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Favorite Blogs

I've written quite a few blogs, but here's some personal favorites I wanted to separate from the crowd; ones that either got some good responses (either here or at cross-posted sites) or ones I'm just fond of:

(updated 05/12/15)



Netflix Review: Daredevil and Kimmy

Reviews of two fantastic shows you need to watch on Netflix ASAP.

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

I blog about the passing of legendary actor Leonard Nimoy.

Jolly Good Shows

I probably should have labeled this more clearly, but it's a review of some British TV shows including Peaky Blinders, Black Mirror and The Fall

 Bustin' Turtles and the Big N

A quick blog about the gender-swapping of Ghostbusters (or age swapping/dog swapping/whatever), the fact that you should be watching Star Wars Rebels and Nickelodeon's Ninja Turtles if you're a fan of those franchises and what weird thing Nintendo is doing lately.

Oscar Complaints

In which I bitch and moan about Oscars and people bitching and moaning about Oscars.




2014 in Film: Best in Categories

Before making the final list (click lists at the top) of favorite movies, I rundown the best performances or directing or other things like that.

2014 in Film: Worst/Disappointing

 I streamlined the blogs this year to just throw in movies of the year into two entries. The first is just overall bad and disappointing movies. I'm looking at you, Godzilla.

 TV Review: Doctor Who Season 8

Every episode and overall series looked back at. Is Capaldi good? Is the show still good? Is it clever and smart and funny and all things Who? 

 Prompting More Thoughts

Back then, I still had some time to do blogs on things in the news. This time, it's about Gamergate, Cat-Calling and Lazy Reviewing (Not LGR, he's awesome, but lazy critiques)

Bold Statement: On Remakes

I declare, my good sir and madam, that people are too hard on remakes and that, in fact, there are more good remakes than bad ones. Well, I declare that, but let's explore that declaration.

A Tribute to George Romero (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

An extensive look at the ups and downs of George A. Romero in this year's Halloween tribute.

 IR188: Halloween Time

I just love all the Halloween blogs, articles, videos and images in this one. It's my favorite time of year, don't you know.

Halloween Movie Traditions

The movies I must watch every year in October no matter what.

Promtus Thoughtus

Covering Final Fantasy XV, TV Pilots, Halloween and awful fan fiction videos.

Dirty Harry Retrospective (Part One) (Part Two)

Self-explanatory, every Dirty Harry film written about including one movie that isn't a Dirty Harry movie.

Prompt Thoughts...Srsly

Nit Picking movies, Depression and Gaming Feminism. Yeah, a bit of a heavy one here.

Robin Williams 1951 - 2014

In memoriam of legendary comedian and actor, Robin Williams

The Case for Never Say Never Again

 The black sheep of the James Bond movies should get a fair shake, here's the case for it.

2014 TV Season Reviews Part 7

The final entry in the review of the 2014 TV Season and we look at Orphan Black and the entire run of Star Wars: Clone Wars.

2014 TV Season Reviews Part 6

This entry is covers 24: Live Another Day and arguably the best new show of 2014, Silicon Valley.

2014 TV Season Reviews Part 5

Here we look at the series Fargo and Game of Thrones

IR171: Contact, Zeldas and Boyhoods

The usual internet roundup turned into a longer blog about the problems of horror movie tropes and changes to Star Wars.

The Business of Hype

It seems the talking and discussing of upcoming videogames has superseded the actual enjoyment and the final quality of the product...and that's exactly what the machine wants.

2014 TV Season in Review Part 4

This one is all about comedy (kind of). Brooklyn 99, Veep and Louie are all covered.

IR168: WarGames, Smash and Miyazaki

A list of annoying things in movie theaters. Yep. Again.

2014 TV Season in Review Part 3

This one is all about The Goldbergs, but it's also about sitcom formula, nostalgia and growing up in the 1980s.

2014 TV Season in Review Part 2

The second installment covers Bob's Burgers, Mad Men and Hannibal

IR166: Wright Stuff and Uboxing

I pick apart yet another Cracked article because nobody there has an editor.

