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IR132: Blogs, Outcries & Newsroom

Posted on September 15, 2013 at 12:10 AM

This week, we have a longer-than-usual entry, including more blogging on my part than just linking.

AV Club: Casting Decisions Outcry

Remember when people bitched about Heimdall being black, even though it was Idris friggin Elba? Ah...I like it when people are proven wrong.


Oh, and in related (and more funny) news:

White Guy Defense Force Go!

Thank you, Escapist. Thank you. This comic illustrates a growing issue, but at the end of the day you can't have a conversation with people that are going to bitch about the color of skin. I'm still hoping that Elba (above) gets the James Bond gig. Oh, he would be so good. It has nothing to do with race, it's because I binge-watched Luther and saw how damn good he can be.

Funny or Die: The Newsroom.

I love the Newsroom, but it needs to be better. Though it's not as bad as people say, nor as good as people say. This short sums it up.


Zombie Engagement Shoot

The creativity of some people just amazes me.

10 Most Compelling Episodes of Unsolved Mysteries

I had to post this. I grew up watching this show in the late 1980s. I remember staying up late (9pm was late back then when you're nine) and watching it at my grandparents while being babysat. I can trace my love of aliens and ghosts back to watching this show, even though it's easy to forget that it was more about true crime than it was paranormal stuff.

Apparently Unsolved Mysteries didn't go off the air until 2010. I had no idea. From looking it up, after it's original stint on NBC, which is when I used to watch it, it went to CBS for a few years in 1997, then hit cable since then. I've always associated it with the late 80s/early 90s, but I think when cable came up it made it a bit obsolete because so many cable channels were doing the exact same thing (and some cable channels entirely dedicated to it).

I also remember when I first saw Airplane as a child, seeing Robert Stack blew my mind. I had no idea Stack was an actor first, just not in my wheelhouse or awareness. Probably too busy playing with He-Man action figures or something.

I miss Robert Stack.

PT Anderson on Kubrick

A very (very very very) lengthy interview, read and enjoy.


i09: Fake Geek Guys

A good video but I'm linking to the i09 site because the commentors are just lovely. Just…lovely. So lovely, you can just taste the greasy nerd-rage. Mmmm....

By the way, I don't know enough about the "fake geek girl" thing to comment, I thought it was that "fake geek" element that really doesn't have to do with being male or female in the first place and how companies are trying to "sell" a geek lifestyle (which really just is a hipster lifestyle only with glasses) that was the issue. Apparently there's something about girls acting geeky but not being geeky? Or am I missing something…because even if you're acting geeky, that's pretty geeky. I think anyone who dresses up and goes out to something is pretty geeky, fandom is geeky and just liking something enough to "follow" it and want to express it is geeky. Gender be damned. But whatevs…internet is stupid as usual.

Then again, maybe geeks should shut the hell up and be inclusive and not try to label people.

But whatevs again!

Friggin internet being stupid...

Speaking of...

Huff Po Op-ed: Mean Pictures Aren't Funny

I wanted to post this because, apparently, this writer feels she can write an op ed about what is and is not funny or what should be mocked. Here, she relates how websites like "people of wal-mart" isn't comedy, but bullying. Here's why she's wrong.

First off, when we start making lists of what we can and can't make fun of, then you might as well start digging the grave for comedy. Comedy is not about drawing lines, it's about crossing them whether you like it or not. And you know what...if you don't like it, that's fine too and nobody is forcing you to sit in front of your computer and go to websites that you don't like.

Secondly, she notes "that is a human being in that picture." Yeah, it is. That's why it's funny. We laugh at ourselves and each other, sometimes in jest, sometimes in a mean-spirited way, but that's just the way it is. That's the way comedy has always been. There's just as many funny cute pictures of cats that make you laugh on the internet as there are shocking photos that can do the same thing.

Thirdly, comedy is subjective. Probably the most subjective "art" you can think of because of its requirement for there to be a direct communication to an audience and for that audience to find what they're saying funny. It's up to the listerner/viewer/web surfer to determine that. You don't like it because it's mean spirited, fine. Someone else does. I don't, by the way. Then again I don't watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo either.

