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IR188: Halloween Time

Posted on November 3, 2014 at 11:35 AM


Moviebob: Bloodfreak

Everything is halloween themed this week, which is awesome, starting with Moviebob’s look back at a really interesting flick called Bloodfreak. I’m going to have to go and check this one out.

Variety: 15 Scariest Films You’ve Never Seen

You know…this is a really good list. I’ve seen a lot of horror, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of these. The ones I have seen on this list, like Alice Sweet Alice or Kill List, are some of my favorite horror movies, so I’m willing to give the rest the benefit of the doubt and say they are probably just as good, so I’m going to be checking them out.

Cinema Snob: Halloween II

I always kind of liked Halloween II. It’s a good continuation of the first film, just escalated as a sequel should be and as that story should be. Brad covers it well in his usually snarky character way.

AV Club: Beginner’s Guide to Hammer Horror

When I did a Hammer Movie marathon a few years ago, articles like this were incredibly valuable. Sure, i can watch everything with Dracula and Frankenstein, but there’s some absolute gems that Hammer also did that can go overlooked.

Movies are Mirrors

A short essay about the psychology of movies and suspension of disbelief.

Pop Fiction: Majora's Mask

I've beaten just about every Zelda game. Zelda II and Majora's Mask, I think, are the only two I haven't beaten (in terms of main Zelda games, I mean, I never played Four Swords). Ocarina, the original, A Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker, Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, Oracle of Seasonsssss....yeah I think I covered most of them with only Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass being the only two I never even played.

But as for the ones I did play, Majora's Mask is the one major outlier. You say "I never beat Zelda II on NES" and that's not surprising to anyone. It's a tough game. But Majora's Mask was always a good game I just wasn't ready to dive into at the time I guess. I should revisit it.

Savage's Ghostbuster's Stuff

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Every Reference in Cabin in the Woods

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Rerez: Bubsy 3D

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Ghostbusters EDM

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Cinefile: Kubrick

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LGR Tech Tales: CP/M and Digital Research

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T-Shirts of the Week

FSR: Frankenhooker Commentary

A really overlooked movie that I’m glad is getting covered. If you haven’t seen Frankenhooker, I think it’s on Hulu, but it’s a really weird and fun flick.

The Greatest Movie Deaths of All Time

Ha, of course you gotta have the Raiders scene. Whole lot of variety here. Suicide Club…never thought I’d see that again but there it is. And that Batman one has to be ironic, right? Someone’s just being cheeky.

Cinemssacre Monter Madness: Trick R Treat

James, again, marathoner 31 movies and did videos, but this final one for October 31 is one I had to link to because it’s just a great movie. Watch it, then go watch all his other Monster Madness vids from this year and years past. Trick R Treat is just awesome, a throwback movie that could have easily been made in the 1980s only it’s contemprorary. It’s a love letter to those movies and Halloween.

Rolling Stone: They Live

An article about by second favorite John Carpenter movie (maybe third…but it doesn’t matter really he made a lot of good movies) and the political satire it’s rampant with. Some of Carpenter’s movies are just simple tales and stories he’s telling, but with They Live you can really see he has a lot more to say outside of its basic narrative. It’s a deceptively layered movie - great satire in a B-movie mask.

Don Hertzfeld’s Top 10 Criterions

I love every one of those, with #10 being the only one I haven’t seen (or heard of, actually). Man, I really feel like watching F for Fake again. I never get tired of that little trick Welles plays with that movie.

Rolling Stone Interview: Stephen King

Candid and very upfront, this is a great interview. I can't recall an interview from King I've read that's this comprehensive, it seems. Only bits and pieces, but this is a good one for a guy who doesn't give a ton of interviews.

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