to roll in and the subject matter ignored completely. I’m sure there’s some out there, maybe I just blocked all the morons that were doing it out of my feeds at this point. I’m sure “men characters are too” BS will be floating around somewhere. This is the first one since Gamergate, I think, so maybe a lot shut up since then.

This one was alright, but not as strong as Background Decoration Parts 1 and 2 and Ms. Male installments only because I felt it retreaded a lot of material. I will say this one is a strong argument and I’ll be surprised if the constant Sarkeesian detractors have a leg to stand on this time around. Not that they did before, but even their own logic can’t defend this shit. The Resident Evil Costume segment is just atrocious and is the most damning example in my mind of utterly undermining female characters.

I would love her to do a video about male entitlement in other cultures. She brings it up here but show some damning Japanese games because Japan is a patriarchy society.

Children of Men: Don’t Ignore the Backgrounds

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JonTron: Starcade Ep 4

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Man at Arms: Kingdom Hearts Oathkeeper

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T-Shirts of the Week

Cinema Snob: The New York Ripper

I love Italian Giallos, I hate this movie. It's all because of the duck sound, just watch and let Brad show you.

Music Short: Years

What is it? Well it's a record player that plays the rings of trees. It's weird, and I wish it would go into how it works, but it's certainly fascinating. It's not as cool as the "Birds on Wires" clip, though.

EFP: Vancouver Never Plays Itself

There are countless tv and movies shot in Vancouver which has become the default stand-in for so many cities. It's a town that is able to mold itself that way depending where you shoot etc...

The Origin of all NFL Team Names

Wuh? Sports? I find the stories fascinating.

Awesome Arts and Stuffs


Trailing Trailers #280

Posted on September 11, 2015 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (3)



If, and that’s kind of a big “if,” this can be tonally right, blending comedy and horror seamlessly, then we might be in for something special. Writer/Director Michael Dougherty totally nailed that balance in Trick r Treat, one of the best halloween movies you could ask for for, and I’m hoping he can do it here. The dude obviously love and adores the genre, Trick r Treat 2 also in the works, so I have a lot of faith here.

The “if” part kind of comes from the casting, I feel that Adam Scott and David Koechner might come across as too self-aware and potentially miscast. I like both those guys, but I don’t know if I like them in this movie. Something just seems off. Then again, Koechner was the bomb in Cheap Thrills. Not exactly a comedy, of course, but he can play it straight while being snarky pretty easily.

Absolutely love the look of it all, though. The design of Krampus is fantastic. The moody lighting mixed with the Christmas aeshtetic is perfect. I can’t wait for this one.

Oh, and that poster. I made it bigger than usual here, but google a larger image of it, it's so perfect. They even put in those weird folds to make it appear old.

The Hallow


A lot of buzz has been around this movie for a bit now. I love a good creature feature. They’re few and far between, but by all account this debut feature from Corin Hardy just nails it.

Many are calling this "This year's Babadook." That's pretty good in my book, but this so isn't that. You can just tell from the trailer. Maybe they mean it's a foreign horror movie making a splash?



Well one of the best actors working today is doing another movie so that’s kind of all I ever need to know. Of course, it’s also from a pretty awesome director who directed Dallas Buyer’s Club, Wild and The Young Victoria.

This trailer is already awesome. So well cut, well put together. It sold me on that alone.

Beats of No Nation


Speaking of great actors, this is one hell of a trailer showcasing one. Cary Fukunaga’s latest looks fantastic. He’s only done a couple of movies, with Jane Eyre being the only one I’ve actually seen, but he made a name for himself with True Detective.

About Ray


I have a feeling this is going to be a tough one to watch. I don’t know why, exactly, but I do know the trailer alone got me a little emotional and whatnot. Parents. Kids. Family stuff. That can get me, sometimes.



It’s Todd Haynes, who hasn’t done a movie since I’m Not There, and that was back in 2007. He doesn’t work a ton, maybe he’s one of those just waiting for something to really grab him (like doing a Mildred Pierce mini series) but he’s always interesting when he does.

This really is a beautiful trailer, beginning to end. The music and the dialogue and just the idea that it’s about two people falling in love. It’s only a matter of time until Mara gets an Oscar. She’s so damn good, and here with Blanchette? You kidding me? This is going to be a school on acting.

