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Trailing Trailers #237

Posted on September 19, 2014 at 3:10 AM

John Wick


Gimmie gimmie gimmie...

There’s nothing here I don’t like. The style, the gun fighting, the silly but totally relatable plot, the Keanu…this just looks like it could be fun and cool and, to be honest, I’m surprised Reeves doesn’t do more of these types of action movies. I mean, if Liam Neeson can do these smaller, grounded action flicks, why not Keanu? I think if he focused on that as an actor (or just become a director as Man of Tai Chi was pretty good) then it would be a great career path for the guy.



Speaking of career paths. John Cusack. Here’s a guy that is a perfectly fine actor, has been in some absolute classics, yet it seems he, like a Nic Cage or a Sean Bean, takes about any movie under the sun to mixed results. Sometimes he’ll come across and wow you, like the Frozen Ground (which also had a good turn by the aforementioned Cage as well), while other times you’re wondering what he was thinking with The Bag Man or The Prince, two movies I think are borderline unwatchable (one is 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, the other fared far better with 10%)

Every time I see Ryan Phillippe, I just want to watch Way of the Gun again.

Anywhoo…this trailer just pretty much shows the entire story, it gets really old really quick as it lands every damn story beat along the way to the point where you feel you don’t need to see the movie now. I know. I’ve said that a lot on these little trailer things but seriously, who cuts that and says “nailed it?” It’s just lazy if anything.

Looks like a reasonable thriller, nothing stands out but nothing looks awful. Might see.

A Most Violent Year


JC Chandor has made two pretty damn interesting movies. Margin Call and, last year, All is Lost. All is Lost in particular was an interesting experience, and in both cases I still am not 100% how much I liked either. Still, I was engaged as both were well made and unique in their own way.

But we have a great looking trailer, certainly powerful, and great visually. This just looks amazing and why Chandor is just a fascinating and certainly diverse filmmaker.



Hold on…we’re quoting Twitch now? Not even a person, but Twitch. Twitch? As in Twitch TV, the streaming site? Who is over there reviewing movies? Or did they take that quote from a chat log in between watching someone bitch about a shooter and watch someone miss a jump for 20 minutes straight.

I know I should comment on the trailer but fuck that, this is weird. You’re vaguely quoting some thing. Not even a person, but a thing that was said somewhere that, we can only assume, is Twitch as in “Twitch TV” because there’s no other “Twitch” that I’m familiar with enough - certainly not one big enough to quote. It’s weird and awkward, almost as much as those weird “dub-bass” tones and cuts to black the trailer relies on.

All that being said, this doesn’t look too bad actually and I’m interested. Trailer isn’t great but there are flashes that look good.

Just use “Fangoria” or something I’ve heard of for the poster quote next time.

Listen Up Philip


Wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but I like this trailer, I like Jason Schwartzman and Elizabeth Moss a lot, I know nothing about the director/writer but hey, I’m interested. Yes, one could say it appears to be your standard indie-dramedy fare and style that could have easily been done by the Duplass Bros or something, but when that happens you look at the cast, and this is an awesome cast.

Big Eyes


Well this is certainly the most interesting (and restrained) thing Tim Burton has done in a while. If he's in full-on Ed Wood mode here, or even Big Fish mode, where it's less about the style and more about the characters, I'm all for it.

What's particularly interesting is how there's no "Burton players" here. I feel sometimes a director can come too reliant on a set of actors and it's detrimental to both. They become too comfortable and the art can stagnate. Sure, there are exceptions, but it also just heads down one direction. Even Scorsese left De Niro here and there, or put him in a supporting role, and then come back years later and so on. Burton's wife alongside Johnny Depp just was getting old, and this feels fresh again. Vivid. Energetic. Interesting.

In other words it feels more like late 1980s/early 1990s Burton. Still, I have my fingers crossed. You don't make Alice and Wonderland, Willy Wonka and Dark Shadows and then expect me to not have doubts.

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