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Trailing Trailers #229

Posted on July 25, 2014 at 6:30 AM

The November Man


I’ve always kind of wondered why Brosnan never continued the action stuff after he left James Bond. He can still pull it off. Thre’s not a lot of guys who can. Liam Neeson, obviously. Maybe Jean Reno though he doesn’t quite do it as often. Costner wasn’t half-bad in 3 Days to Kill.

But Brosnan still has that look and wittiness to him, and looks damn good pointing a good and punching people in the face at his age (61). Hell, out of all the “old Bonds” he’s the only one that was able to really sell it.

But more interesting other than Brosnan being awesome is our director, who has a pretty solid track record. Notably the under seen The Bank Job from a few years ago, which is, to m, still Jason Statham’s best flick and The Recruit which is a really good later-day Pacino role (though the movie itself it a bit uneven). He also directed the fantastic The World’s Fasted Indian, which I really liked and Anthony Hopkins was just great in the thing.

Of course, he also directed Seeking Justice a few years back. It was one of this low-budget Nic Cage movies he did to pay off his castle mortgage or something. It wasn’t awful, but just so…bleh. It had Guy Pearce too, so I can’t hate it. But I damn sure barely remember it.

Still, I’m on board with this. Good trailer overall, not sure about the young actor opposite Brosnan, he seems a little stiff in this trailer alone.

Hector and the Search for Happiness


I can’t tell you how much I really enjoyed this movie. I’ll review it closer upon release. I think it’s Pegg’s best acting, and it’s just a great ensemble.

This is a great trailer too. First I’ve seen it. I think I posted a version of this trailer before, because I remember a poster hadn't been out yet, but I don't think it was this trailer. I can’t recall. A little surprised it’s Rated R, there is some dialogue I guess would require that, but it’s a pretty universal story. You say “fuck” or talk about sex too much and you get an R rating. But kill hundreds of people on screen…you’re good for a PG-13, right?

Fuck the MPAA.

50 Shades of Grey


This looks as cheap and uninteresting as I suspected. The only reason why it’s not on Lifetime is because there’s just a little too much anal sex than Lifetime is probably comfortable with.

But the thing is, just look how bland it is. The characters are so cold and stiff, the look of it feels uninspired. There’s nothing “sexy” here. It’s as sexy as going to a gynecologist.

I mean, congrats on the author of the book finding a way to sell junk to the masses again (basically making a popular romance novel without Fabio on the cover). But shame on the people involved in producing this thinking it means it will be good or even watchable. My money is this on being one of the worst movies of the year. If it gets a good chunk of positive reviews, I will happily admit I’m wrong and actually see the thing.

But I seriously doubt that will happen.

Magic in the Moonlight


It’s our yearly Woody movie, and..well from what I’ve heard it’s not a great one. In fact, on a recent podcast (I think Maron’s) Leonard Malton said the recent “Fading Gigolo” which stars Woody Allen is the most Woody Allen movie he’s seen in years. It was written and directed by John Turturro.

But this is still Woody, and even mediocre Woody (To Rome with Love, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger in the past few years) is still pretty good. Plus this is Colin Firth, and he’s always great. Plus Emma Stone….Mmmmm…Emma….ok this is getting creepy.

A Letter to Momo


Hiroyuki Okiura is someone who’s been working in animation for decades. He hasn’t always been director, or even producer, but he’s been in the trenches as animator (often key animator) on the likes of Ghost in the Shell, Paprika, Metropolis, Akira, Devil Man just to name a few. He directed Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade as well, which I didn’t love but certainly didn’t hate either (it’s a gorgeous looking movie).

So here he is on his second feature, and it’s so very different in tone, style and just about anything else he’s ever been involved with that it’s hard to get a feel for it. This is closer to something Gihbli would do than someone who who did Jin-Roh. It seems very sweet and funny and, as expected, beautifully animated.



I love claustrophobic thrillers, and this just hits all the right notes for me. This type of stuff I’m a sucker for. Even bad movies (like Pandorum or something) I still get a kick out of. I love the elegance of a small space or the simplicity of it all. Not concerned about a story or twists, but just about the situation and letting the fear just increase and escalate.

That’s when it’s done well, of course. I mean…I’m not rewatching Pandorum or anything, but Alien, or The Thing, or The Mist, or The Descent, or Pontypool, or even something like Buried or Devil…just kinda my thing.

Speaking of…

-nada poster-



First off, I just remembered I need to see Enemy. Damn, so many movies I still need to see.

Second of all…yes. All the yes. Psychological thrillers are a rare breed. They always have been. This seems to be a passion project from writer/director Dan Gilroy, this being his first directed feature, mind you. He also wrote the surprisingly good Real Steel and the surprisingly awful The Bourne Legacy (though the script wasn’t the problem there, the director was). He also wrote the weird and strange The Fall, if you’ve ever seen that one.

Plus you have the Gyllenhaal. He’s so under appreciated. I have yet to see a movie he’s in where he didn’t deliver - or to see him in a bad movie, for that matter.

Wow, think about it. Other than the misstep of Prince of Persia five years ago, I can’t name another movie that was legit “bad” that he’s done. I mean, I didn’t love Love and Other Drugs but it’s not a bad movie. Everything else has not only been good, but really, really good. His agent is doing his job, that’s for sure.

There’s a great pace and tone to this trailer that really gets the point across. The thing about trailers, the good ones know how to present the “feel” of a movie. The bad ones, they just show bullet points and story and, often, just tell you the whole story. Here…I love this tone, I love the atmosphere with the music, I love the pacing and mystery behind it.

I want to know more, and the only way to know more is to see the movie - so this trailer just nailed its job. Some people like it spelled out for them, but I can never figure out why. When I see a trailer that hits all the beats and shows all the info in a big exposition dumb, I just have no desire to really see the movie.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2


I was alright with the first Hot Tub Time Machine. But you know what it didn’t need? A sequel. Why?

a) Comedy sequels rarely work.

b) Comedy sequels, even when they do work, are never better than the original film because we’ve kind of seen all there is to see by that point.

c) No Cusack no peace!


a) Bet Cusack is still in this somehow

b) The future is a nice twist.

c) The supporting cast looks kind of awesome.

Wow, I'm writing a lot this week on such little info. Let's bookend this with some more Brosnan.

A Long Way Down


Well it’s based on a Nick Hornby novel, so that’s already a plus in my book.

And this is very, very Nick Hornby in style and tone, and it all looks very nice as it runs the gamut of funny and dramatic and…well it’s Nick Hornby material. That’s kind of what he does, that’s why he’s one of my favorite authors. It seems really sweet, and sometimes I’m all about something being sweet. No, not “sentimental” there’s a difference. I can do sentimental too if it’s done right (Saving Mr. Banks last year comes to mind). But something that can maybe say something about people that feel real, and these people feel a little real to me.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go watch Goldeneye. In the mood for some reason.


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