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Digital Polyphony Episode Five: I Am Jack's Social Commentary

Digital Polyphony Episode Seven: The Book of Vivi

Analysis and a look back at the game Final Fantasy IX. (Part I, Part II, Part III

Digital Polyphony Episode Nine: E3 2011 Journal

Digital Polyphony Episode Twelve: E3 2013 Journal

The big one. New consoles. New games. Same old shoes...

Digital Polyphony Episode Eleven: E3 2012 Journal

A third, and far, far more Cynical time, at E3. Part One and Part Two

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Aug 18: Trainwreck

Aug 11: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Aug 4: The Tribe

July 28: Ant-Man

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July 21: Creep

July 16: Terminator Genisys



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