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IR209: Fury and Fridays

Posted on May 26, 2015 at 5:55 AM

It's a holiday weekend. Everything is kind of slow. There weren't even a good number of trailers for Friday, but here's a collection of a few videos and articles you might like:


Also, it would be great if, my hosting service, would fix their blog app so I can embed videos again.

Joe Lynch on Fury Road

I like Joe Lynch a lot. I like Fury Road a lot. Chocolate and peanut butter, I guess. It’s just a celebration of all things Mad Max leading up to Fury Road and why it’s so damn good. I mean, I reviewed the thing, but I’m really wanting to write and say even more about it. I plan to see it again soon, as it’s a movie that demands the big screen, so maybe after that at some point.

An Oral History of Friday the 13th

Aggresively detailed and incredibly entertaining. You got the writer, the director, some of the cast including Kevin Bacon, legend Tom's extensive and great.

Movie Chase Scenes You Forgot About

Yeah, I guess I could see most of these. Some are ones that I like as well but it’s easy to forget that a most people probably don’t remember them. Love The Dead Pool. Well…love that chase scene at least. The movie was kinda awful, but if you read my Dirty Harry retrospective, you’d know that already.

Underrated WWII Movies

Nobody really talks about these movies and with no good reason. I've only seen three of them, Red Tails, Valkyrie and Cross of Iron, and they're all pretty darn good, so if they're on this list then maybe it's best to see the rest, no?

Cinema Snob: Hard Knuckle

It’s a post-apocolyptic pool shark movie. It’s easy pickens, to be honest, but it’s also just fascinating.

Mega 64: PT

Oh Konami… well I think it’s safe to say as a videogame developer and probably publisher, they’re done. They’ll make their money elsewhere, they do slot machines and Pachinko machines I think which does more business for them. Also mobile but I can’t think of any major mobile games from them outside of some old Metal Gear stuff.


Adam Savage Builds a Captain’s Chair

Savage is the kind of nerd you love but also hate because he’s both enthusiastic and awesome but does stuff we could never do and we’re stuck just watching videos of it being done. Who doesn’t want Kirk’s chair? Savage has one now.

LGR: Oddworld

Oh, so many memories with this game. I didn’t have it on PC, though. I had it on Playstation and just fell in love with it. Sure, I sucked at it, just like I sucked at Flashback or Heart of the Alien, but I just loved Abe and the weird world Oddworld set me in.

T-Shirts of the Week

Awesome Arts and Stuffs

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