Our Brand is Crisis


I have to admit, I’m impressed by this trailer. It’s certainly a movie not on my radar at all, even if I do like David Gordon Green I wasn’t aware he was already nearing another film so soon after his last which came out earlier this year (the odd Manglehorn). It’s a great looking movie written by Peter Straughan who wrote one of my favorite films of last year, Frank (and also The Debt, Tinker Tailore Soldier Spy and The Men Who Stare at Goats).

There’s a vibrancy here that makes you get it right away. Media manipulation. Voter manipulation. Corruption. All set in the backdrop of a country on the brink.

Sleeping With Other People


Two funny people that have, for years, deserved to be leading role material finally getting their leading roles in a comedy. I can dig that times a million. I’m a fan of Brie and Sudeikis and love seeing them together in this - especially Sudeikis who’s been more in ensembles than carry a movie on his own (I guess We’re the Millers he was kind of a lead…I should see that…wait I just said I’m a fan of the guy and haven’t seen the one major movie he’s known for outside of Horrible Bosses…;). The concept isn’t anything new, but that’s the thing with comedy: very little is new out there, so you just need cleverness and solid acting and I think you have that here.

Plus the fact I’m totally in love with Allison Brie has no effect on this. Nope. None at all…

…she’s so awesome…I was going to post a cool/funny gif or her here, but the internet has decided to pretty much have every gif about her boobs and that’s as tired of posting gifs of cats, so this will have to do:


Trailing Trailers #279

Posted on September 4, 2015 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (1)

The Lobster


I love it when a movie that I don’t see coming and I’m in love with right away.

Yes, this is weird, and is so damn strange, but it’s so unique and funny looking. And what a cast. Damn. I love Farrell a lot, actually. Some don’t like him, but after True Detective, In Bruges, Fright Night, Horrible Bosses, The Way Back, Crazy Heart and Seven Psychopaths, I see how much range the guy really has.

I feel like watching Fright Night again now…I love that remake. Like I always say, there’s usually better remakes than bad ones out there, in horror at least. Not that the remake of Fright Night is better than the original. No no no. The original is one of my five favorite horror films. But it’s still a good horror movie.

Got off base there, sorry. This is from Yorgos Lanthimos who is a very odd filmmaker. Dogtooth, for example, was one weird trip of a movie. But he’s interesting. His movies are unique. This one looks off-beat and more comedic than what he’s done in the past, so I’m interested in seeing that.



I always like Will Smith. I don’t know if Will Smith is the right choice for this, though. It’s very much an Insider-esque story and I’m all for that. They smartly got Peter Landesman to write and direct, though. He’s making a name for himself on doing real-life based dramas, with Parkland and Kill the Messenger (the latter of which I enjoyed quite a bit). We’ll have to see, but Smith is one of those actors that is hard to not simply see as Will Smith in roles.

Welcome Back


The first 30 seconds of this trailer are just long title cards.

I don’t understand a lot of these types of movies, it’s a cultural thing, but what I do understand is this…was it recorded inside a tin can? Seriously, what’s with the audio in some of these scenes? I don’t want to sit through any movie that sounds like someone is inside an air duct.

Not to mention the pretty medicore look of it all. I will say this: it’s certainly a Bollywood movie. Big time. Just “meh” directing and visual, lots of music, colorful lights, dancing and kinda-ugly older men somehow lavished with gorgeous women.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


You know what was surprisingly not medicore, though? The first Maze Runner movie. It actually was pretty enjoyable.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned about sequels to the YA books, they really never hold up. The first book is always going to be surrounded by a mystery or a sense of unknown, but it usually plays all its cards and leaves little to do except action. Look at the Hunger Games sequels, for example, it’s just retreading the same tropes but without the sense of uncertainty and mystery to it. JK Rowling got it kinda right - have each book be it’s own thing.

This doesn’t seem like it’s too much of rehashing, though. There’s enough interesting looking things happening here, far removed from the first film, to probably be its own thing. You have the same director back as well as the same writer, and I like seeing that as well. Makes you feel a little more assured about the whole thing.

The Danish Girl


I’m actually not the biggest Tom Hooper fan. I know, Longford, The Damned United and The King’s Speech are all fine movies, but there’s something about them that tells me I should be finding these stories and plots important rather than seem passionate about it. Then again, I’ve seen what passionate Tom Hooper does and it gives us Les Miserables, so whatever. He’s a fine director, but I’ve always felt his films (maybe except Longford because that’s damn exceptional) would have been even better with a filmmaker that had a distinct voice and approach.

