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IR180: Ikea, Arcades & Sims

Posted on September 8, 2014 at 6:30 AM

Ikea Monsters

Now here's something I can get behind. Creative horror stuffs. Halloween is just a little ways away, so why not learn how to build your own monster?

100 Things That Apparently Happened According to The Saved By The Bell Movie

The utter failure that is the movie of the week about Saved by the Bell sure had some interesting things happening.

Matching Movie Stills with Locations

I wish there were more, but this will have to do. It's really well done.

The 16 Most Rediculous Movie Deaths

While some of these are dumb entries, especially the top 2, the gifs are kind of funny.

Arcades in the Movies

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Those were the days.

Best and Worst Sims 3 Packs

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LGR: The Sims 4 Review

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The only guy I care about when it comes to The Sims. He knows the franchise better than anyone.

T-Shirts of the Week

David Lynch Museum Art

I need to go to this gallery. I must go to this gallery. Hopefully someday.

History of Universal's House of Horror

Tucked away at Universal Studios is this little attraction with a weird history.

Animated Short: El Ladrón de Caras

It's French, but don't worry nobody talks. A mystery that's very stylish and original. A little scary too.

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