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IR220: Rewards, Art & Oaths

Posted on September 14, 2015 at 5:00 AM

Future of Storytelling: Step Into the Page

A look at how virtual reality has pretty much created a new way to do art - draw/scultpting.

Interview with the Straight Outta Compton Writer

A look into the process of writing a biopic nobody thought could get written - some good things, some bad things, a lot maneuvering and frustration involved.

NYT: Stephen Colbert Profile

He's back, and this is a great article covering the guy. He's the best comedian out there right now. Clever. Witty. Always on.

Tropes v Women in Video Games: Women As Reward

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I haven’t heard the usual outcry this time around. Maybe it’s still early? Usually, the moment a new installment of anything Feminist Frequency puts out there, the trolls and stories of death threats and such start to roll in and the subject matter ignored completely. I’m sure there’s some out there, maybe I just blocked all the morons that were doing it out of my feeds at this point. I’m sure “men characters are too” BS will be floating around somewhere. This is the first one since Gamergate, I think, so maybe a lot shut up since then.

This one was alright, but not as strong as Background Decoration Parts 1 and 2 and Ms. Male installments only because I felt it retreaded a lot of material. I will say this one is a strong argument and I’ll be surprised if the constant Sarkeesian detractors have a leg to stand on this time around. Not that they did before, but even their own logic can’t defend this shit. The Resident Evil Costume segment is just atrocious and is the most damning example in my mind of utterly undermining female characters.

I would love her to do a video about male entitlement in other cultures. She brings it up here but show some damning Japanese games because Japan is a patriarchy society.

Children of Men: Don’t Ignore the Backgrounds

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JonTron: Starcade Ep 4

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Man at Arms: Kingdom Hearts Oathkeeper

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T-Shirts of the Week

Cinema Snob: The New York Ripper

I love Italian Giallos, I hate this movie. It's all because of the duck sound, just watch and let Brad show you.

Music Short: Years

What is it? Well it's a record player that plays the rings of trees. It's weird, and I wish it would go into how it works, but it's certainly fascinating. It's not as cool as the "Birds on Wires" clip, though.

EFP: Vancouver Never Plays Itself

There are countless tv and movies shot in Vancouver which has become the default stand-in for so many cities. It's a town that is able to mold itself that way depending where you shoot etc...

The Origin of all NFL Team Names

Wuh? Sports? I find the stories fascinating.

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