Forthly, if you read the piece, she's obviously a "everbody should be happy and be good to each other" person. I don't think anyone is going to argue with that, but that's not how the world works and never has and never will and sunshine and rainbows is never going to be funny. Comedy is a release. A strong emotional element that you can't just say "don't do it." It's the same reason why you can't tell someone "Don't listen to that music" when that music "speaks" to them in some way. A connection to comedy is no different, and some people really like Marilyn Manson.

That's human nature: to prod, to mock, to even bully whether we like it or not. In the case of an internet photo, as is the case with anything regarding comedy, it comes down to context and the situation at hand. There's a difference between cyberbulling someone and posting a picture of someone at wal-mart, just like there's a difference between making a "rape joke" and "making fun/light of rape."

It's like the whole Miley Cyrus thing from the VMAs. Some people thought it awful and disgusting, others thought it was just her expressing herself. I'm in the ballpark where I say "it's the VMAs, why is what happened surprising?" But another coalition feels that she's being "slut shamed" and that calling it disgusting is the equivalent to misogyny. In reality, people are just being critical, not misogynistic. You can point to a woman and call her out on her desperate bullshit, and that's what I feel she's doing. There's not "slut shaming" there, she puts herself literally out on a stage for public view, you have to expect criticism. The same goes for public view. Wear a mu-mu to wal-mart, expect some laughs. I get laughs when I'm in my mu-mu all the time.

Comedy isn't politically correct and sometimes not even morally correct. It's a wibbly-wobbly thing that you can't start putting restrictions on and telling people what they can and cannot turn in to a joke. You can also not put restrictions on criticism, assuming the critiquing is valid (for example, there are ways to critique Anita Sarkseesian's Tropes v. Women series, then there are way to just be an asshole). It's fine to not like something and write about it. It's another thing to tell others that they are less than you for liking it, though, when you really offer no evidence to show why they are wrong. Saying "you're better than that" implies you're better than someone else, and that goes against your entire philosophy of acceptance in the first place.

MPG Scenarios as Zack Morris

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Can You Believe This Guy?

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Console Wars Music Vid

I wish my mind worked in this manner.

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The Scarecrow

Love or hate Chipotle, either way they got themselves a good commercial on their hands. Gotta love the Youtube commentors...but I'm shielding you from that. Click the link if you want to read the things you're probably already thinking of right now. And yes, the "Pretentious Vegan" and "'Murica is great with Beef Redneck" and "Guy who is taking it way, way too literally" are there.

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First Person Zelda

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I'm just happy they made him left handed.



17 Famous Movies that Ripped Off From Lesser Movies

Yes, we're doing this: here's the thing about something being a "ripoff" - you need to prove it.


#17 Yes. A good start, right? Right?


#16 No. Learn your Trek history. Also your Babylon 5 History. There was a (as in one) pilot script.


Now, had this been "Babylon 5 influenced the direction for Deep Space 9" then yeah, but nothing here was ripped off of anything. But DS9 in it's original state was far different than what it turned in to.


#15 No. It's a home invasion movie only about a kid. Problem with lists like this is that when you boil things down to their base ingredients, everything seems the same. Home invasion movie + kid protagonist isn't a stretch.

Also, the film was written by John Hughes while he was filming Uncle Buck, which would have been 1988/1989. Game Over was released in 1989 and only overseas. In other words, this is a serious presumption, but you'll find that a lot of these entries aren't exactly relying on evidence. Plus one is a family comedy, the other not. There's more differences when you look harder than just kid + empty house + criminal.

#14 No. Again, it's a through-line and boiled down to basics to be convenient for whoever submitted it. Those are very different films and more or less an entire sub-genre of action films entirely. Also, if you can prove that they wrote shot and released Rambo 2 in less that 6 months from Missing in Action's release, then by all means do so because that's the window between the two.

Also didn't even bring up Good Guys Wear Black…


#13 No. Again another "let's boil it down and use select words to make it sound similar."


