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Trailing Trailers #261

Posted on April 24, 2015 at 4:00 AM


Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman


I love the way this trailer ends. It kind of sums up Newman’s philosophy and really makes you want to watch this movie about the history of his career in racing.

As is always the case, there’s not much else to write about here when it comes to a documentary. There’s no “story” here or looking at who is involved, it’s entirely about the subject and whether or not it interests you and Paul Newman was a damn interesting guy.

Area 51


Please don’t be found footage. Please don’t be found footage. Don’t be found footage. Found footage…


Then again, it is from Oren Peli and he, technically, hasn’t directed a thing since the original Paranormal Activity in 2007. I say "technically" because he actually directed this years ago and for whatever reason, presumably from Peli himself, it just hasn't come out yet.

He’s produced a lot since then, hit and miss certainly, but he’s behind the camera here which is kind of interesting. I certainly see some uniqueness here, but this thing shows so damn much and I feel like it reveals a ton of the movie.

Speaking of found footage...

The Visit


Fantastic Four


You know…it looks better. The early marketing of this movie was trying to pull some sort of JJ Abrams “Mystery Box” junk and tried to keep everything super secret and quiet. Unfortunately that didn’t realize that Fantastic Four is, maybe, a level 3 tier superhero franchise and most people aren’t invested enough to give a crap not to mention that it’s Fantastic Four rebooted and we pretty much know what to expect. Four people. Accident. Stretchy, fire, thingy, invisible stuff and then a a bad guy to beat. Nothing complicated there.

I can’t say I love the overly-serious tone, something Sony also did with Spider-Man and totally messed it up, but it has a nice look to it and I like the cast. Now I probably still won’t go out of my way to see it, I just really don’t care all that much for the franchise, but I can at least understand and even, to an extent, be on board with the approach and style of it. The tone is still up in the air, but visually and in terms of saying “this is Fantastic Four” i can dig it.

Hotel Transylvania 2


I never saw the first one. I know I probably should have, but the trailer just turned me off on it.

This does that as well. This should be something I’m all for - it has classic monsters and a pretty solid art style, but the humor just doesn’t do it for me. I mean, I know this scene before it even begins.

Tell you what, I’ll see the first movie. I’m sure it’s streaming somewhere. I shouldn’t just me dismissive having not seen the first movie, that’s not fair. Maybe I’ll like it and actually look forward to this.

The Overnight


Why on eart is this trailer showing so much of the movie? I feel it’s all about the slow reveals and they pretty much reveal everything here.

Well, either way I like this cast. I’m not even the biggest Adam Scott fan but I like him in this trailer at least. And I can watch Jason Schwartzman in anything. Probably because I identify with him a lot. He just seems like a pretty cool guy - like I would go over to his house and we’d just hang out and listen to vinyl or something while drinking various kinds of imported tea.

Is Taylor Schilling a good actress? I don’t know. She seems cool too but I don’t really love her in Orange is the New Black. In fact, I think she’s the weakest person on it - the supporting cast outshines her completely. I need to see her in more so this is probably a good excuse to.

Kind of a newcomer writer/director here. I haven’t seen some of his other works, this is the first to really get me to notice, so that also intrigues me. Always interested in new voices and styles in film. You should be too, you know. Take a chance. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t, but at least you’ll know afterwards.

Black Mass


What an awesome trailer. I mean, wow. You don’t see a framing device used in a trailer too often, especially as effective as this. Whoever cut this should win an award. Only two minutes too. None of that three to four minute crap that goes through every beat and turn. None of that “from the director of” or “a producer of” junk. You see this and you get it. That’s how you cut a damn trailer.

That being said, I should point out this is from director Scott Cooper who gave us Crazy Heart (yay) and Out of the Furnace (…yay?) so he knows how to weave an intimate story and pretty damn good at tense situations, as even this brief trailer shows. Depp looks all-in too, I didn’t even recognize him at first. Surely this will make up for Mordecai, right?

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