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Trailing Trailers #276

Posted on August 14, 2015 at 3:40 AM





The Hateful Eight


This is one of those movies that I really don’t need a trailer to rush out to see. Tarantino. Western. That’s all I need. Hell, just “Tarantino” is enough, actually, but him doing another western (and quoted in wanting to do one more) gets me excited. It looks and feels exactly like I expected it to, and that’s all good in my book. I get the impression a good chunk is going to be taking place in this one location, and if there's any filmmaker that can carry that, it’s Tarantino.

Final Girl


Oh, I don’t know…

I mean…the trailer isn’t good, and I’m not really sold as to the hook of the movie. It’s a little…ah screw it, I’ll just say it, there’s a whole lot of misogynany going on as the entire “hook” of the movie. I know Breslin’s character is supposed to do the “revenge killer” thing but the trailer doesn’t sell that at all, she gets more beat up than anything. Maybe it’s a good little genre piece, but the trailer doesn’t sell it well at all.



I think it was last week, or the week before, where I said I felt having Michael Bay do a movie about Benhazi is a strange choice. You need a subtle touch for something like, not just “rah rah America.”

Now you have Roland Emmerich doing a period drama about Stonewall.

Yet…this looks kinda good. No, it’s not the big budget movies he’s done, and the last time he’s gotten away from that we got Anonymous which was…eh…but this doesn’t look half bad. I think someone like a Stephen Frears a Peter Weir would probably be a better fit, or if maybe a Danny Boyle if you want something with more style and energy, but I do see something here that might just make the movie work.



I Friggin love Brian Cranston. Who doesn’t? If you don’t love him then you’re just an awful person.

Hell, I’m a fan of every actor in this thing, actually, but Cranston is just the type of guy to pull off something like this. I wish I could have seen his LBJ play. Maybe they’ll do a movie on that too.

While normally Jay Roach will give me pause, the trailer is so damn good it’s hard not to like it despite that. The screenwriter also gives me a bit of pause too, but that doesn’t matter really. It’s his first feature even if he cut his teeth doing not-so-great television. On this trailer alone, I’m excited for it. With this cast, I can’t wait for it.



If this didn’t come from a Steven Knight script, I might have not bothered. Steven Knight wrote Locke, Eastern Promises and is the creator of Peaky Blinders. He is also the writer of another film that’s out this year, and that was on this blog a few weeks back, Pawn Sacrifice.

Because there’s an issue I have here. I think I know what this movie is about, but the trailer doesn’t do the best of job expressing it. Actually, I don’t like this trailer much at all to be honest. It’s just moving through scenes without a sense of character or plot.



Now that’s a good looking trailer with some interesting people being made by a damn good director. If you’ve never seen Anton Corbijn’s previous music biopic, Control, then get on that. It’s fantastic, and I liked The American and A Most Wanted Man quite a bit as well.

DeHaan is one of the best young actors working today. If there’s anyone that can pull of James Dean (a young James Dean) it’s probably him. He certainly has the mannerisms and voice down. A lot of potential here for this to be a great biopic and award contender. The look of it is great, with some shots of 1950s New York that particularly stand out.

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