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Fair and Balanced on the 11th Level of Hell

Posted on May 11, 2009 at 1:19 PM

Fox News is awful. Just...awful.

I know there isn't going to be any newstation that is going to be without some kind of agenda, or without some kind side they lean on, but Fox News is by far the worst of all the cable news stations for their goddamn tagline "Fair and Balanced."

Who the Hell are you kidding, Fox News? When Sean Hannity isn't breaking down and crying because he feels we're losing civil liberties due to a black man in office, we have Bill O'Reilly who bashes agendas into our head, Brit Hume who has a "roundtable" discussion of peole that do nothing but agree with him and an entire news station backing Rush Limbaugh. At no moment do they stop to take a braeth in showcasing how wrong Barack Obama is on, well, everything. Even when he's right, they'll spin it. Even anti-Bush sentiment didn't come across in media as prevelent as the anti-Obama sentiment does at Fox News. Hell, Fox News has become a parody of themselves. They're like the right-wing version the Daily Show only they sadly take themselves seriously.

It's obviously a conservative news station. You know, that I don't have a problem with. There's a channel out there for everbody, conservatives should have their own. What pisses me off is that they still promote themselves as "fair and balanced." So when the ignorant conservatives see the station and grab on to its agenda, they're under the impression that it's a neutral court.

Trying to hide your partisanship is one thing. It's safe to say all the cable outlets have a slant, but those others don't declare themselves as objective...just that they deliver the news and, yes, don't make their agendas nearly as obvious. Fox News is practicly the rebuplican PR machine.

Please, Fox News, just get rid of the whole "Fair and Balanced" bullshit. You have become a punchline, ironically most showcased on The Daily Show which, I'm sorry to say, has actually surpassed you in legitmacy and credibility.

Instead, I'll offer some alternatives:

Fox News: Watch us bitch about democrats

Fox News: That smell isn't a dying rat, just our aroma

Fox News: Agenda Pez despenser

Fox News: Watch Bill O'Reilly devour a live kitten

Fox News: Just...stop.

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1 Comment

Reply Azbrian
4:43 PM on May 17, 2009 
I love the "Fox News: Watch us bitch about democrats"
I agree in the true hypocrisy of the station, especially Bill O'Reily. see this: