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IR154: Movies, Vids &...Vids!

Posted on March 3, 2014 at 2:05 AM

Now this...this is a roundup, folks. Some good videos, articles and so on.

Short: The Visual Themes of Wes Anderson

I’ve heard and probably believe that The Grand Budapest Hotel is possibly Anderson’s finest film. I’ll be going on a marathon of Wes Anderson movies in preparation of that. I probably won’t review them, some I already have, but I can’t wait.

Short: Monsieur Cok

An odd little animated short that’s…odd…like really odd. But weird. And odd. Kind of Tim Burtony…which is cool.

BHH: The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover

I’ve always kind of liked Greenaway, but he’s an odd duck. That’s for sure. But odd in the artistic sense, he has a purpose and this is the best breakdown and analysis of his classic film that I’ve seen. Of course it’s Kyle that’ll do it, he’s good at it and has done Greenaway films in the past.

Godzilla Breakdown with Gareth Edwards

Trailer, specifically, and you can tell he’s a fan. Which I like. So far, I like what I’m seeing.

Martin Scorsese's Top 10 Criterion Movies

It's Marty's picks, and I've seen them all except the top one. Whelp...better get to it. Marty says to do it, then you better do it or he and Jimmy and Paulie and coming over to take you on a drive upstate.

Cloud Goes Grocery Shopping

Fox ADHD is a damn fun little youtube channel. Poor Cloud, he can't do anything without fighting, can he?

1001 Movies to See Before You Die

Not only here because it's cool, but it's one of the most impressive editing jobs I've ever seen.


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Batman v Terminator

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Ghostbusters with Kittens

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Life After Pi

This should clarify some things. If you recall, there was a big issue a few years back about special effects house Rhythm and Hues, and this short doc covers what happened and how the studios abuse small effects houses like that.

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16-Bit Gems Plok!

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A Bit of Nintendo 2

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Nerdist: Top 10 Most Expensive Games

Amazing that a lot of these ended up successful at all. Not all of them. That APB one…wow. And #2 speaks for itself.

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T-Shirts of the Week

Top 5 JRPG battle system

I love me some JRPGs.

#5 Really? I mean, it’s essentially Grandia and Grandia II, so I guess that’s not surprising, but I felt it was more cumbersome than the previous two titles.

#4 I haven’t played this. Waiting for it to lower in price for the 3DS. I’ve played SMT before and it’s all pretty awesome.

#3 I’ve always felt these were tired after a while. I guess it’s their “thing” but I got burned out on the Tales series ten years ago. Still have played them, and they’re fine, but not feeling it.

#2 Absolutely. Boy did they get this one right, it’s a great game. So simple but effective.

#1 Ok. Maybe I need to check this one out then. I just felt so burned by the series after Second Story I just have had no interest in checking others out.

10 Times the Oscars Were Wrong

By the way, if you don’t want to read it all (it’s one of those articles that makes you click for each one.

10: Crash. Absolutely. Crash was ok, but more people talk about the other films than anything that came out that year. Brokeback Mountain especially.

9: How Green Was my Valley. Well I think this is unfair. How Green Was My Valley was still a really good picture, you can’t put it up against Citizen Kane like that. Plus, you have to remember that Citizen Kane wasn’t as universally loved back then as it is today. I feel there’s a lack of context in some of these entries.

8: This one says Kramer vs. Kramer shouldn’t have won, Apocalypse Now should have. Well, while I think Apocalypse Now has become one of those films every film student loves, Kramer vs. Kramer is still a damn good picture. It’s not as flashy and “big” but it’s a damn good pic.

Here’s the problem, to prove that the film was “wrong” you need to make sure that there wasn’t something significantly “better.” Kramer vs. Kramer is still one of the best films of the 70s.

7. Forest Gump. This one is a tough one. Because 1994 was a ridiculous year for film. Downplaying how good Gump was to try and make Shawshank or Pulp Fiction seem better is low-brow. I still think Shawshank is the better film than either of those, but I also don’t really have a problem with Gump either. It’s still a really good movie.

6. Dances with Wolves. Now this is another tough one, but I can’t say, like with Gump, that it’s “wrong.” This one feels Goodfellas should have won, and I do like Goodfellas more than Dances with Wolves, but we can’t let that undermine how good Dances is either. Again, another downgrading the winner to make the loser look better…that’s not how you win an argument.

5. Shakespeare in Love. Now I can’t argue with this one. Shakespeare in Love is a good film with a fantastic script, but Saving Private Ryan, to this day, is hailed as one of the two or three best war films ever made. It’s production value is astounding, its story and actors compelling and one of the defining films of the 1990s.

4. Ghandi. Eh…I guess if you want to get down to it, the best thing about Ghandi is how good Kingsley is in it. They make a good argument that people make the quality of the film synonymous with his acting, and that’s maybe unfair. So I would agree, something like ET or Tootsie are probably better made films.

3. The Kings Speech. I can’t say their alternative is significantly worse or better, to be honest. Both are really good films. I think both have a lot to say about their eras, characters and situations. Both are well acted, well written, well directed…so while I can see The Social Network as a great film, this one is more a “push” than anything.

2. Rocky. Another push. It seems some people who say this one really haven’t seen Rocky in a while. They remember the often campy and often silly sequels. The original was a hard-nosed underdog drama with some damn good directing and performances. Yes, Taxi Driver is great too, but I honestly think Rocky is one of the more underrated Best Picture winners.

1. Another done of those big years…I have no problem with any of those films winning, and that includes the one they claim as “wrong” in Driving Ms. Daisy. I have to admit one thing here, though. If Do the Right Thing was nominated, it could have won and probably should have. But it wasn’t.

FSR: 27 Things Learned from the Groundhog Day Commentary

Ramis offers up a great commentary, and here's some good coverage of some highlights of it.

How Did They Make Frozen?

A fun video from the cast of Frozen asking the question…how did they make it? Well, after a lot of singing and dancing and choreography…maybe we’ll figure it out.

Moviebob: The Guardians of the Galaxy

Another trailer breakdown, this time from nerd-afficiando Bob Chipman. There’s a lot of videos that cover this, but Bob’s is more direct and to the point, not going on and on about everything.

College Humor: Rust Cohle’s OK Cupid Profile

True Detective is a spectacular show. Ignore the theorist and hypothesizers and all the fandom surrounding it, it’s a masterwork of great writing, acting, directing and mood and atmosphere. It’s the best thing on TV right now.

Speaking of, this was mighty funny to those that have seen the show.

Yahtzee: Lighting Returns

Isn’t it amazing…just out bad…Square Enix is?

Consoles, at least. Handhelds are going pretty well, because it’s not asking a lot of them…but man.

I knew when I played this at E3 I would hate it. I played about 10 minutes and just kept shrugging. You know, if you’re playing a game or watching a movie or listening to polka, and all you do is “shrug” as a reaction…chances are it’s awful. “I don’t know” is the reaction I give to everyone who says anything about Square Enix these days. Well, that and “do you have any pills I can overdose on?” because that’s how bad I feel about my once favorite company.

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