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IR159: Cowboys, Gear and Gravity

Posted on April 7, 2014 at 4:10 AM


Cracked: 43 Overused Movie "Tropes"

Ok…look…look. These aren’t “movie tropes” they’re elements of stories. They’re just “tropes.”

Secondly, not all these are “movies” so you got that going for you. Hell the third entry is nothing but TV shows.

Lastly, Cracked is getting worse. I mean really bad. They just half-ass their stuff. Once in a while you’ll get a cool history thing, but their movie stuff like this? They’re almost always bad, especially when it’s user-submitted because nobody actually checks shit.

#40. “Rescue the girl, you get the girl.” How…what…who? So because of the literary history of “hero saving the princess” mainly going back to, what…Gilgamesh?….this is “overused?” If not that, certainly the Greek myths. I just don’t understand that.

#32. So we can’t give anyone certain attributes to their cultures? Ok, then what do you mean by “stop?” What’s the alternative? Know what the alternative is? Nothing. There isn’t one.

#29: While I don’t really call this a “trope,” I will say a lot of recent animated film seem to treat their non-dog animals like dogs.

#28…you know what else? They don’t fucking speak English. Who cares?  

#20…screw right off. Yes, it’s called a boilerplate story, been around for hundreds of years too. Let’s condemn every single movie while we’re at it.

#19: Hey, an actual cliche here. The “not dead yet” killer at the end of the movie is played out by this point.

#18: Really? So “betrayal” is suddenly a “trope?”

#17: This one I agree with, not because I feel it’s overdone, but because it’s a pretty old-fashioned storytelling device that really feels out of place.

#13: I can name more movies where the underdog lost in the end than won.

#12: Nope. a) not a “trope” and b) give me examples if you’re going to claim it as cliche.

#11: Again, need examples. I think most of these people are just throwing out there without actually thinking about facts.

#9: Yeah, that’s kind of overdone. I’ll give it that.

#8: To make such a claim, you’ll need evidence to back it up, not an image from Boondock Saints. It also depends on the situation.

#7: No doubt this is a trope. It’s meant to be a metaphor and yadda yadda yadda, but yea, it’s overdone and actually one that kind of bugs me when I see it.

#6: I have no idea what this one is supposed to be about.

#4: Hold on…hold on. Not only is “seeking redemption” a “trope” now, it’s also a “twist?” What?

#3: Certainly an old fashioned device. Not really a “trope” per say, the “rogue lawman” is more the trope, but the situation leading up to it has become overdone in film.

#1: And not every ensemble has one. Also, TV again. Get your title right, Cracked.

Conan: Cowboy Makeover

The guy getting "madeover" is what sells this. He's just hilarious with how straight faced he can be during this whole thing.

Indiewire: 7 Pre Bullet Time CG Effects

A nice little celebration of the timelessness of some great movies and how good CG is good if done right. Though “CG” is a little sketchy on a few of these.


Supercut: Gearing Up

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ReRez: ET for Atari

I love this video. Why? Because ET isn’t as bad as people like to say it is. I’m willing to bet most who call it the worst game ever probably never even played it. It’s just one of those things you know, like saying Citizen Kane is the best movie ever or The Beatles the best band ever etc… Of course, video games being much younger, and gamers more jaded, it’s the negativity that thrives.

That being said, ET is pretty par for the course when it comes to Atari games. Those were odd, ambiguous games that were more frustrating than they were fun.

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Google Maps April Fools

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DIY Gaming: The Playstation

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Superman in Gravity

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DIY Gaming: Super FX Chip

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Splash Wave: Secret of Mana

I’ve never heard of this channel, but he’s apparently been doing it for a while, and boy does he set the bar hight. This is a flawless video, and going by other videos he has, it’s pretty much the standard. It’s quick and too the point, it doesn’t dwell, it’s a sharp 7 minutes and full of great effects, editing and graphics along the way. True, this is more informative than it is meant to be entertaining, but even then if he were to add in a few jokes and yucks, it’d be less than 10 minutes.

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T-Shirts of the Week

8-bit Gems: Back to the Future

I can’t be for certain that this isn’t an April Fool’s gag, but I can be for certain that Roo, our host, puts up a good argument on a different way to perceive the game. Does it make it a good game? No. History is written on that one, but this is a great video explaining the shortcomings of it, plus a nice bit of a history lesson on LJN.

Yahtzee: Titanfall

You know, Titanfall looks like fun, but I have a problem paying a lot of money (keep in mind, you also have to pay for your subscription for Gold or whatever it is they call it now) to play and jump around on a bunch of maps. I’ve always been a single-player guy. Not that I’m against multiplayer, I’m just against expensive multiplayer. And I think Titanfall would be a cooler game if it had, say, a 10 - 15 hour campaign mission that whisks you around to do more than just shoot.

Shooters are going more that route, and have been for some time, but the fact is I get more enjoyment out of a Bioshock or even Spec Ops: The Line than any map pack running around tea-bagging BS deathmatch.

Pat the NES Punk: Pirate Carts

Pat's comedy is often a little flat, but he's always looking at interesting and weird things.

Footnotes: True Detective

Like yourself some True Detective? You better if you know what's good for you, else the Yellow King will find you. Spoiler: everybody dies. Maybe. You know, don't read this until you have seen the show.

HP Lovecraft Poster

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