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Creative Screenwriting Magazine and John August

Posted on September 14, 2010 at 2:23 AM

I was thumbing through the latest issue of Creative Screenwrting and came across a nice little write up on screenwrtier John August.

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me first say that if you are a screenwriter or aspire to be, or if are just interested in the craft of filmmaking, Creative Screenwriting is the best periodical you'll ever get your hands. The feature articles are phenomenal (this one has a great one on Boardwalk Empire, the previous had an even better one on Inception), it has nice one to two page articles covering films to be out that month with insights from the writers themselves and it's full of various advice columns and editorials that discuss the process or, if it's by the writer themselves, discusses their own process when it comes to writing.

That leads me to John August - a screenwriter but that's not why I'm bringing him up. Mr. August has a fantastic and quite dedicated blog and advice series for screenwriters at his site, I spent a good hour or so today going through the many questions or small articles he wrote, and I realized two things:

1) We certainly share a lot of thoughts and are on the same wavelength when it comes to the process and the Hollywood screenwriting world itself. He, like I, isn't too sure of a lot of those script competitions out there and shun or at least question the world of pitch fests and "coverage companies."

2) Even though we agree on a lot of it all, he is certainly a lot more optomestic to everything than I am.

Same story but different take, I suppose. But if you've read any of my little ameaturish articles on the world of filmmaking, then this is something you should certainly check out. Informative, well written and (in my case) a slight validation to some of my more cynical approaches to how the industry can really use and abuse budding screenwriters if they're not careful (and with a lot of cool tips for those that are alraedy in it).

Site: Enjoy if that is up your alley and if you're at all interested in film, Creative Screenwriting is one of the best insights in the process you can go for. I read it cover to cover each time even if a lot of it is advertisements. At least it's not like Maxim or a magazine like that where 70% is adverts (seriously, go look at a Maxim and count the pages of ads versus actual content...I did this one time it was about 70%)

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