#12 So putting a Rube-Goldberg machine in a movie is ripping off other movies? No.


#11 Yes. Finally another legit one. and No shit. It's a famous case.


#10 Wait…so now writers are ripping off themselves? Seriously? And it's one line of dialogue that is actually based in science?


#9 Jesus…this got up to #9, did it? Some Cracked editor read it and is like "dude, oh yeah! Things with big ears n'stuff even though there's nothing similar outside of that…has be a ripoff, right?


#8 It can't be a "ripoff" when it's released the same year. Ok, let's all just start listing similar movies. Ok. Um, Star Trek and Star Wars are ripoffs of each other because there's lasers n shit.


#7 Nope. Again, similar log lines but completely different films.  Learn the history, dipshit, and cracked…do some fact checking. Here, here's a link.  Took all but two minutes to google by the way.


#6 Maybe. Though it's hard to prove, and there is a definite difference.


#5 No. A standard romantic trope isn't really a "ripoff" now is it? Hell, Disney itself uses it all the time.


#4 I could maybe (maybe) see the writer of Tango and Cash seeing Police Story at some point, loving that scene and putting it in to his own. So yea, this one isn't too bad. Though, again, those films are very very different. Certain action scenarios of a man with a gun staring down a vehicle isn't trademarked and patented by one singular movie.


#3 I…guess? Wait, I don't quite see the connection. If you're going to just say "Chair A" looks a lot like "Chair B" then that's not enough.


#2 For some reason, I knew this shit was going to come up. Look, if you know the history of Dredd and The Raid you know that it's not a ripoff of it. In fact, neither are ripoffs of each other because both were being written and shot at the same damn time.


And Die Hard? Come on. Let's just throw in the Towering Inferno while you're at it.


#1 A billion movies can probably be traced back to one of the hundreds of episodes of The Twilight Zone in some form. "Ripoff" maybe…or maybe not. Some are stretches.


Bleep Bloop: Hollywood Squares

Where's Soupy Sales?


Comic: What It's Like to Play Online Games

I've never been an online gamer. I've played a few shooters, but that's really about it. I'm a single-player person, I enjoy the campaign/story/adventure more. Plus I don't like depending on others. Plus I don't want my life sucked away.

Joking Bad Short

I'm not really a Jimmy Fallon fan, but this is pretty damn funny. I wish they'd put it up without the audience laughs, though.

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Awesome Asian Inspired Game Art:

Here's one of Mega Man

And a truly amazing one inspired by The Wind Waker



Cinema Snob: Saturday the 14th

I never wanted to see this movie. It's always been a curiosity, though, but I couldn't bring myself to sit through it. Thankfully Brad handles it for me. That poor bastard.


Eli Roth Lists His Favorite Movie Kills

I think I like Roth more as an enthusiast for the horror genre than an actual filmmaker, his love of it is undeniable, but here he lists some great flicks and writes some great paragraphs about the ins and outs of them. He knows his stuff, and I'll be looking forward to The Green Inferno to see if he can jump up to that "solid horror director" list of mine. He's fringe right now.

Highlights: a great look at Audition where he does a great dissection as to the meaning of the movie, listing Pieces, a movie I think is criminally overlooked, and, of course, zombie v. shark in the Fulci classic.

Retroware: Gaming History Starfox Retrospective Pt 3

Everybody scoffed at it, but that rumble pack changed everything. Force-feedback had been around for a while, but not on a console that I know of (and a popular console).


Thought Catalog: Real Free Speech

A nice bit out of Thought Catalog (which ranges in bit-quality) about what Free Speech actually is about. People throw that out there, saying they have the "right" to it whenever someone goes up against them. Well, actually you don't. You're just being an asshole and someone called you out on it and all you can do is throw out "I gots the right!" when you have no perception on what the 1st Amendment actually is. First Amendment relates to government intervention, not when someone (like a business) says "you can't say that here." It's their business, they can kick you out if they want. It also doesn't protect you from consequences, which the writer here gives two great examples of.

And lastly...hurry up and get here, please:

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