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Trailing Trailers #280

Posted on September 11, 2015 at 4:55 AM



If, and that’s kind of a big “if,” this can be tonally right, blending comedy and horror seamlessly, then we might be in for something special. Writer/Director Michael Dougherty totally nailed that balance in Trick r Treat, one of the best halloween movies you could ask for for, and I’m hoping he can do it here. The dude obviously love and adores the genre, Trick r Treat 2 also in the works, so I have a lot of faith here.

The “if” part kind of comes from the casting, I feel that Adam Scott and David Koechner might come across as too self-aware and potentially miscast. I like both those guys, but I don’t know if I like them in this movie. Something just seems off. Then again, Koechner was the bomb in Cheap Thrills. Not exactly a comedy, of course, but he can play it straight while being snarky pretty easily.

Absolutely love the look of it all, though. The design of Krampus is fantastic. The moody lighting mixed with the Christmas aeshtetic is perfect. I can’t wait for this one.

Oh, and that poster. I made it bigger than usual here, but google a larger image of it, it's so perfect. They even put in those weird folds to make it appear old.

The Hallow


A lot of buzz has been around this movie for a bit now. I love a good creature feature. They’re few and far between, but by all account this debut feature from Corin Hardy just nails it.

Many are calling this "This year's Babadook." That's pretty good in my book, but this so isn't that. You can just tell from the trailer. Maybe they mean it's a foreign horror movie making a splash?



Well one of the best actors working today is doing another movie so that’s kind of all I ever need to know. Of course, it’s also from a pretty awesome director who directed Dallas Buyer’s Club, Wild and The Young Victoria.

This trailer is already awesome. So well cut, well put together. It sold me on that alone.

Beats of No Nation


Speaking of great actors, this is one hell of a trailer showcasing one. Cary Fukunaga’s latest looks fantastic. He’s only done a couple of movies, with Jane Eyre being the only one I’ve actually seen, but he made a name for himself with True Detective.

About Ray


I have a feeling this is going to be a tough one to watch. I don’t know why, exactly, but I do know the trailer alone got me a little emotional and whatnot. Parents. Kids. Family stuff. That can get me, sometimes.



It’s Todd Haynes, who hasn’t done a movie since I’m Not There, and that was back in 2007. He doesn’t work a ton, maybe he’s one of those just waiting for something to really grab him (like doing a Mildred Pierce mini series) but he’s always interesting when he does.

This really is a beautiful trailer, beginning to end. The music and the dialogue and just the idea that it’s about two people falling in love. It’s only a matter of time until Mara gets an Oscar. She’s so damn good, and here with Blanchette? You kidding me? This is going to be a school on acting.

Our Brand is Crisis


I have to admit, I’m impressed by this trailer. It’s certainly a movie not on my radar at all, even if I do like David Gordon Green I wasn’t aware he was already nearing another film so soon after his last which came out earlier this year (the odd Manglehorn). It’s a great looking movie written by Peter Straughan who wrote one of my favorite films of last year, Frank (and also The Debt, Tinker Tailore Soldier Spy and The Men Who Stare at Goats).

There’s a vibrancy here that makes you get it right away. Media manipulation. Voter manipulation. Corruption. All set in the backdrop of a country on the brink.

Sleeping With Other People


Two funny people that have, for years, deserved to be leading role material finally getting their leading roles in a comedy. I can dig that times a million. I’m a fan of Brie and Sudeikis and love seeing them together in this - especially Sudeikis who’s been more in ensembles than carry a movie on his own (I guess We’re the Millers he was kind of a lead…I should see that…wait I just said I’m a fan of the guy and haven’t seen the one major movie he’s known for outside of Horrible Bosses…;). The concept isn’t anything new, but that’s the thing with comedy: very little is new out there, so you just need cleverness and solid acting and I think you have that here.

Plus the fact I’m totally in love with Allison Brie has no effect on this. Nope. None at all…

…she’s so awesome…I was going to post a cool/funny gif or her here, but the internet has decided to pretty much have every gif about her boobs and that’s as tired of posting gifs of cats, so this will have to do:


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