He’s reuniting with Danny Cohen, though, and that’s good. One thing I can say for Hooper’s movies is they’re all shot beautifully and Cohen has a lot to do with that.

This trailer itself, though? Eh…it kind of just hits the beats and moves along…oh, kind of like a Hooper movie I guess. It does look like a fantastic story, though. Strong performances abound, I just wish the damn trailer didn’t already tell us everything.

Miss You Already


Of course, if you want to see a bad trailer, here you go. Doesn’t mean the film is bad, it just tells me that it’s not an easy sell to an audience in a trailer. The movie itself might be pretty decent, I like both these actresses, but I also know this is going to be less a comedy (which it’s trying to enforce) and more a drama. Some movies do that, but you can read between the lines here, I think.

Daddy’s Home


This actually looks pretty damn funny. I was initially given a lot of pause because the writer/director also gave us Mr. Popper’s Penguins and Dumb and Dumber To, but in fairness She’s Out of My League and Hot Tub Time Machine were both solid.

He did direct That’s My Boy, though…

…and there are six writers on the thing… (3 credited, 3 uncredited)...

Anyways, the trailer is at least funny, right? Right?

Of course, after Get Hard, I don’t know if Will Ferrel has as much cache in my comedy banks as he used to. Get Hard was offensively bad. Probably one of the worst movies I’ve seen this year and will certainly make my Worst List at the end of it.


IR219: Days, Nights and Kombats

Posted on August 31, 2015 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (5)

AV Club: Day For Night

An article about Truffaut's love letter to making movies. It's required viewing if you want to get into film.

5 Stages of Facebook Rage

Some of the best blogging out there right now can be found at Cracked, of all places. They sometimes get lost in the dumb videos and photoshop contests, ok almost always do, because nobody reads anymore, but there’s been some good stuff there lately and this is the best. Something bothering you? Do something about it. Go to a rally. Donate. Get involved. Don’t just #outrage and call it a day, then get upset when someone says you aren’t doing anything about it. You aren’t, dude.

Not the game, the movie. It's the anniversary or something, and I guess some people are fond of it. Whether you like it or not as a movie, the story of it being made is interesting. Probably better than the actual film itself.

A big hub-bub this past wee about The Fat Jew is broken down nicely here as well. It really comes down to just giving credit. Nobody cares if you collect jokes and put them out there, but don’t pass it off as your own. The guy is making bank with little to no original content, and that’s not right. Signing with CAA is what really set it off. It was always brewing under the lid regarding The Fat Jew’s ethics, but the fact he is signed with a talent agency, one of the biggest, and is going to be making deals is what set so many off.

I recently rewatched a handful of Nightmare movies, but I always skip this one.Maybe I shouldn't because this seems to hold up probably a little better than some of them.

There’s a reason why people love this guy. Candid and on-point with no reservations about just saying what’s in his head. Sometimes that doesn’t always work, but Tarantino is pretty self-aware and understands better than anyone how to put this out there.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

This is brilliant.

Nerdwriter: A Serious Man

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T-Shirts of the Week

The Visual Effects of Daredevil

Now I have to watch the thing again...wait, that's a good thing.

io9: 16 Things About Short Circuit

Just some factoids on one of the essential movies of the 1980s.

Awesome Arts and Stuff

Trailing Trailers #278

Posted on August 28, 2015 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (2)

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocolypse


Well, huh…this kinda came out of nowheere, didn’t it? I think I dig it. It’s got a style and a take on an overplayed genre and it’s coming out Halloween so it knows its audience. Plus the director also wrote Disturbia. He also wrote all those Paranormal Activity sequels, but it’s not like those are horrible, just diminishing returns on a tired franchise. I’m interested and you have a decent little cast here too.

Love the Coopers


There’s not been a good Christmas movie in a long time. I have to admit, I laughed at this trailer. Oh, it’s wholesome and all that, probalby al ittle cheesy even, but it has good actors in it.

By the way, that scene with the little girl…that is so not what she is saying. The lips don’t match the words, I have a feeling she says something far worse in the movie and that’s just for the trailer. Wouln’t be the first time. It’s like in the Straight Outta Compton trailer when they say “Sucka!” We all know they aren’t saying “Sucka!” Nobody says “Sucka! ” and haven’t since the 70s.

I love Oliva WIlde. Sure she’s pretty and yadda yadda yadda, but she’s a super-good actress that I’m always wanting to see more of. Check out Drinking Buddies, she’s amazing in that flick. Plus, it’s always great to see John Goodman in anything.

