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IR168: WarGames, Smash & Miyazaki

Posted on June 16, 2014 at 2:00 AM

Ranking the Movies of Summer 1984

Hell of a year that 1984, and movies were in full-on Blockbuster mode by the mid 80s (and would eventually break the entire movie-making system by the mid-90s, hyuck)

But what a weird #1. That wasn’t exactly a beloved movie, and it’s barely in Leone’s Top 5. I mean, if you’re ranking best films, I wouldn’t even have it in the Top 10 on this very list. But hey, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie, does it? Who cares? There’s good movies all around.

1984 Dan Aykroyd Ghostbusters Interview

One of the things I love isn’t just Aykroyd as the creative push behind Ghostbusters, but it’s his absolute enthusiasm over it. He knew he had something special and for 30 years he’s been adamant about it, from cameo appearances in movies in character to just sitting and talking about it.

Oh, and here’s more. Harold Ramis

And Rick Moranis

16 Sequels Better Than Their First Movies

Great list here, and because I like to do this:

Before Sunset/Midnight > Sunrise - Have to agree the more I see these movies. Sunrise still has more memorable scenes, but Sunset and Midnight seemed to capture something a bit more real.

Blade II > Blade - Absolutely. Blade II is severely underrated and got lost in the early 2000s amongst all the other (and I would say lesser) comic book movies coming out.

Bourne Supremacy/Ultimatum > Identity - Maybe Ultimatum, but not Supremacy. I think Identity is more rewatchable out of the three, though.

Dark Knight > Batman Begins - Obviously

Godfather Part II > The Godfather - Nope. People love the flashback stuff from II, it’s great. But what they forget is that the present-day stuff with Michael just isn’t all that interesting. The Godfather is a more consistent movie.

Infernal Affairs - I didn’t even know there was a sequel so can’t comment.

Magnum Force > Dirty Harry - Yes. Magnum Force is totally awesome. The thing is, as the writer also notes, Dirty Harry is also damn good. Really, I might say they’re about even, but if you had a Magnum to my head…

Oldboy > Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance - Were they related? Well, Oldboy is a better film, sure. I know it’s part of a trilogy but only by thematic association.

Everything > Star Trek The Motion Picture - Kind of unfair.

The rest, probably spot on. Though I'm not high on X-2 as most, it is still objectively better than the first film.

Hollywood Reporter: Jerry Lewis Interview

Though short, it’s interesting to read Lewis say anything these days. He’s a recluse and shuns publicity, so I thought this was kind of interesting.

5 Ways WarGames Changed the World

I recently re-watched WarGames, so this is perfect timing. You know what…WarGames still holds up. Incredibly well, actually. Well, the stuff on the island feels a little weird, but the characters and story and climax are all really friggin awesome. If you haven’t seen it in a while I highly recommend you do. You might be surprised as well.

LGR: Slave Zero

Saw it in a video last week, and here it is! I love Slave Zero. I have a lot of fond zeroes. In early 2001 or so, I had my own first computer I bought and customized myself while in college and played games like Slave Zero and Deux Ex and KOTOR and Dark Forces II and Grim Fandango, all for the first time i those early oughts.  Only PC I had before that was my parents and that wasn’t the best at playing games, so all this was new to me and Slave Zero just grabbed me.

Man, I haven’t played it years. I don’t remember the specifics, and truth is this and Armored Core I played a lot of so I’m getting a lot confused most likely. Slave had more variety, though, and looked better for sure.

I should do a Videogame Memories on this one or Armored Core at the least. Haven’t done one for PC games yet. Then again, if I did, it would probably be KOTOR because that defined my 2004 before I graduated college.

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Lego Grand Budapest Hotel

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Clueless Gamer Smash Bros WiiU

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Hodor on Family Feud

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39 Facts About Comedy

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T-Shirts of the Week

Great Transformers Paintings

14 Great Sci-Fi FIlms

Anything that has Mad Max AND Stalker is pretty awesome to me.

Stanley Kubrick: A Fimography

A fun little animated flick celebrating all things Kubrick has made over his life.

Yes, even Spartacus.

Miyazaki Short

Apparently this is old or something. I don’t know. Either way it’s gorgeous and I’ve never seen it. Anything Miyazaki does is pretty much awesome. Even Naussica.

Movies That Swapped Directors (for better or worse)

Oh no no no no no, my friend. Running Man is most certainly not forgotten.

Paul F Tompkins Ponders Popcorn

Loud eating/rustling for food is there at the top, right in between the obvious bright cell-phone screens people won’t put away and chldren. Any children. Especially those that won’t sit still and just ask questions all the time because they are on a sugar-high and not paying attention.

So it pretty much goes as follows:

1) Cell phone use of any kind. Talking. Texting. Whatever. If I see a bright-ass screen you’re a piece of shit. Nothing is ever that important, and if it was you wouldn’t be at the movies.

2) Loud eating. This is just in general anywhere, but it’s most noticeable in a movie theater. Oh, what’s that? A dramatic moment? It could get emotional…someone is about to say something meaningful, but then you have the person right behind you popping in popcorn and munching on it, then rustling around with a bag of something and guess what…you don’t care about the movie anymore. All you hear is “crunch cruchn, rustle rustle, crunch crunch."

I never eat and drink when watching a movie at a theater. Never.  Then again, I’m actually considerate and know beforehand that the chamber of a theater intensifies any movement and eating. Meaning I also don’t do the following…

3) People that can’t sit still. Especially children. I try to make an effort to see a movie when I know there won’t be any young kids. I know when I went to see The Winter Soldier, there was about two or three kids in the row behind me and I would estimate they were around five to eight. They constantly got up, walked back and forth, pushed on my chair a number of times. I love kids, but I love kids in certain situations. Movie-watching is not one of them.

If you know beforehand you have kids with you, control them and sit them near the aisle. If you just drank a big gulp, also sit next to the aisle - though someone getting up briefly for a bathroom break isn’t so bad to be honest, because it’s not constant. If it is, you have a problem and should see a urologist.

In that same theater (and I refuse to go back there, because fuck Citiwalk) when I went to see Godzilla, the people next to me did the next on my list of crimes...

4) Talking. Shut the fuck up. Your whispering? Guess what, everyone can hear it just like they can hear you eating. If you have questions, wait until the end of the movie. Otherwise, shut up. You have no reason to talk to anyone. Ever. Sit still and shut up and don’t eat and put your phone away. Do that for two hours and we’re good. Otherwise, you’re an awful person.

All this? I sometimes wonder if it hurts my reviews of movies. Sometimes the experience is so awful that it all blends together. Then again, I raved about The Winter Soldier and panned Godzilla, so probably not. I’ve been watching movies long enough to separate bad theater-experiences with the quality of the movie.



Just occurred to me I wrote a blog pretty much just like this a few years ago after seeing Up and utterly pissed at some lady who was talking on her phone near the entrance to the theater.

And here's a poster thingy

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