IR165: Samurai, oners and Answers

Nothing annoys me more than when someone puts something up and not double check the facts, Here we have a lengthy look at such a thing alongside the usual links and picture roundup.

2014 TV Season in Review Part 1

Agents of SHIELD, Arrow and Person of Interest kick of the series of TV Season reviews.

What is "Fun?"

 How do we review something if that something is determined by complete subjectivity?

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

So that Amazing Spider-Man 2 sure came out...

Burnouts and Overrating

A collection of smaller thoughts on a slow week including Burning out interest of Superhero movies and using the term "overrated."

Ruining Retro

Want to buy those old games? Well the market is completely screwed as resellers and ebay assholes look to sell at high cost though nothing in the world of retro gaming is regulated. The bottom not only will fall out, it has to fall out.

Prompt Thoughts 2014

I dug out the old series to complain about new stuff. Hurray? This one is about Windows, Old games and casting complaining

IR159: Cowboys, Gear and Gravity

If you're going to make a list picking something apart, you better make sure you got your facts straight. I go through each entry of a recent Cracked article to show that.

So Bad It's Good

Some movies are just that: they're ridiculous and absurd, but they're so fun to watch. It's the separation of what is entertaining and what is actually good...but should there be a difference?


People on the internet love this word, but it really doesn't mean anything... 

Speculate To Ruin

Well, if you're going to do nothing but speculate about the ending of something and what you want to see, of course it's going to be disappointing to you in the end.

Those Movies?

This one is about movies that are great...but most people never want to see them a second time yet I love rewatching them. My list.

IR154: Movies, Vids and...Vids!

The Oscars go it wrong? Well let's take a look in this internet roundup entry.

Harold Ramis 1944-2014

 They don't make them like they used to, because the guys that used to make them are passing away. Harold Ramis changed the face of comedy for the better.

Those "other" Movies

Movies that are great and amazing...yet I have no interest in ever seeing them again.

"Those" Movies

You know them. They're the movies you love to watch and watch again. This is my personal list of movies I never get tired of.

On Decency:

There's a time and place...but there should never be a reason to be a troll.

 "Fake" is a Four Letter Word

The world of geeks and nerds has become full of elitist assholes trying to label other words, the nerds have become the bullies.

Let's Talk Vidya Games

I don't do it often, but here we have four quick reviews of four games including one that has become one of my favorite Zelda games. 

Know Your Enemy

It's not the film criticism, but the film critic that can ruin intellectual discussion on film. Here, we look at Armond White...again...




Worst Movies of 2013

The worst and disappointing movies of 2013.

A Generation of Games

My favorite games of the past generation of games

Snark and Hyperbole

People are desperate to get noticed online, and the easiest (and laziest) way to do that is to be as extreme as possible.

Playing With Power

Every videogame generation has the same fight and arguments...then the years pass and we look back on it as stupid...then we do it again...

Hey, Prompt Thoughts!

This final installment of the series covers the MPAA, Tropes v. Women, and awful OSs

A Moment re: Internet Bullying

A serious entry about cyberbullies and how the internet brings out the awfulness of people because it allows them the security and safety to be awful without consequence.

Open World Evolution

The past generation of videogames have flourished with open-world design, but my taste for it has changed far more drastically. 

A Tribute to John Carpenter:

Part One, Part Two

The Halloween special was one of the biggest I'd done, and in two parts no less.

It's Always the Worst Year for Movies...

I hear it a lot, how the year (any year) has not produced any good films. But no, it's not. If you ever say this, then you're seeing the wrong movies.

And That's How I Fell In Love With Horror

What made me fall in love with all things spooky and scary? 

TV Show Reviews Part 2

This time, in another look at various TV shows, I review the anime Attack on Titan, the brilliant Showtime show Ray Donavan, the second season of The Newsroom and the bat-shit insanity of The Following.

What is Mature?
Games and gamers and the idea of "M for Maturity."

