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Trailing Trailers #278

Posted on August 28, 2015 at 3:50 AM

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocolypse


Well, huh…this kinda came out of nowheere, didn’t it? I think I dig it. It’s got a style and a take on an overplayed genre and it’s coming out Halloween so it knows its audience. Plus the director also wrote Disturbia. He also wrote all those Paranormal Activity sequels, but it’s not like those are horrible, just diminishing returns on a tired franchise. I’m interested and you have a decent little cast here too.

Love the Coopers


There’s not been a good Christmas movie in a long time. I have to admit, I laughed at this trailer. Oh, it’s wholesome and all that, probalby al ittle cheesy even, but it has good actors in it.

By the way, that scene with the little girl…that is so not what she is saying. The lips don’t match the words, I have a feeling she says something far worse in the movie and that’s just for the trailer. Wouln’t be the first time. It’s like in the Straight Outta Compton trailer when they say “Sucka!” We all know they aren’t saying “Sucka!” Nobody says “Sucka! ” and haven’t since the 70s.

I love Oliva WIlde. Sure she’s pretty and yadda yadda yadda, but she’s a super-good actress that I’m always wanting to see more of. Check out Drinking Buddies, she’s amazing in that flick. Plus, it’s always great to see John Goodman in anything.

Chloe and Theo


I’m supposed to buy Dakota Johnson as a homeless person? Ok…

And is this going to even attempt to be subtle with its message? Because…

I don’t know about this. It seems way too preachy,really forcing a message and trying to be funny with a fish-out-of-water tale but there’s something about it that’s rubbing me the wrong way.

I feel like I’ve put this one on here before. Did I? Sheesh, I don’t want to go through a bunch of old Trailing Trailers to find it, but if I did I obviously forgot and for good reason. It does feel familiar, it also feels kinda not great.

Now I wonder what I said in the old Trailing Trailers. Watch, I probably said “Hey it looks kinda good” or something.

The Final Girls


Now this looks cool. Weird and strange, but that’s why I like it. Last Action Hero with a horror movie. My only worry is it might be too self-aware for its own good, like it has one gag and it’s just stretching it out, but I love the energy and style here too much to not want to see it. Plus you have fresh writers doing their first movie or something and I gotta support that, especially in the horror genre.

Nasty Baby


What a strange little movie. It’s got some funny people in it, though, even if it all seems very…random. Strange. It even turns dark for a moment or three. I mean, this trailer takes you on a journey, man. I have no idea what’s happening or why, but that’s obviously what the film wants to do. It wants to make you uncomfortable and not pander to your expectations.



It plays itself a little like a comedy, but there’s something quite beautiful with this trailer and Michael Caine just looks amazing here. It’s quite the striking trailer, the way it presents itself and the song choice, the lyrical dialogue and the shots. This is the type of trailer I admire.

Paolo Sorrentino is an interesting filmmaker. He finds something in his characters that is very human and often touching. The Great Beauty won with ease the Oscar last year, I have a feeling there may be another award or many off of this one.

How many parents groups are going to bitch about that poster, by the way?

Victor Frankenstein


A lighter, less serious approach to the Frankenstein tale, all while embracing the whole mythology and various takes of it. It looks like it could be a bit of fun, the cast especially seems game to do it. McAvoy and Radcliffe look like they ahve some good chemistry here as well and Paul McGuigan is a solid director, though I have to admit he hasn’t done anything that’s reached Gangster No. 1 levels of coolness or quality in my book. That things awesome.

You know what he has done directing-wise that fits perfectly in this? You see it, don’t you? He directed a lot of Sherlock episodes for the BBC. Notably, The Great Game back in 2010 which is probably the best episode still. Man, now I want to see Sherlock again. Well, there’s a holiday in the near future, maybe I’ll just run through them all again.

This is also written by Max Landis. I think the guy’s got talent, but I haven’t quite seen enough to determine if I’m on board or a fan of his yet. Sometimes I like his online videos and tweets and other times they rub me the wrong way.


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