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Trailing Trailers #270

Posted on July 3, 2015 at 4:50 AM

Steve Jobs


Danny Boyle, Aaron Sorkin and Michael Fassbender. I don’t know if you can get much better than that.

Oh, and Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen for good measure. There’s no denying that I think Christian Bale woudl have been the better choice, but I love Fassbender a ton and know he can pull it off.

There’s not a lot to say here, really. It’s a movie about Steve Jobs and it’ll tell his story. I like it’s going into the personal realm a little more (something that Kutcher movie didn’t really do) and I like the people involved. Yeah, I’ll see it. Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Danny Boyle’s last movie I’ll still see it. Dude made Trainspotting he can do whatever he wants.



This is how you cut a trailer. You get the “mood” of the movie, you show parts without revealing anything and you tell the audience what it’s about without explaining it. This trailer hits all the right beats and makes sure to say “Yeah, it’s a Rocky movie but not a Rocky movie.” It looks unique, it has a great “vibe” to its whole thing. It feels like a Rocky movie but it simultaneously doesn’t, which is just sheer will and talen on behalf of Rya Coogler to hit that note.

Now the movie might end up not too great. You never know. A good trailer can result in a bad movie (and a bad trailer always results in a bad movie) so we’ll see, but I have high hopes on it. Coogler is great, I love Michael B Jordan and Stallone is portraying a role he has always been comfortable with and feels natural in. Plus he throws out some Mickey-esque line here when he tells Jordan to look in the mirror. Got goosebumps on that part. Oh man…if he takes just a beat before he says that line, just a moment of silence as we all realize he’s thinking briefly of Mickey and realizes that he is now that person, I’m going to bawl.

Return to Sender


Nolte’s gone full hobo in this latest movie(s) hasn’t he?

What a horrible trailer for what looks like a Lifetime Movie of the Week quality thriller.

Want to hear a story about this movie? This movie was done and wrapped two years ago. It probably sat around, deseratly trying to find a distributor. It did not see the light of day until earlier this year when it somehow got a UK release.

What changed? Rosamund Pike changed, that’s what. She’s THE hot actress in hollywood right now. This isn’t a rarity. A lot of times actors do low-rent movies like this and it never really goes anywhere, then they make something that makes them famous or they get acclaim for (here being Gone Girl) and then those old movies are unearthed and, suddenlty, people want to release them so they can cash in on the now-famous person that stars in it.

Another one that happened not too long ago was Jennifer Lawrence. Once X-Men, Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook hit and made her huge, little movies like The House at the End of the Street (made in 2010, released in 2012) and Serena (made in 2012, before she “broke” and released just earlier this year) are suddenly getting out with their name in lights.




I don’t know what to think of Oliver Stone all that much as a director anymore. It’s actually come to the point where I don’t even know what to think of his older movies as I look at them with a more critical eye and wonder if they’re as good as I recall. I mean, Platoon, Wall Street and Talk Radio are unquestionably good, but come the 90s…I don’t know. As much as I like the fever dream of Natural Born Killers or the JFK’s sense of conspiracy paranoia, I don’t know if they’re all that good anymore.

I did like the bit of his TV series about US History, though. It’s documentary so not sure if it counts, and it’s certainly looking through Oliver Stone-colored goggles.

Anyways, a topic like Snowden is right up the guy’s alley topic-wise, I just wonder if he’s the right choice to direct an even-handed movie about it. I mean, this is just a teaser, it doesn’t even show the movie, and it’s already INCREDIBLY heavy-handed in its theme and message and, no doubt, it’s approach and concluding arguments.

Tom at the Farm


Oh man, it’s the latest hot movie from Xavier Dolan. It’s about time because…


Oh, you don’t know who Savier Dolan is? Well that’s weird, I mean his name is all over this trailer as writer, director, producer and lead actor. He’s French, you know. It says right there “internatinoally acclaimed director.”

I know, I kid. Sorry. I just hate trailers that put a name out there, even if he has won a ton of awards (and he has) to an audience that’s seeing it as though they have some sort of frame of reference that’s going to get them to see it. I don’t like it unless it’s a major, major name and that major name has a strong hand in its presence.

Though, in fairness, I hate the following more:

“From the producers (or a producer) of ... ” - seriously anytime producers are listed on something. That literally means nothing.

“From the writer of and the director of ...”

And anything where someone puts out a name and it’s not a major name. It feels like lazy trailer cutting. I get using “Spielberg” or “Cameron” or “A Spike Lee Joint” or “Oliver Stone” or even “Kathryn Bigelow” or “Abrams” or major movies that had an impact like “From Ang Lee, the director of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” that plays well with an international audience, but “From Acclaimed Director Xavier Dolan” means nothing.

For me, I like to look that up and find out who a person is. But that’s me. I like doing that because that’s how you find out new people and that’s how I kind of settle with the pretentiousness of putting a name all over a trailer. It evens itself out that way but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it seems pointless in doing so. Just cut the trailer, sell the story or mood (as we discussed with Creed up above) and go with it.

And yes, I know that Creed trailer also had “From the writer and director of Fruitvale Station” and, yes, that bugged me there too. So trust me, I get it, but at least people kind of know what Fruitvale Station is. It won and was nominated for a ton of awards. If they put “From Ryan Coogler” though? That would be just awful.

Sighing here…sorry. I’m overly critical of trailers sometimes and probably here too. This movie actually looks really good and I don’t want to take that away from a guy that is obviously talented. The reviews on Tom at the Farm are damn good. I just want to take it away from whoever OKd throwing a name we don’t know out there. In fairness, at least it’s not cut like that awful Return to Sender junk up above.

And as if I'm not salty enough today...

Jackie and Ryan


I already have problems watching anything with Katherine Heigl in it. I don’t like her as an actress or as a person. Ben Barns I can take or leave, don’t have an opinion on him one way or the other, but Heigl kills any movie for me anymore. Just all the stories of how awful she is, some of which I know directly from the horses’ mouths, and the fact she shit all over what is easily her best movie and performance (Knocked Up) just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I know some girls and guys are divas, but I also know that a guy like Tom Cruise, as weird as he can be, is the nicest guy in the world and why everybody wants to make movies with him. He doesn’t have to be, he’s Tom Cruise, and he’s awesome like that. Same with an Arnold or a Helen Mirren or Patrick Stewart. People like these actors because they aren’t assholes, which means I can “buy” them in roles easier to be honest.

Want to know who is super awesome? Julia Louis Dreyfus. Find me a more awesome actor that everybody loves and loves working with more than her right now. I can’t think of one. Maybe Chris Pratt?

Apologies to the writer/director of this movie about all that. I can’t take it back and, honestly, I watched 20 seconds of trailer.

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