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 What is Digital Polyphony?

Digital Polyphony is a website by Jeremy Conrady, that would be me, that began as just a place to put up some blogs. That quickly evolved into more articles, scholarly analysis here and there, advice columns and hundreds of movie reviews (accidentally hundreds, that got out of hand quickly in search of daily content).

How did Digital Polyphony get its name?

Honestly, I just make stuff up as a go. Things here are digital, and it’s a polyphony of things...and that’s really the extent of it.

Who is part of Digital Polyphony?

Just myself. I write all the content, do all the organizing and run and design the site. Tedious? ....yes, yes it is. Fun ....only when I do it naked.

Why do you do it?

It’s my personal entertainment and desire for creative expression. I do it to get away from work-sleep-laziness. I’m one of those people who can’t just sit around and not do anything. I have to do something and if it’s something creative, even better. So I directed that to doing blogs which turned into a full site of a lot of things. Plus, at this point, readership’s been up. I don’t know why, I don’t consider myself particularly special or anything, but it’s too appreciated by me that people like some of what I do to stop now.

What are your article series?

Every Wednesday, sometimes Thursday if I feel something needs more work, I put up a new article that is usually one of the following

Liquid Nostalgia – A celebratory series of things I and others grew up with, from movies to TV shows to videogames. Format is memory, a history of and a Top 10 whatever which could be favorite moments or whatever I feel personal about.

Top 25 – Game, music and certainly film related, the Top 25 (sometimes a two-part Top 50) series are usually free-form, fun and lighter looks into things like Top 25 Guilty Pleasure Movies, Top 25 Romance Movies for Guys or Top 50 Games You Must Play Before You Die.

Digital Polyphony – Certainly the rarest of the series, a very involved and analytical series that focuses on certain movies, books and videogames.

Rules of Hollywood – I work in the entertainment industry and from my still learning/rung climbing years, I’ve decided to do an advice column of sorts to give a little insight into the industry and world and maybe give a few pointers and tips to those looking to find a job in it.

Video Ramblings – Though very few in number, Video Ramblings are usually a look at movies, games or certain aspects of the film and entertainment industry. A sub-series titled Video Ramblings Doodles is more an audio-commentary with me drawing funny pictures to it all. I do these when I can.

Internet Roundup (IR) - Sundays I put up a list of interesting and/or funny articles and videos of things that have caught my eye and wanted to share. I also put up links to friends’ vids, many friends you can find on the sidebar under links or on the separate links page. These are found under the blog section.

Trailing Trailers – Fridays I put up a links to trailers from the week and comment on them, maybe give some insight on why you should be excited or should just avoid. Found under the blog section.


Movie Reviews – Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are movie review days unless a blog entry is put up. Saturdays are review special days where I take a handful of related films (themes, genres, director, actor or something like that) and review a batch. I try and even it out by reviewing some not-so-great or even awful movies on occasion, but let’s be honest: I’m not out there to hunt down bad flicks.

Not/Quite Remembering – A come and go series that’s more a personal reflection of memories. These are usually put up randomly in the middle of the week and aren’t on any regular schedule. Found under the blog section.

Tributes – The good ole days of Hollywoodland, folks. I do a write up to past stars, directors from bygone eras and maybe a specific movie that deserves a little more time than a Quick Review.

What is your writing process and time for all that?

Depends on the article. Some articles sit and stew for a month or so, others I fire off in an hour or write it and put on hold for the day to put it out there. Blogs like Tributes, Not/Quite Remembering or small things like that I write linearly, only going back to write in a few tidbits I might have missed or weren’t clear. All the other articles, though, are completely non-linear in how I write. Sometimes I write the ending first, write a paragraph here and there and move things around constantly until I feel satisfied. Those take the longest, and the longer the article and more research I have to do (such as Top 25s) the longer it takes.

Movie reviews I shoot off in fifteen minutes, only longer if I feel the need to see a movie again. Usually I don’t, I’ve seen quite a bit and tend to retain my thoughts on them well.

Are you doing any other director retrospective review specials?

For those new and reading this, when first doing review specials I spent an entire weekend doing reviews for every film in a director’s repertoire, filmmakers such as Spielberg, Kubrick, Tarantino, Scorsese etc....

Then I tackled Hitchcock, and that was the last major one I did. Despite reviewing nearly 30 of his films, still not all of them, I just got burned out and rushed to finalize the final few just to get it done. Since then, I’ve only done a “select” movie review special for directors, usually choosing just three or four to review rather than every film they’ve done, or more a genre or style of film.

It will stay that way. I have to keep my time scheduled down due to work.

What is your review process?

Taking elements I learned in critical cinema review courses, film classes and my journalism classes in college, as well as the many books on top of all that, I review in a pretty laid-back casual manner that I intentionally try and keep short, yet hopefully insightful in the process. I keep it easy on the reader and I try not to present myself as some film scholar looking to analyze every facet of a movie with a review. They’re called “Quick” for a reason, I just don’t like to dwell and I think points can be made in a few paragraphs.

Will you be doing more videos?

Yes, but not on a consistent basis. I work a fulltime job, afterall, and hours are long. It’s easier to write anywhere I am than it is to set up a camera, shoot and edit. What I like about writing is that I can do something every single day and I like having something put up each day.

What is your job?

A creative exec at a company in Hollywood (production and management). I’ve been working in the film and television industry for about five years now and despite the long hours, it’s a world I really enjoy being in – reading scripts, movie screenings, agency parties, free admissions things like Comic Con, e3 and the like. Though still minor in comparison to some who’ve worked in Hollywood for decades, my experience from working from nothing to where I am now was the inspiration for Rules of Hollywood series to maybe give some insight and a heads up.

On the side, I like to write and have written a couple of screenplays. However, working in the entertainment industry makes you a realist in this department and I don’t expect to make a career doing that.

Also, though I try to lay out everything in the Rules of Hollywood series and some things on Twitter here and there, there are certain things I just can’t talk about.

What kind of things?

Projects, scripts and casting things that float around, not to mention the usual Hollywood stories that reach your ears and rarely even make it to the tabloids. It’s considered bad form to discuss them and I’m not the kind of guy to do the “I know something you don’t know” bullshit. Kind of like when a celebrity shows up here in the office. Doesn’t matter who, you don’t go nuts even if it’s someone you really, really like. It’s all professional, it’s just the way things are and I don’t want things slipping out and getting back to me through this site.

How can I contact with you?

There’s a contact tab and page here at the site, but you can also contact me on facebook, happy to add you as a friend.



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