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IR174: Ewoks, Al & Onions

Posted on July 27, 2014 at 3:10 PM

CH: 11 People Who Don't Understand the Onion

You know, I see this all the time. And it’s hilarious. It’s not like The Onion puts up stuff that might pass as true, it puts up stuff that is obviously made up. So what happens is that it shows a) how dumb people are or b) what deep-seeded angst/bigotry they might have. Usually both.

30 Things from the Fight Club Commentary

Back in the day, I did a lot of writing about this movie. I was in college, it had been out with the book, we analyzed both and talked about book to film adaptations and so on. Fight Club, without question, exceeds its source material thanks to the visual medium and a filmmaker understanding the point of the book. It’s a modern classic.

Everything About The Last Starfighter

It’s a history lesson of a different kind of classic. One that’s so bad it’s good. It’s a fun movie and enjoyable, for sure, and no-doubt imaginative.

10 Controversial Episodes Pulled From the Air

Boy, do I remember “Home.” That was one of the most disturbing episodes of anything, especially in the mid 90s TV watching. I mean…dead babies, man. Dead babies.

I didn’t find “Oeuf” (Hannibal) all that bothersome. It sucks because Molly Shannon is absolutely amazing in it. Sad she probably won’t get an recognition for it.

Anyways, a great list and bit of history, especially the Maude and I Love Lucy entries. Just fascinating stuff and an insight into the climate of US society and culture.

Houston We Have a Problem

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Weird Al’s Attention to Detail

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Adam Savage Comic Con Costume

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John Landis on Duck Soup

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Man, I haven’t watched a Marx Brothers movie in forever. Them, Laurel and Hardy and some Abbott and Costello were always on TV when I was a kid, and I became fans as a result - as I got older, I appreciated it more. While Duck Soup isn’t my favorite Marx movie (That’s A Night at the Opera, then probably Horse Feathers but that’s about equal to Duck Soup for me…either way it’s all brilliant)

T-Shirts of the Week

Cracked: 5 Amazing Actors Who Weren't Acting

I’ve always loved that story of Scorsese’s mother in Goodfellas (though I thought it was DeNiros for some reason until I rechecked it).

Why Emmys Hate Hannibal

As much as I enjoy Hannibal, I can set myself outside of my personal view and easily see how it’s not nominated for a single thing. It’s very easy, actually, and the reasons are pretty much listed nicely here. It’s a moody, surreal and weird show. Polished as it is, and brilliantly acted as it is, it’s not an easy show to watch on multiple levels. It’s dark, gory, psychologically damaging…

13 Photos of Famous People

Yikes. And Wha?

I’ve seen those old photos of Hilary Clinton, though this one is different. She was darn cute.

Also, the “no makeup” stuff is kind of old.

Cracked:5 Most Embarrassing Video Game Commercials

I feel there are worse. I don’t know, maybe I should do my own list, but hey - this is a great start. I know there are some weird Nintendo ones around the N64 era and Sega had some questionable stuff in the 90s

Cinema Snob: Hercules

I could have sworn Brad already did this movie, but who knows? There’s so many bad Hercules movies. Though I think this on fits on the “guilty pleasure” list, up there with a Flash Gordon or Krull. Though not as good as either of those…yeah it’s not a good movie.

10 Movie Trailers Better than the Movies

Though it's not a comprehensive list, or probably something researched and spent time with, if I were to quickly think of ten...a lot of these would be on there.

Except The Last Airbender. That looked awful from the start.


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