Chloe and Theo


I’m supposed to buy Dakota Johnson as a homeless person? Ok…

And is this going to even attempt to be subtle with its message? Because…

I don’t know about this. It seems way too preachy,really forcing a message and trying to be funny with a fish-out-of-water tale but there’s something about it that’s rubbing me the wrong way.

I feel like I’ve put this one on here before. Did I? Sheesh, I don’t want to go through a bunch of old Trailing Trailers to find it, but if I did I obviously forgot and for good reason. It does feel familiar, it also feels kinda not great.

Now I wonder what I said in the old Trailing Trailers. Watch, I probably said “Hey it looks kinda good” or something.

The Final Girls


Now this looks cool. Weird and strange, but that’s why I like it. Last Action Hero with a horror movie. My only worry is it might be too self-aware for its own good, like it has one gag and it’s just stretching it out, but I love the energy and style here too much to not want to see it. Plus you have fresh writers doing their first movie or something and I gotta support that, especially in the horror genre.

Nasty Baby


What a strange little movie. It’s got some funny people in it, though, even if it all seems very…random. Strange. It even turns dark for a moment or three. I mean, this trailer takes you on a journey, man. I have no idea what’s happening or why, but that’s obviously what the film wants to do. It wants to make you uncomfortable and not pander to your expectations.



It plays itself a little like a comedy, but there’s something quite beautiful with this trailer and Michael Caine just looks amazing here. It’s quite the striking trailer, the way it presents itself and the song choice, the lyrical dialogue and the shots. This is the type of trailer I admire.

Paolo Sorrentino is an interesting filmmaker. He finds something in his characters that is very human and often touching. The Great Beauty won with ease the Oscar last year, I have a feeling there may be another award or many off of this one.

How many parents groups are going to bitch about that poster, by the way?

Victor Frankenstein


A lighter, less serious approach to the Frankenstein tale, all while embracing the whole mythology and various takes of it. It looks like it could be a bit of fun, the cast especially seems game to do it. McAvoy and Radcliffe look like they ahve some good chemistry here as well and Paul McGuigan is a solid director, though I have to admit he hasn’t done anything that’s reached Gangster No. 1 levels of coolness or quality in my book. That things awesome.

You know what he has done directing-wise that fits perfectly in this? You see it, don’t you? He directed a lot of Sherlock episodes for the BBC. Notably, The Great Game back in 2010 which is probably the best episode still. Man, now I want to see Sherlock again. Well, there’s a holiday in the near future, maybe I’ll just run through them all again.

This is also written by Max Landis. I think the guy’s got talent, but I haven’t quite seen enough to determine if I’m on board or a fan of his yet. Sometimes I like his online videos and tweets and other times they rub me the wrong way.


Trailing Trailers #277

Posted on August 21, 2015 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (2)


The Witch


There has been so much buzz on this movie. It just looks striking in every way. The look. The tone. The creep factor of it all. More interestingly is how we’re seeing a period horror movie and it’s really hard for me to think of another one. Black Death maybe? I would say The Village but that’s 90% correct for a 75% good movie (those numbers mean nothing, just tossing it out there, ohhh…an idea for a new Not That Bad entry maybe?)

This is a first time director with an incredible looking movie and distinct style. I can’t wait for it.

Slow Learners


This is a long trailer that really doesn’t say much of anything about the movie. I get an impression, though, that this is a movie where the devil is in the details. It’s not a broad comedy but more about character and dialogue. It’s not trying to sell a hook or a plot. It’s about situations and moments, and I always kind of like that. That being said, I know this is a comedy but it’s not really showing much for me in wanting to see it expecting to find it funny.



From the director of Pontypool, a cult-favorite amongsts horror fans (for some reason, truthfully I wasn’t big on it) comes a…well I don’t know what, to be quite honest. It’s kind of horror. Kind of psychological horror. Kind of action. One thing for certain is that it’s certainly creepy looking and visually interesting.

She’s Funny That Way


Some might say that Peter Bogdanovich really hasn’t been relevant as a director since the 1970s. Well, that’s true, actually. He’s been more of an actor the past few decades than a director, but man what he did in the 70s was one of the reasons why the 70s was such a great time for movies. Here he is, writing and directing, and I feel that if he’s getting back into that mold, then he’s got something he wants to really do. With a solid cast like this, I think it’s worth taking a look at. Don’t you?

