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IR186: Gates, Bounces and Tolkien

Posted on October 20, 2014 at 3:40 AM

Piece on Gamergate

Probably the best rundown of the whole GamerGate stuff. It lays it all out there and pretty much shows how the whole thing began and what it morphed into: an ugly gross monster sending death threats all because someone disagrees with someone else. I wrote pieces on this very blog about the nature of the internet: a shallow, ugly place where bullies hide behind walls and there are no consequences for despicable actions. It’s a perfect shit-storm of anonymity meets wish-fulfillment that allows awful people to do awful things and nothing can stop them other than a “ban” from some place before they just make another account or fake their IP address again (which is very easy to do, I might add).

It is a vocal minority, but it’s a very, very, very loud vocal minority that feels, for no good reason, that they’re victimized and marginalized when those actually being victimized and marginalized are being drowned out.

Cinema Snob: Fun in Balloon Land

Whole lotta “nope” on this movie.

Short: 87 Bounces

A well edited short about a bouncing ball bouncing its way through some movies.

Things Learned from the 30th Anniversary of The Terminator Screening

Birdman Featurette

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Life in Gaming: Commando Series

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T-Shirts of the Week

Scorsese Foreign Film Recommendations:

Moviebob: Godmonsters

Despite the cheap Kevin Smith jabs, a really cool write up on a cool movie.

A History of Tolkien Video Games

Polygon is one of the few websites on video games that is pretty legit. Professional, they’re more than just PR mouthpieces and review videos and writing up stuff like this. It’s the best game website doing stuff like this.

Remembering Jan Hooks

A collection of some of Hooks’ best skits and characters.

Animated Short: Murphy

Mixing animation and live action, this is really cool short.

Awesome Art and Poster Time!

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Reply Joshua
2:28 PM on October 20, 2014 
To be honest, Polygon's good for features and features only, because most of their opinion pieces, reviews and news articles are pretty disposable (especially the sewage that comes out of Ben Kuchera's mouth). I like some of their features that cover the making-of games, and history of certain series like the one you posted, but their news coverage and opinion pieces are largely worthless to me.
Reply J. Conrady
6:08 PM on October 20, 2014 
I don't know, I feel like the rise of social media has made any type of news coverage in entertainment pointless (most of it is just press releases) especially in video games. I go by features and stuff more which aren't really done enough because most of the time places like that have only a few people to cover a hell of a whole lot and spending time doing a big feature article is a lot of manhours for something that won't generate nearly as many hits as a review or opinion piece.

As for those opinions, I agree there are better outlets, though I admit I've not spent a ton of time looking at Polygon's opinion side just their big articles that come across my feed or twitterverse. I'm a big giant bomb fan and I dig those guys quite a lot, tend to like their opinions on all the happening and new games.

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