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Trailing Trailers #275

Posted on August 7, 2015 at 12:25 AM



Let’s start with a teaser to a movie sequel I don’t know if we ever really needed.

I know people love Zoolander. It’s an alright comedy. Certainly quotable. But haven’t we learned by now that comedy sequels almost always never work? At this point, it’s really easy for me to just write-off comedy sequels when I see them. Some of the worst movies I’ve seen in the past few years have been comedy sequels. Hell, the worst movie I saw this year, Ted 2, was a comedy sequel.

I don’t expect a sequel to outdo the original, but I don’t expect it to be awful and lately I feel a lot have been awful. The only one recently I liked was 22 JumpStreet but that’s because Lord and Miller are clever guys and even then it still wasn’t particularly great.

All that being said…I like this teaser. It’s funny. I’ll hold off for now and wait for the actual trailer, but as far as teasers go it’s kinda funny.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Tr….ahem….Road Chip


How is it an actual trailer is shorter than a teaser?

Ungh…I got nothin’ I don’t know what to say. The thing speaks for itself. I’m just glad I don’t have kids that would drag me to it.

Secret in Their Eyes


Billy Ray is an interesting write. He wrote Volcano and Flightplan, but also wrote Captain Phillips and the fantastic Shattered Glass. He plays in genres but also can hit drama really well, and this….well this looks damn good. It’s a thriller, revenge movie with a ticking clock and strong looking performances from a stellar cast. It’s also a great trailer. I love it when I see a great trailer. This hits those emotional beats and doesn’t show you too much of the story and it makes you want to know what happens.

Roberts looks really good in this. She’s someone who, I feel, we really don’t see a ton of, but when we do she’s always great. Well, except Mirror Mirror, but that whole movie was pretty bad.

By the way, this isn't a "remake." I hate it when people misuse that term. The Argentine film was great, yes, but it was an adaptation of the book, this is just another adaptation of that same book now in English. It's like when people call Soderbergh's Solaris a remake of the first Solaris. No, it's an adaptation of the book. I just get annoyed by little things like that, I guess. Especailly when some try-too-hard tries to say "see? Hollywood can't think of any original ideas!" when the first film was an adaptation itself. 

The Falling


Stay with it, guys. This trailer starts one way, then it just gets stranger and stranger. You know what it feels like? It feels like a movie from the 70s. Like a Picnic at Hanging Rock or something very dream-like in its approach to narrative. Lots of crossfades and gorgeous photography and pretty people with ambiguous line reads…

Either way, I like this. I really do. It just looks interesting and psychological as it, most likely, is going to play with your presumptions on what kind of movie it is.

Before We Go


Well this is one odd trailer. I don’t know why its cut the way it is, I suppose they’re trying to let the dialogue and moments speak for themselves, but it feels like it’s a “best of” video for some reason that a wedding videographer threw together.

Certainly the first movies that come to mind here is the Before films from Linklater. Two people hanging out and talking. I like that. This is directed by Evans so it’s certainly his own little thing he wanted to do between making million kicking robot/alien/Red Skull ass so I say good on ‘em. He’s a guy that can do a lot of different things, as he’s shown on screen already from Cap to Sunshine to Snowpiercer to The Iceman (which he is damn near unrecognizable). If he wants to do some indie, dialogue-heavy thing, I say go for it. It’s just too bad this trailer doesn’t sell it all that well.



Brie Larson is such a good actor. I don’t think I’ve seen a bad performance from her. This movie itself looks strange and potentially unsettling but I’m in it for Larson already. This also comes from the director of Frank, a film I really like as well and you can kind of see that tone echoing here. Very emotional, strange, and probably going to get a great performance out of its star. The plot seems weird, but I like weird and this one really jumped on my radar now.

Five Star


By all accounts this is supposed to be a damn good movie. The trailer itself is pretty beautiful. The music. The sense of humanity coursing through it. It looks powerful and gets us into a world that most of us know nothing about. It’s apparently based on the real person who plays the lead here as well.

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