IR132: Outcries
Where I say we're too coddled in terms of comedy dos and don'ts.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Resent Final Fantasy (Pt 1 & 2)
I trace the loss of love for Final Fantasy

Doctor Ageism
An older Doctor for Doctor Who is real change, and you can tell by the backlash.

Ben Affleck: Deal With It, Bitches
Affleck deserves a chance as Batman, but fanboy internet hate is strong in this one.

TV Show Reviews (Colbert Gif Special)
Shows Reviewed:
Ripper Street, Copper, Hannibal and Orphan Black

Personal Fandom
A list of my favorite things I'm a fan of (Or "Geek out" over)

Creative Destruction
How Hollywood can Destroy an idea by overuse.

That's Enough, Internet
A dissection of how and why people on the internet love to find things to hate, be angry at and why none of it is nearly as important as they scream it to be.

Narrative Elevation
How The Last of Us sets a new standard...but it shouldn't.

Forgotten Sequels
Great movies with sequels that might be overlooked.

The Audience Has Spoken
What can I say? I was frustrated over Pacific Rim not doing well in North America.

A Clear Voice
PS4 Architect and leader Mark Cerny gives the consumer confidence, and reminds us that gamers will listen more to other gamers.

Did Sony Save the Industry?
After E3, everyone was on the Sony bandwagon...but are we too quick to judge?

Product Placement
About product placement in movies...and how I kind of prefer it over made up products.

E3 and Women
E3 was weird this year, I kept hearing how there are more women in gaming...but at E3 it was clearly pandering to men.

IR119: Geek Culture
A note towards the bottom about the idea of "shaming" female cosplayers (from men and women alike). To me, it's about being yourself...fuck those people who say otherwise.

Thoughts of Prompts
 Grumpy Cat, TV Reviews for Arrow, Person of Interest, Arrested Development and Doctor Who Series 7.

Thinking Promptly
A gaming-focused entry including the Xbox One Reveal, How Games Today are Easier and too Forgiving and Internet fanboy rage.

IR116: Vlogs
I have something to say about video bloggers out there.

Industry Musings
A film-focused entry all about the movie industry, just things I've seen and learned over years working in Hollywood.

An Open Letter to One Million Moms
I like to go satirical once in a while.

These Be More Thought Prompts
In this entry, I look at the fact that Guillermo Del Toro should get more credit, Man of Steel expectations, again discuss internet socialization and made-up facts to get attention, JJ Abrams Lens Flare and the fact that Die Hard is a flawless script.

IR113: Nintendo/Spoilers
I get a little annoyed in one entry about someone suggesting that film critics should spoil movies, and feel sad in another as Nintendo is a no-show for E3.

Prompting More Thoughts
This one about Film remakes, how the filmmaker shouldn't affect your liking or disliking of a film, the WiiU and the idea of playing video games differently.

Plot Holes
It became apparent, after reading a Cracked article, that nobody knows what a plot hole is. Here is rip apart that article.

Fare Thee Well, Lucasarts
Saying goodbye and tracing my history with the decades-old game developer that closed its doors in 2013.

Roger and Me
Like a punch in the film critic gut, Roger Ebert passed away. If it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't love movies as much as I do.

Thought Prompting 2: Electric Boogaloo
Square Enix changes, giving Pain & Gain a chance, Complaining about a free game, the slow burn of realization that there's a new Star Wars movie coming soon and Bioshock Infinite.

IR108: Scif fi problems
In one entry here, I  look at another Cracked article and how dumb it is.

Still Prompting Throughts
In this blog, I look at subjectivity, review some games, fake "nerds," IMDB and review exclusivity

Tropes n Stuff
I think the feminist frequency video series is good, but it needs to be better.

Rules of Engagement
How reading scripts in Hollywood changed how I approach everything in life.

More Prompt Thoughts
Ninja Turtles, the Oscars, the PS4 and uncredited filmmaking.