Also, did you know Aniston is one of the top 4 or 5 highest paid actresses in Hollywood? Can someone explain that to me? It’s not about appeal, it’s about her movies and the fact that none of them really make money and she’s not a major star big enough to open them.

Queen of Earth


Someone put on that 1970s filter on the camera and also got some old voice over guy to tell us about the movie. Seriously, this trailer feels like it’s ripped from that era and shoudl be playing a double feature with some independent French film or Picnic at Hanging Rock or something.

I don’t qutie get that. I mean, the movie isn’t set in that era, so I’m just weirded out by the intentional choice, I guess. Not writing the movie off at all, hell it looks interesting no doubt, but that’s just strange to me to take that creative decision to cut a trailer which makes it seem more of a short movie parodying movies of that era than an actual trailer for a movie.

I love Elizabeth Moss, though. She’s pretty awesome.


IR218: Ant-Man and Princesses

Posted on August 17, 2015 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (3)

FSR: Gone Girl Commentary

A fascinating commentary about the process of Fincher's adaptation of an otherwise mediocre novel. I don't always have the time to listen to commentary tracks so I'm always appreciative of FSR pointing out the major stuff.

Cinema Snob: Fantastic Four

No, not the bad one, the other bad one that is now considered good by comparison. No, not that one or the one that came after but the one from way back. You know, that one.

Fantastic Four is just mediocre anyways, never cared for it.

Board James: Full House and Urkel

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Werner Herzog’s Ant-Man

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Mega Man on Sega

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Why CG Sucks Except When it Doesn't

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Son of Chuck

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LGR: Crime Wave

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T-Shirts of the Week

this week's shirts were found on

Awesome Arts and Stuffs

This strip just made me laugh so hard. It's the expressions. Here's the guy's website where he draws and sometimes gif/animates his blogs.

Trailing Trailers #276

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The Hateful Eight


This is one of those movies that I really don’t need a trailer to rush out to see. Tarantino. Western. That’s all I need. Hell, just “Tarantino” is enough, actually, but him doing another western (and quoted in wanting to do one more) gets me excited. It looks and feels exactly like I expected it to, and that’s all good in my book. I get the impression a good chunk is going to be taking place in this one location, and if there's any filmmaker that can carry that, it’s Tarantino.

Final Girl


Oh, I don’t know…

I mean…the trailer isn’t good, and I’m not really sold as to the hook of the movie. It’s a little…ah screw it, I’ll just say it, there’s a whole lot of misogynany going on as the entire “hook” of the movie. I know Breslin’s character is supposed to do the “revenge killer” thing but the trailer doesn’t sell that at all, she gets more beat up than anything. Maybe it’s a good little genre piece, but the trailer doesn’t sell it well at all.



I think it was last week, or the week before, where I said I felt having Michael Bay do a movie about Benhazi is a strange choice. You need a subtle touch for something like, not just “rah rah America.”

Now you have Roland Emmerich doing a period drama about Stonewall.

Yet…this looks kinda good. No, it’s not the big budget movies he’s done, and the last time he’s gotten away from that we got Anonymous which was…eh…but this doesn’t look half bad. I think someone like a Stephen Frears a Peter Weir would probably be a better fit, or if maybe a Danny Boyle if you want something with more style and energy, but I do see something here that might just make the movie work.



I Friggin love Brian Cranston. Who doesn’t? If you don’t love him then you’re just an awful person.

Hell, I’m a fan of every actor in this thing, actually, but Cranston is just the type of guy to pull off something like this. I wish I could have seen his LBJ play. Maybe they’ll do a movie on that too.

While normally Jay Roach will give me pause, the trailer is so damn good it’s hard not to like it despite that. The screenwriter also gives me a bit of pause too, but that doesn’t matter really. It’s his first feature even if he cut his teeth doing not-so-great television. On this trailer alone, I’m excited for it. With this cast, I can’t wait for it.



If this didn’t come from a Steven Knight script, I might have not bothered. Steven Knight wrote Locke, Eastern Promises and is the creator of Peaky Blinders. He is also the writer of another film that’s out this year, and that was on this blog a few weeks back, Pawn Sacrifice.

Because there’s an issue I have here. I think I know what this movie is about, but the trailer doesn’t do the best of job expressing it. Actually, I don’t like this trailer much at all to be honest. It’s just moving through scenes without a sense of character or plot.



