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Trailing Trailers #257

Posted on March 27, 2015 at 5:50 AM

Lambert and Stamp


A documentary about documentary filmmakers, and it looks really interesting. More specifically how they launched a band just by putting them on film. Even better is, form this trailer, it feels like a fever-dream, weird type of movie which is completely fitting for the subject matter.

Jimmy’s Hall


I kind of feel like a shitty film fan. Ken Loach directed a great movie a few years back called The Wind That Shakes The Barely. It starred Cillian Murphy, looked gorgeous, was just fantastic.

Mr. Loach has directed four other features and a documentary since then, not including this one, and I wasn’t even aware. To make me feel even worse is that a lot of them were pretty well regarded with The Angel’s Share winning the Jury Prize at Cannes and nominated for the Palme.

To make up for this, I’m hunting down the rest of his movies and will go out of my lazy-film-fan way to see Jimmy’s Hall when it comes out. I was a huge fan of Loach and all of his films have completely slipped through the cracks. He is one of the UK’s finest filmmakers and deserves better than that.

Oh, christ…I just realized he works with the same writer as well all the time and he wrote this too. Boy, I need to get off my ass.



This was one of those that, as I was looking the internet for trailers, I seriously debated clicking “play” on. Entourage is one of those shows that you look back on and are amazed that it was actually a “thing” at one time, but unlike other “wow…that was a thing” like an Alf or Dinosaurs or He-Man, there’s no affection for it.

That’s probably because the plots were all essentially the same every season and none of the characters were all that likable. No cameo or “inside Hollywood” aspect can salvage that and no movie is going to be good based on a crummy show that nobody really has a fondness for. Maybe it came out four years ago, when the show ended, there might be some need for it to exist.

Yet here we are, years later, and it just comes across as a last-gasp of a franchise most people were happy died a pretty miserable death by its final season (can you believe that thing was on for seven seasons, by the way?). This movie looks like one constant head-ache of a bygone era where nobody cares about clubbing and “bros” because we all kind of grew up.

I will say, though, the trailer is clever in what it does at the beginning . I just don’t care.



Ok, to wash that out of our mouthes…a really good looking indie flick…with a really, really weird trailer. True, it doesn’t tell us a lot of what its all about, but it’s a damn good trailer because it has such a uniqueness to it. It’s one of those that gets you to take notice.

What it’s about is a comedy about being a geeky nerd in the getto during the 1990s hip-hop surge. I love the music. I love that era of music. I dig the visual style already and it comes from the writer/director of The Wood (and Brown Sugar…but The Wood)

Good Kill


It’s Andrwe Niccol, no way I would miss this in a million years. Yes, we can bemoan “oh, he did The Host and In Time (the latter of which wasn’t all that bad, just not all that great either)” but still…he did Lord of War and Gattaca.

And S1m0ne? Sorry...doesn't ring a bell.

But seriously, I watched Lord of War again the other day and still love that flick. He’s a filmmaker with a distinct voice and style (which makes you wonder why he did The Host at all) and i’m always going to be interested in his next flick. Good Kill looks straight-up Lord of War territory. Dark and methodical and just…it looks really good.



This…actually looks pretty good. Sure, we are all tired of zombies, but I like the hook here and Arnold looks good in it. I mean, he can act when he wants to (not often, but he can) and I think this type of flick is perfect for him. Genre. Small scale. Good look to it. It was a spec script picked up by a relative unknown director and, if anything, we should support original IP out there.

A Girl Like Her


Hmmmm…found footage stuff. Drama. Teenage drama. But also with good intentions…ok I probably won’t see this, but I applaud its directness. The so-called “normal girl everyone loves” is actually a bully and we see both sides. I’m on board with that.

Ungh…and finally

Insidious Chapter 3


I don’t care about the “Insidious Saga” but I do dig the visuals we see here. I feel, though, that it’s trying to be too clever and it’s just not trying anymore. It really feels like the third in a franchise. Kind of tired. Trying too hard to make it clever but it comes across as pandering.

Worst of all, though, is this trailer. It starts out incredibly well, but soon we discover it’s one of those “tell the whole movie” trailers where they show all the story beats and you’re left wondering why bother to see the movie. I really liked the first one, forgot the second one even exited and kind of wish they would take this idea and not try to tie it into the whole Insidious thing altogether.

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