Oscar Picks 2013
Sometimes, I like to be wrong.  I truly thought Lincoln was perfect to pander to the Oscars, but they went with far better choices.

IR102: Avatar
I hate these videos, these "everything wrong with" vids, because most of the time people aren't there to have "fun" they're just there to relish in stupidity.

Prompt Thoughts
The first entry to my desire to blog more (looking back, I think I succeeded). This one is about Oscars, Doctor Who, Ben Affleck and Argo, Ni No Kuni and JRPGs and the inevitable demise of the WiiU.

Movies of 2012: Individual categories
Before doing my list (look under list section) of best movies, I look at the smaller categories.

Movies of 2012: Best in genres
Before doing my list (look under list section) of best movies, I look at the smaller categories.

Movies of 2012: Overlooked, worst and disappointed.
Before doing my list (look under list section) of best movies, I look at the smaller categories.




Let's Talk Bond
A journal-esque, massive look back at the Bond movies.

Movie/TV Thoughts
All sorts of stuff here, it was a busy week of thinking I suppose.

IR98: New Yorker on Obama
I rarely get political, but for some reason I felt like I needed to.

A Tribute to Terence Fisher
Over Halloween, I give a tribute to one of my favorite horror directors.

Movies I was Wrong On
Looking back at some movie reviews over the past few years, the fact is opinions change, and here's some movies I think I would re-view.

Videogames Aren't Art*
At least not right now. Want to be validated as art? Grow up.

People Need to Stop Complaining About…
Grammar on the internet, Nintendo being "for kids," movie remakes, "Rude Americans," The book being better…there's a lot I complain about people complaining about…

How Not to do a "Best Of" List
Not sure why I wrote this, but re-reading it, I kind of dig it.

Was I Wrong About the Wii?
How will history look at the Wii? (Pssst. Spoilers: I was wrong)

"Good" and Film Industry Ignorance
I felt the need to defend something. For some reason, James Cameron. Or, more specifically, Digtial Domain.

A Tribute to Sergio Leone
It sat on the shelf for months, but I finally got off my ass to write a tribute to one of my favorites.

Square-Enix, The Mightilly Fallen
Looking back, I seemed to have it out for Square Enix the past few years. Well, they should be better.

The Wrong Political Films
Ok, look. There's a right way to do a political movie, then there's a wrong way.

What Dreams Are Made Of…
A piece about the passing of Neil Armstrong. Yes, it's not movie or entertainment related, but there's something about a legacy and the will to do what's great that permeates through it all.

Early Movie Memories
A look at my earliest experiences watching movies as a child.

The Anti-Social Network

Oh, Kotaku…
Videogame "journalism" is far from professional.

Timelessly Dated
Is being "bad" and "dated" one in the same? You can call something "dated" but how can you justify being "dated" as bad

Nit-Picking Batman
After the release of The Dark Knight Rises, I take issue with certain criticisms people kept bringing up.

What's the Deal With Let's Plays?

Cemetery Screenings
Living in LA, there's screenings of movies every night. Old. New. Whathaveyou. But there's also an LA tradition to head over to Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Blog: Everyone's Talking About Rape
Yep. They were. Specifically: what is and isn't off limits in regards to comedy?

Internet Extremism
Where my theory of "Hitler or Ghandi" came to be: on the internet, something is either the best thing ever or the worst thing ever when, in reality, most things are just "ok."

Blog: Rose is Awful
A Doctor Who entry, and why Rose is a horrible person.

2012 In Film So Far
This was mid-year, a look at some of my favorite films so far that year.

4 More Internet Series on Film
A selection of blogs/vid series you might just like.

Hollywood Won't Learn Because it Can't
The studio system is broken, and even when movies flop hard, it won't stop the coming of bad movies.

4 Internet Series on Film
A selection of blogs/vid series you might just like

Spoiler Alerts
Lines need to be drawn on spoilers. Oh, you didn't know Rosebud was a sleigh? The movie is 50 years old, that's on you.

Sherlock is Awesome
A review of all the episodes of BBCs Sherlock.