Now that’s a good looking trailer with some interesting people being made by a damn good director. If you’ve never seen Anton Corbijn’s previous music biopic, Control, then get on that. It’s fantastic, and I liked The American and A Most Wanted Man quite a bit as well.

DeHaan is one of the best young actors working today. If there’s anyone that can pull of James Dean (a young James Dean) it’s probably him. He certainly has the mannerisms and voice down. A lot of potential here for this to be a great biopic and award contender. The look of it is great, with some shots of 1950s New York that particularly stand out.

Trailing Trailers #275

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Let’s start with a teaser to a movie sequel I don’t know if we ever really needed.

I know people love Zoolander. It’s an alright comedy. Certainly quotable. But haven’t we learned by now that comedy sequels almost always never work? At this point, it’s really easy for me to just write-off comedy sequels when I see them. Some of the worst movies I’ve seen in the past few years have been comedy sequels. Hell, the worst movie I saw this year, Ted 2, was a comedy sequel.

I don’t expect a sequel to outdo the original, but I don’t expect it to be awful and lately I feel a lot have been awful. The only one recently I liked was 22 JumpStreet but that’s because Lord and Miller are clever guys and even then it still wasn’t particularly great.

All that being said…I like this teaser. It’s funny. I’ll hold off for now and wait for the actual trailer, but as far as teasers go it’s kinda funny.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Tr….ahem….Road Chip


How is it an actual trailer is shorter than a teaser?

Ungh…I got nothin’ I don’t know what to say. The thing speaks for itself. I’m just glad I don’t have kids that would drag me to it.

Secret in Their Eyes


Billy Ray is an interesting write. He wrote Volcano and Flightplan, but also wrote Captain Phillips and the fantastic Shattered Glass. He plays in genres but also can hit drama really well, and this….well this looks damn good. It’s a thriller, revenge movie with a ticking clock and strong looking performances from a stellar cast. It’s also a great trailer. I love it when I see a great trailer. This hits those emotional beats and doesn’t show you too much of the story and it makes you want to know what happens.

Roberts looks really good in this. She’s someone who, I feel, we really don’t see a ton of, but when we do she’s always great. Well, except Mirror Mirror, but that whole movie was pretty bad.

By the way, this isn't a "remake." I hate it when people misuse that term. The Argentine film was great, yes, but it was an adaptation of the book, this is just another adaptation of that same book now in English. It's like when people call Soderbergh's Solaris a remake of the first Solaris. No, it's an adaptation of the book. I just get annoyed by little things like that, I guess. Especailly when some try-too-hard tries to say "see? Hollywood can't think of any original ideas!" when the first film was an adaptation itself. 

The Falling


Stay with it, guys. This trailer starts one way, then it just gets stranger and stranger. You know what it feels like? It feels like a movie from the 70s. Like a Picnic at Hanging Rock or something very dream-like in its approach to narrative. Lots of crossfades and gorgeous photography and pretty people with ambiguous line reads…

Either way, I like this. I really do. It just looks interesting and psychological as it, most likely, is going to play with your presumptions on what kind of movie it is.

Before We Go


Well this is one odd trailer. I don’t know why its cut the way it is, I suppose they’re trying to let the dialogue and moments speak for themselves, but it feels like it’s a “best of” video for some reason that a wedding videographer threw together.

Certainly the first movies that come to mind here is the Before films from Linklater. Two people hanging out and talking. I like that. This is directed by Evans so it’s certainly his own little thing he wanted to do between making million kicking robot/alien/Red Skull ass so I say good on ‘em. He’s a guy that can do a lot of different things, as he’s shown on screen already from Cap to Sunshine to Snowpiercer to The Iceman (which he is damn near unrecognizable). If he wants to do some indie, dialogue-heavy thing, I say go for it. It’s just too bad this trailer doesn’t sell it all that well.



Brie Larson is such a good actor. I don’t think I’ve seen a bad performance from her. This movie itself looks strange and potentially unsettling but I’m in it for Larson already. This also comes from the director of Frank, a film I really like as well and you can kind of see that tone echoing here. Very emotional, strange, and probably going to get a great performance out of its star. The plot seems weird, but I like weird and this one really jumped on my radar now.

Five Star


By all accounts this is supposed to be a damn good movie. The trailer itself is pretty beautiful. The music. The sense of humanity coursing through it. It looks powerful and gets us into a world that most of us know nothing about. It’s apparently based on the real person who plays the lead here as well.