A Tribute to Adam Yauch
You Grow up with the Beasties, you better write a small blog about the guy.

IR76: MST3k, Lee and Yoshi
I wrote a lot in this entry, including some reactions to Girls, Axl Rose and MST3k.

Spinning with Halo
All about the failure of the Halo movie and how people play the blame game.

Sympathy for the Devil
Before I was annoyed by Square Enix, I was annoyed by Sega.

A Tribute to Carol Reed
One of my favorite blog entries is a look at my favorite British filmmaker (and yes, that might just include Hitchcock).

Lines Need to Be Drawn
The video game industry needs to say "no" once in a while. This entry is all about the Mass Effect 3 ending and "giving in" to complaints.

Sensibilities and Voters
The presumption of "objectivity" by the Academy.

Remakes Abound

Ways of the Samurai: A Journey with Samurai Films

 2011: Worst/Disappointing Films

Escapism and I

What makes us "escape?" Reality is boring.

Love in Film




 The Scott Pilgrim Generation

Single Player Games Shouldn't Be a Footnote

 Validation Obsession

Too Much To Do, So Little Focus

Favorite Scary Videogames

A Tribute to James Whale

Not/Quite Remembering: Immune to Fear

Fallout to Fallout (Fallout 3/New Vegas review)

Gamer Culture and Journalism

Do's and Don'ts of Reviewing

The Easily Digestible Blockbuster

The Wire: A Look Back

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Thoughts on Game of Thrones

Movie Theater Magic is Dead

A Tribute to Merian C. Cooper

The "Greatest" Film of All Time

A Tribute to Sidney Lumet

A Tribute to Humphrey Bogart

 Running and Ruining Hollywood

 The Missing Saturday Mornings

 Top 50 Directors (Supplemental Thoughts)

 A Look at Kolchak: The Night Stalker

 A Look at Twin Peaks

 IR25 (where I rant a lot)

 Some Things I Just Can't Review

 A Journey With Foreign Films

Review Scores

Deal With It, HFPA

 Armond White is a Piece of Shit

 Getting Into Foreign Cinema




 Best of 2010: Stupid Awards

 Best of 2010: Favorite Performances

 Best of 2010: Genres

 My Ten Worst/Disappointing Movies of 2010

I Don't Care About the Books

In Regards to Videogame Reviewing

In Addition...(book recommendations)

The Fall of the Japanese RPG

 Not/Quite Remembering: A Musical Odyssey Part 4

A Tribute to Laurel and Hardy

Creative Screenwriting Magazine and John August

Not/Quite Remembering: A Musical Odyssey Part 3

Not/Quite Remembering: A Musical Odyssey Part 2


A Thinking Man's Blockbuster (Inception)

Not/Quite Remembering: Summers

Not/Quite Remembering: My Favorite Toy

 Not/Quite Remembering: My First Videogames

E3 BLOG: Day Two Press Conferences

A 24 Retrospective

Discussing Nostalgia

Gamers Need to Grow Up

I'll take Ewoks Any Day

The Value of Opinions

The 3D Cometh

Childhood Magazine Revivals

And the Balcony is Closed

Meaningless Misadventures of Achievements and Trophies

The Final Fantasy

A Day at the Courthouse

Paranormal Activity: A One Time Only Affair





Now Avatar...That Sure is Racist

The Games of 2009

The Films of 2009 Pt 2

The Films of 2009 Pt 1

Avatar is Why We Go to the Movies

Sorry, Your Vampire Isn't "Dreamy" Enough

A Quick Review Doesn't Do Shawshank Justice

Classes of Gamers

Cynicism USA

It's the Dreamcast's Anniversary

The Trouble with Fanboys Pt 1

The Trouble with Fanboys Pt 2

I Hate Musicals

The Wii: A Hidden Failure

Praise Cheesus (Pt 4)

Before There Was Pixar There Was Hayao

The Need for Controversy

Fair and Balanced on the 11th Level of Hell